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Parental Kidnapping: Physical Recovery Services: History

R : 1     Recovery Services : Physical

A-Team – “The Best Defence for the Wrongly Accused,” (cited 2003)

“The A-team is made up of: Trial Consultants, Lawyers, Psychologists, Medical Doctors, Private Investigators and others assembled for each individual case as needed to help those wrongly accused of child abuse, domestic violence, date rape, sexual harassment and other crimes that are gender or family related. And we also help on complex child custody cases, and those involving issues of interstate and international jurisdiction questions.”
On International PK, The A-Team warns that the US “State Department will do everything they can within their power to make certain you lose your children forever.”
ACA Associates Inc – PIs Specializing in PK – Miami, Manuel Lora (pres.)

                Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement accused agency of wiretapping & burglary on PK case.
Carolyn Mooney, “Firm Aids in Custody Disputes: Agency Takes the ‘Risks,’” Miami Herald, Mar. 4, 1984, p. 1-BR (Parker case)

Altima Investigations – (website 2002)

“Domestic cases involving custody, fidelity, financial and property. Our Special Response Group is highly capable of recovering kidnapped children.”

American Association for Lost Children – Mark Miller, director, Houston, Texas (active            1980s- present)

                A Christian organization
Associates: Bob Gale, Houston Detective agency, former Vt. Police Chief
                American Association for Lost Children PO Box 41154, Houston TX 77241.(713)466-1852.
                Aschenbrenner, Sandra K. Essay, For Competion on the Topic:  White Hats: People Who Are
                Trying To Make A Difference, 1994
                                "In 1987, Mark Miller, a middle income businessman, read a missing child leaflet; his            curiosity led him to call The American Association for Lost Children. [He] found that they were a      non-profit organization committed to finding lost children for no fee. He began studying for his private investigator's license so he could help the association. Since then he has helped locate         thirty-three missing children. When he was asked why he gave up his comfortable career to find           missing children, Miller stated that he just wanted to help people."(Colby High School, Colby, Kansas) [1993-1994 Harry Singer Foundation National Essay Contest, White Hats: People Who                 Are Trying To Make A Difference, Colby High School, Colby, Kansas, Teacher: Carlene Stueve]
                                “Left-behind parents will often turn to "child-finders" like Mark Miller, who is the                director of the American Association for Lost Children, a Houston-based non-profit group. Miller                has returned more than sixty missing children to parents with custody since 1987. In this case,              Miller tracked down two boys whose mother had said had beenn kidnapped by their father in                 Michigan - but the journey had an unexpected ending: Sherry Merritt had signed over custody to    her ex-husband a year before, but she failed to tell Miller this. He checked the court records at the         last minute and found out the truth, before he snatched the kids back.”

                AP, “Lost Children: Man Locates Youths Abducted By Parenbts,” San Antonio Enterprize-News                                    (Texas), May 25, 1992, p. 20-A
                Bingham, Larry, “Praise the Lord!Millers Says…,” Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), Aug. 30, 1998, p.                                          43 [Luke case]
                Brumley, Al, “They Once Were Lost: Former Stock Broker Has Helped Locate 28 Missing                                  Children,” Dallas Morning News, Feb. 24, 1990, p. 33-A
                Carpenter, MacKenzie & Allan Detrich, Children of the Underground, Reprinted from the                                  Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Dec. 14-17, 1997, 74, pp., 72 illus. [Merritt case; Sherry &                                             George, M & 2 s; M had lied to Miller]
                Chebium, Raja, “Mother Snatchews Kids Back After 3-Year Separatyion,” Seattle Times (Wash.),                                     Feb. 2, 1997, p. A-17 (Abdo case)           
                Feldman, Candia, “This Private Eye Gets His Kid,” Houston Chronicle, Feb. 3, 1991, p. 1                                      [Dollar/Rucher “double abduction”; Dollar couple = K’ers; Patterson (LB)
                Heaney, Joe, “Daughter, Sons Reunited After Alleged Abduction,” Boston Herald, Nov. 9, 1994,                                     p. 24 (Hurt case)
                Kennedy, Erin & Matthew Tully, “A Crime With No Punishment,” Post-Tribune (Merrilleville,                                          Indiana), Jan. 3, 1993, p. 1 (Claypool case)
Mesiger, Maxine, “Limo Makes Stop for Love,” Jan. 6, 1992, p. 1              
Nichols, Marina T., Thousands of Tears, Apr. 2005, Authorhouse (S-P), 264 pp., 1420839829                                               (Abdo/Nabela case; US/Germany)
Schaefer, Jim, “Sleuths Specialize in Bittersweet Family Reunions,” Detroit Free Press, May 17,                                        1990, p. 1
Scroeder, Lisa, “Not Without Her Children,”Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), Jul. 23,                                                 1998, p. 1-E [Nabela Henry & Abdo case]
Sinclair, David, “Man’s Quest for Soon, 3, in North Carolina,” Fayetteville Observor                                                           (Fayetteville, NC), Oct. 8, 1992 (Kools case)
Sinclair, David, Father of 4-Year-Old Boy Charged With Kidnapping,: Mother Once Faced child-                                       Stealing Accusation,” Fayetteville Observor                (Fayetteville, NC), Jul. 2, 1993
Tolley, Laura, “Houston Gr. Finds Abducted Children,” AP, Austin-American Statesman (Texas),                                     May 25, 1992, p. B-3
Waldrip  , Cheryl, “Mother to Hold Car Wash for Lost Children’s Group,” Tampa Tribune, Sep. 5,                                    1992, p. 1
Waldrip  , Cheryl & Becky Richards, “MotherDaughter Reunited After 2 Years,” Tampa Tribune,                                     Aug, 21, 1992, p. 1 (Stepananski case)
Zuniga, JoAnn, “Child Snatching Organization Can Now Count Success,” Houston Chronicle,                                         Dec. 25, 1988, p. C-6

