Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lizzie Cook, 6-Year-Old-Murderess, Alabama, 1899

FULL TEXT: Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 27. – Mrs. Lou Cook, who resides near Tuscaloosa, left home Saturday afternoon to go to the village store. She left a 2-year-old boy in charge of her 6-year-old daughter Lizzie. The baby cried for its mother and the girl, after tiring of her efforts to quiet the little one, deliberately drew a brand from an open fire and set the baby's garments aflame. The mother heard the babe’s screams as she was returning from the store and hurried home to find its garments burned completely from its body and the babe in the agony of death. She scolded the other child and asked how the babe came to be burned. The child said that she had set it a fire. The babe died.

[“Child Murderess – Deliberately Burns Her 2-Year-Old Brother to Death.” Sedalia Weekly Democrat (Mi.), Mar. 3, 1899, p. 5]


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