Friday, November 22, 2013

Frau Sivacky, “Charged with Wholesale Slaughter” – Serbia 1905

FULL TEXT: Twelve women were arrested in Zenta, Hungary, charged with poisoning their husbands.

The wholesale plot was discovered by a man who suspected that his wife was trying to kill him. Believing she had placed poison in his soup, he compelled his wife to drink it, and she died.

This started an investigation, and the police found an old woman named Sivacky, who confessed that she had sold poison to several women. She gave the names of a number, who are charged with killing their husbands to marry other men.

The authorities have ordered that the bodies of several men believed to have been poisoned by their wives be exhumed and examined.

Nine husbands are now critically ill from the effects of poison.

[“Husbands Poisoned. - Hungarian Women Charged With Wholesale Slaughter.” The Star (Reynoldsville, Pa.), Sep. 13, 1905, p. 7]


Senta (Serbian Cyrillic: Сента Hungarian: Zenta Romanian: Zenta; German: Senta or formerly Zenta; Turkish: Zenta) is a town and municipality on the bank of the Tisa river in the Vojvodina province, Serbia. Although geographically located in Bačka, it is part of the North Banat District. The town has a population of 18,704, whilst the Senta municipality has 23,316 inhabitants (2011 census). 




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