Apy, Patricia – Lawyer Specializing in International PK

Margaret McHugh, “Custody Battles Across Borders,” Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), Apr. 21, 2002, p. 1 [Misal case]

Argus Security Investigations – Fed Fulz

            One of 5 Naples, Florida PIs who volunteers services to Tampa Butreau of Missing Children (also
                Chris Provenzano) [Donna Wares, “Private Eyes Pitch in to Find Missing Children,” Miami      Herald, Sep. 30, 1984, p. 1-D

Austin, Eugene “Mean” Gene, Vigilante, founder of Missouri Council on Family Law          
            (active 1960s-80s)

            By 1977 (?) Austin had conducted over 200 counter-abductions; press coverage extended from        1964 to 1978. Born 1922
A novel has been published with a character who closely resembles Austin: Edna Buchanan, Love Kills: A Britt Montero Novel hardcover, Jun. 2007.The treatment presents what might be considered a feminist fantasy of Austin, a misogynist who assists only fathers and never mothers. “Spencer York … known as the "Custody Crusader," … who had been a publicity hound with an enormous ego. He was also a misogynist, who considered all divorced mothers to be "greedy sluts" and bad parents. York took it upon himself to balance the scales of justice by snatching hundreds of children from their divorced mothers and delivering the kids to their fathers.” [E. Bukowsky, Amazon customer]:
                                Led  2 organizations: Chairman, US Divorce Reform, Lincoln, Nebraska (1965)        &             Missouri Council on Family Law, St. Louis (1971), (see Fathers’ Rights org section)
                Authored “Child Snatching, Search and Recovery Techniques” (mimeographed), Tomorrow, before 1981 (ref. Gill, 1981); Sixty Minutes, MacNeil/Lehrer Report, (ref. Froncek, pp. 120-27); (Abrahms as “Bad Bill,” 1983, pp. 199-200); (Lawrence, 1983)
                “civil rights worker,” “underground,” 15-20 case requests per week [Rosalie Reed, “Father ‘Wanted’ in Tug-of-War Over Child,” Modesto Bee (Cal.), Jul. 1, 1977, p. B-2]
                Austin testified at the California hearings on PK held by Van De Camp in 1977:  “One of these members of the ‘children’s underground,’ Gene Austin testified about his trade and the nature of the problem.” [Dave Lindorff, “Seek to Better Child Theft Prosecution,” Valley News (Van Nuys, Ca.), Mar. 27, 1977, p. 1]
                1972: Hoffner case: Mr. Hoffner (F-LB), Susan Hoffner (d), Mrs. Hoffner “Marilyn Rose” (alias) (M-K’er), K from Missouri to Wisconsin; “Men’s Rights Croup Aids Dad In ‘Snatching’ Girl, 8, At Falls,” Sheboygen Press,  Jan.           15, 1972, p. 3
                1975: Hill case: Gerald Hill (F-LB), Benjamin Hill (3), Barbara Hill (M-K’er, “custodial”); Edna Buchanan, “’Custody Vigilante’ in Custody,” Charleston Daily Mail (W. Va.) (Knight Newspapers synd.), Mar. 20, 1975, p. 2
                1976: Pek / Gerace case: Stanley Pek (F-LB), Mary Ann Gerace (M-K’er), Lisa Pek (9), Michelle Pek (8); John Huey, K from NY to Ariz.; “To The Man Whose Job is Child Snatching, End Justifies Means,” Wall Street Journal, Mar. 24, 1976, p. 1; Peck was hired by Austin as an understudy
