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Virginia B. Jaspers, Baby Sitter Serial Killer - 1956

FULL TEXT: New Haven, Conn. – Police said Monday that a 200 pound pediatric nurse had admitted shaking to death three infants because they got on her nerves or refused to take their formulas.

“It was all uncontrollable,” Virginia B. Jaspers, 33, told Coroner James J. Corrigan. “I didn’t know why I did it. Children sometimes get on my nerves.”

Her lawyer said she would have her examined by a psychiatrist.

Miss Jaspers admitted breaking the leg of another infant and inflicting a head injury on a fifth, the coroner said.

Miss Jaspers was taken into custody Monday as the result of the death last Thursday of the 11 day old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kapsinow of New Haven.

Police Chief Francis V. McManus quoted Miss Jaspers as saying she shook the infant violently because it refused its formula.

~ Other Cases Listed ~

McManus said the case developed after Dr. Sterling Taylor. Acting medical examiner, reported that the Kaspsinow child had suffered head and body injuries.

Police said Miss Jaspers also admitted:

Causing the death in 1948 of the 7 week old son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hubbard of Guilford, Conn.

Causing the death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Malkin is a concert soprano whose stage name is Joan Bainerd.

Inflicting a head injury on the 8 week old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seidel of New Haven.

Breaking the leg of the 3 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schaffer of Woodbridge, Conn., in 1955.

~ Stayed with Parents ~

A private pediatric nurse for seven years, Miss Jaspers boarded often with parents of the children and was not connected with a hospital. She completed an 18 month pediatrics course at St. Agnes home in West Hartford, a home for children maintained by the Hartford Catholic archdiocese.

Her father, William Jaspers, is a former state senator and New Haven county treasurer. He also is an assistant personnel manager of the New Haven railroad.

[“Nurse Admits Shaking Three Babies to Death – They Refused to Take Formulas and Got On Her Nerves, She Explains To Police,” syndicated (AP), The Milwaukee Journal (Wi.), Aug. 28, 1956, p. 1]



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