Friday, November 13, 2015

Mattie Ellis, 11-Year-Old Murderss – Texas, 1892

FULL TEXT: Tex., July 21. – At Burton, Tuesday night, Alexander McCann, the 11 year-old son of Elder McCann, was left at the residence of Moses Watson while the two families went to church. Moses Watson has an 11-year-old adopted daughter, Mattie Ellis. When the parents left the house the children were washing the dishes.

The boy quit, whereupon the girl picked a butcher knife and plunged it into the boy’s side. The blade penetrated the heart, and he fell lifeless at the feet of his youthful murderess.

[“A Youthful Murderess. – A Boy Stabbed by a Young Girl in Texas.” Duluth Evening Herald (Mn.), Jul. 20, 1892, p. 1]

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