                1976 : Gann / Mendenhall case: Austin as adviser only: Tonia Gann (7), Michael Gann (F-LB), Janice Mendenhall (M-Ker); “7-year-old is victim of 2 ‘kidnappings,’” Salina Jourrnal (Salina, Kansas),  Apr. 22, 1976, p. 14
                1976: Haskins case: Arlie Wayne Haskins (F-LB), Mrs. Haskins (M-K’er), Eric (cv, 10, Shelly (cv, 8); Kay Bartlett, “Courts not resolving custody battles: Divorced parents abducting their own children,” syndicated, Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wi.), Sep. 28, 1978, p. C-6, photo of Haskins and sons
                1977: Horton case: Forrest Horton, Leslie Horton (8), Ex-Mrs. Horton (M-K’er), Kansas / Idaho; Bob Lynn, “Kidnaps His Daughter – Larned Man Pushes for Divorce Reform,” The Salina Journal (Ka), Oct. 7, 1975
                1977: Goodwin / McMasters case: Goodwin, Dave (K), Chad (cv, 4), Donelle McMasters (LB); C-A ; K = Feb. 1977 ; Mean Gene Austin counter-abduction; “Kidnap unites mother, son,” Herald-Times-Reporter (Manitowac-Two Rivers, Wisconsin), May 14, 1977
PostCrescent (Appleton, Wisconsin), Sep. 28, 1976, p. C-6 (w. photo)  Bill Ralston (C-A), recommended by Mean Gene Austin.
                1977: Stephens / Webb case: Stephens, Tracey (cv, 8) Kevin (cv, 7), Lawrence Stephens (LB); C-A; 1977; Mean Gene Austin counter-abduction; “Custody Fight Spurs Kidnaping, Court Battle,” Daily Times News (Burlington, North Carolina), July 5, 1977 ;
1978: Walker case: Patricia Walker (M-LB), Elizabeth Walker (18 mo), Taylor Wallker (F); Michael Alexander, “A Career in Child Snatching,” Los Angeles Times, Oct. 15, 1978, p. V-21
TV: Tomorrow Show, Jul. 14, 1977; 60 Minutes, (need to confirm), McNeil / Lehrer Newshour, 1977?.
3 articles, general overviews, on Austin:
                Long Article on Austin: John Huey, “To the Man Whose Job is Child-Snatching, End Justifies         Means: Legal Custody Disputes Are Eugene Austin’s Specialty; His Goal: Reform of Laws,” Wall Street Journal, Mar. 27, 1976
                                George Newman, “This ‘kidnaper’ hopes to lose his professional standing, Chicago           Tribune, May 17, 1976, p. 3-6
                                Michael Alexander (Newsday), “He Does It Legally : A Career In Child-Snatching,” Los      Angeles Times, Oct. 15, 1978, p. V-21

Baz, Bazzel (active 1990s-present)

                See Recovery TV show in “TV Special Reports, True Crime & “Reality TV” section above
                “Bazzel Baz -a.k.a. "Baz"- is a former Marine and CIA officer who has served as writer-technical advisor for the CBS drama, The Agency. He was also featured on the USA Network program, Combat Missions (now in syndication). After graduation from The Citadel, Baz served in the United States Marine Corps with his final tour of duty as a counter-terrorism officer before being recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Belforte, Hiram – Vigilante; started in San Antonio & Vancouver (acitve 1970s-1980s)

25 counter-abductions conducted as of 1981.  Belforte is one of the founders of the fathers’ underground.  Published a small magazine for fathers’ rights in Texas. [Gill, 1981, 53-4; quoted by Lawrence, 1983, 163]

