Friday, November 13, 2015

Mattie Ellis, 11-Year-Old Murderss – Texas, 1892

FULL TEXT: Tex., July 21. – At Burton, Tuesday night, Alexander McCann, the 11 year-old son of Elder McCann, was left at the residence of Moses Watson while the two families went to church. Moses Watson has an 11-year-old adopted daughter, Mattie Ellis. When the parents left the house the children were washing the dishes.

The boy quit, whereupon the girl picked a butcher knife and plunged it into the boy’s side. The blade penetrated the heart, and he fell lifeless at the feet of his youthful murderess.

[“A Youthful Murderess. – A Boy Stabbed by a Young Girl in Texas.” Duluth Evening Herald (Mn.), Jul. 20, 1892, p. 1]


FULL TEXT: Brenham, Tex., July 19. News reached here today of a tragedy at Burgen. Two eleven year old negro children named Mattie Ellis and Alex McCain, were washing dishes at the house of Mose Masten. All the grown people were at church. Alex threw down his dish towel and quit saying he was tired. He left the room but returned for a drink of water. Mattie grew angry and as Alex passed her on his way to the water bucket she picked up a butcher knife and stuck him in the breast, the blade penetrating his heart and he died instantly.

[“A YOUNG MURDERESS. - An Eleven Year Old Negress Kills a Boy With a Butcher Knife. Special to the Statesman.” The Austin Weekly Statesman (Tx.), Jul. 21, 1892, p. 1]



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