Brennan, Rich – Missing Persons Cybercenter – (cited 1999)
                Brennan, Rich, Consulting Criminologist, Missing Persons Cybercenter (co-author:  Psychic                                             Criminology, 2002 (2nd edn.))
Agency reunites kids with Mom; children missing for nearly 6 months,” Dec. 7, 1999, p. 1-B [Lorenzo Pablo Samaniego (11), Irene Alvarez (LB), Guillerima Lucia Anita S (10)

Buckman, Patrick – PI, San Francisco (active 1960s-1980s)
A recovery specialist, born 1937, formerly San Francisco Police (until 1965)
                Buckman quoted in 1977: “’In years past, when women almost automatically got custody of children, it was usually the father who stole the child, since men were most often the breadwinners and thus had the necessary money and mobility to pull it off.
                ‘But now,’ says Bruckman, ‘I’m mostly looking for women. They’re starting to take their children more because they’re losing more custody battles than they used to.’”
                “I don’t accept the labels like child-snatching or child-stealing. I’m in the business of child-locating and recovery.” [“Retrieving Stolen Children – For a Fee,” LA Times, Sep. 28, 1977, p. IV-1]
                Anderson/Cramlett (Donohue law suit) case; senior investigator: Linda Cassell; average cost $80,000
                Ref. Doyle (personal account), 125, 145, 266.  125 counter-abductions in 15 years, 100 of them successful
                Author, “Parents Who Kidnap Their Own Children,” Parenting Magazine, April 1990
                Ref.: Ron Laytner, “Mother Kidnaps Daughter and Starts International Manhunt,” Valley News (Van Nuys, California), Mar. 13, 1977, Magazine, pp. 2-3
                Jack Kellu, “The Man Behind the Disquise,” USA Today, Aug. 30, 1993, p. 6 [100 recoveries since 1969]
Bureau of Missing Children – Tampa, Mike Holen PI – f. 1992

Holden tracked the woman using some of his tried-and-true investigative methods, which include shifting through garbage where he often finds old telephone bills with numbers to places where people might run to, he said.
Although Ahern paid for the service, many people without the money to mount a search lose their children everyday, Holden said. So Holden said he is starting a non-profit, privately owned missing children's organization in Pasco County. Similar organizations exist in Tampa and Clearwater, and they also look for missing Pasco children, said Bureau of Missing Children's President Chipper Evans, a privately owned non-profit Tampa group that started looking for missing children in 1983.” [Bill Harmon, “Child Hunter Creates Group For Missing Kids,” Tampa Tribune, Jun. 15, 1992, p. 1 (Ahern case)]
                See Argosy for another article

Cantorique, Willie (or Kantoric; Josef Melnick: nom de plume) – Switzerland (active         

One of the major figuren in the PK-recovery field.
See book, Passeur d’Enfants, 1986  (author: “Melnick” in “Adult Non-Fiction” section above). Deceased in 2002?. Popular French series of Made-for-TV movies based on the book.
            Von Ruedi Leuthold,  „Der einsame Held: Er holte Kinder zurück, die von ihren Vätern entführt                          worden waren. Sein eigenes Kind durfte er am Ende nicht mehr sehen. Schließlich kam „Willie               Cantorique zu Tode - so mysteriös, wie er gelebt hatte,“ Die Zeit,  42/2003 

Carter, Thomas Jr. – Strategic Security Group – Oregon (cited 1999)

“’These are Americans taken out of America,’ said Thomas Carter Jr., a former Green Beret and co-founder of Strategic Security Group Inc., an Oregon-based outfit that charges as much as $100,000 to recover a child. ‘The longer (parents) wait, the harder it is for us,’ said Carter, who recently helped parents recover children abducted in Uruguay and South Africa but has not been hired for a similar mission in Mexico.” [Dane Schiller, “Mexico haven for abductors: Many on short end of custody fights fleeing south with kids,” San Antonio Express-News (Texas), Nov. 15, 1999, p. 1-A]

Chamberlain, Paul International – PI (cited 1995)

“In August 1994, Preferred Contingency Insurance Services (PCIS), a Beverly Hills insurance company, began to offer non-custodial child abduction coverage, underwritten by Lloyds of London. The center, along with Paul Chamberlain International, a team of former FBI agents recognized as leaders in crisis negotiation and abduction investigation, worked closely with Preferred Contingency to develop the policy. Through a special arrangement with PCIS, the NCMEC receives 2.5 percent of the gross premiums collected. Coverage up to $100,000 can be purchased, and the minimum premium is $5,000.”  [Tadd Wilson, “Suffer the missing children? Taxpayer dollars continue to disappear while children don't,” Reason, Nov. 1, 1995]

Child Tap – Charles Saunders, PI (Founded 1985)

                Kimber Ray, wife/p, Daniel (cv), K = 1983
                                Former Alabama police officer, licensed as PI in 1979  
                [Gordon Smith, “A Finder of Stoilen Children,” San Diego Union (Calif.), Jul. 24, 1985, p. C-1]
                Also works for Calif. Center for Missing & Exploited Children in San Diego, Ed Catano, founder & pres.

Ciriello, Ed – Boston, Global School of Investigation – (active 1960s-present)

                Formerly with Feeney’s Commandos (CTU) “He started Global School of Investigation as a               hobby in 1973.” Born 1935
                “Ciriello himself starting learning how to do detective work through a correspondence course when he was 14. Before he turned 17, the Army caught him for enlisting at too young an age. … After being booted from the Army, Ciriello legally enlisted in the U.S. Navy when he was 17, ''figuring, 'hell, I'd already done the Army,'' he said. For the next three years, he worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence, now called the Naval Investigative Service. As a civilian he worked for Pinkerton's National Detective Agency in Chicago in the 1950s, eventually becoming an assistant manager. But even as he worked at Pinkerton's, he kept his hand in government intelligence work and would be contracted to do assignments from them for the rest of his career.” [“Private Eye Make Public Show,” Hampshire Gazette, July 11th, 2005]
                Ciriello, Edmund R., The Reluctant Warrior,  trade paper,  May 2004, Xlibris Corporation, 325 pp., 1413437699 (see Non-Fiction above)
                                Roush, Patricia, At Any Price: How America Betrayed My Children for Saudi Oil, 2003,     pp. 75-6, 88-89, 105-119 (see Adult Non-Fiction section)
            CASE: Rebecca Hickman (LB), Mariam (cv), Hussein Zamani (K); A = 23 mos.; I (US/Iran); .article, Woman’s World Weekly (GSI Website, date not listed)
                CASE: Wlayn Ahmed (LB), Adel Ahmed (K); I (US/Egypt); From the Boston Herald - Sunday, Feb. 9th, 1986 (condensed from a feature article) Joe Heaney, “Hub Private Eye Restores Kidnapped Girl  to Mother,”  (GSI Website, date not listed)

Citizen’s League on Custody Kidnapping – (founded Oct. 1978)

F. Oct. 1978, Smithtown, NY (ref. Elliott, 1983); Andrew Yankwitt, lawyer for League
                While Children's Rights, Inc. believes that only a small number of snatched children are ever found, New York lawyer Andrew Yankwitt of the Citizens League on Custody Kidnapping sharply disputes that pessimistic view. "I have personally recovered 120 children, and the league has recovered at least another 100 in the two and a half years we've been at it," says Yankwitt.”            
                Judy Foreman, “Kidnapped! Parental Child-Snatching is World-Wide Problem,” Boston Globe, Mar. 16, 1980
                Cross-listed in “Organizations” section

Clarke, Logan – Detective/Retriever; Clarke International Investigations; Hong Kong,
            Beverly Hills (acive  1970s-present)

Ref. Bowles, 2001, Chapter 3 “The Retrievers,” pp. 39-48; Ch. 9: “The Million Dollar Baby – The Phillipines,” 126-134.  See documentary, Missing – Presumed Alive, 1996, on this case (Sven, Dolores, Marco)
                Gregg Patton,Success is Elementary for Real-Life Detective,” The Sun Newspaper Living Section – Oct. 20, 1997
                Nown, Graham, Watching the Detectives: the Life and Times of the Private Eye,  hardcover, Apr. 1991, HarperCollins Grafton Books, 0246136502

Clarke, Logan & Darnell Logan-Clarke, Last Night an Angel Stopped By..., trade paper, Dec.
                2000, Tearabar Ltd, 90 pp. 097063630X
Book Description: “ Lying in the Extreme Care Room of a hospital, a man overhears a conversation between a dying woman and an angel. It's an uplifting discussion of religion versus spirituality, the nature of God and His relationship with mankind, and the need to find one's own path to him. It is written in crisp, expressive prose, presented in an accessible question-and-answer format. The views on religion, faith and Man's purpose are articulated with a warm authenticity that rings with the clarity of truth that will edify and solace readers in search of greater meaning in their lives.                         
About the author : Mr. Clarke has traveled the world since he was a young boy. At first, with his divorced mom, who was an intimate night club singer and show room entertainer, and rarely spent more than a few months at each "gig" in various cities; then in his twenties, as an ex-pat bar owner in Asia and Micronesia. While living in Asia, Logan wrote his first book titled "Just Passing Through", which became a best seller.  
Learning that his mother had terminal cancer, Logan returned to America at age 27. After her passing, he settled in California in 1977. Leaving behind his writing, Logan began his career as a Private Investigator. A career which has spanned twenty-plus years and brought Mr. Clarke considerable notoriety in books, magazines and newspapers throughout the world. The BBC and A&E television produced one hour documentaries on Logan and his agency. In 1994 Newsweek magazine said of Mr. Clarke, "Sam Spade and Logan Clarke aside, most private investigators really don't spend their days solving high profile murders."
 In a letter to the publisher, Logan described the reason for his recent return to his writing:  "For the past twenty years I have traveled the world as an International Detective and head of a Crisis Intervention Team Task Force. We have chased bad guys and gone undercover in countries as remote as Yemen and as majestic as Monaco. During these cases, and over the years, agents have been thrown in jail in third world countries, been wounded in the field and even a few have been killed. Without going into detail, I can assure you that each member of my team ponders his or her fate on a regular basis. Late at night in a foreign country, we will often contemplate the good and evil in the world and reflect on the purpose or cause of it all. Matters of the heart...       
Over the past four or five years, my wife and daughter have been asking me to "slow down" and let the younger agents "go to the front line." Of course, I never got around to slowing down. Then two years ago, I was home for the Christmas holidays and involved in a freak, but serious accident. The incident landed me in the hospital and put an abrupt halt to my globe trotting for over a year, while I convalesced at home. What happened to me during my short stay in the hospital dramatically affected not only my life, but that of my family; not due to the physical damage to my body, but because of the spiritual enlightenment that occured. The sheer magnitude of the experience that night and the next morning, compelled my daughter and me to write this book.                        
After traveling the world for some forty years, in walks of life from the prince to the pauper, I believe in all my heart that there are multitudes of souls out there who yearn for the answers to the same questions that were asked in the hospital room that night."

Clarke, Logan, Just Passing Through, trade paper, 1978, Nice Things Press, 128 pp., 0378016423      
Logan Clarke (title?), 1990s, A&E
The BBC and A&E television produced one hour documentaries on Logan and his agency.              
Clarke, Logan, “PIs And Reality TV,” PI Magazine, Apr. 2004
The dos and don'ts that anyone who is offered a shot at participating in a PI reality show should know.
Watching the Detectives: Logan Clarke, BBC, 1991
Logan Clarke and his wife run an international investigation agency with a difference. Not only are they and the agents employed as professional investigators, they are also seasoned actors and use their talents to great effect, playing out character roles to con the conmen nor track down what they are seeking. In the opening sequence Clarke appears to be rummaging in all the local bins: in fact, 'garbology' is one of his specialties-- a means of gleaning valuable information. Listing psychology, salesmanship and acting as the three essentials in his work, he attracts "weird cases-- because others turn them down", which suits his style. "I try not to break the law, but I have to bend it in order to straighten out people's problems," he muses. Last in the series.”
A rescue in Costa Rica of a kidnapped six-year-old boy received international recognition, as did a dramatic rescue in Sudan.” [Clarke website]
Phone: 852-332-2297
Rob Messinger, “Logan Clarke: Private Eye Returns to Tinseltown,” The Business Press (San                                            Bernardino), Sep. 30, 1996, p. 14
Leslie Holdencroft, “Woman Fights to Retrieve Children From Yemen,” News Tribune (Tacoma,                                       Wa), Dec. 1, 1993, p. B-1 [Abdul Aziz Norman (K’er), Omar (5), Sarah Norman (LB)]
“CLARKE INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS and Logan Clarke have been featured on USA Network's Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, Maury Povich, the cover of the Los Angeles Times Calendar section, TV Guide, Larry King, Rick Dees, and was the cover story of American Way Magazine (American Airlines) and PI Magazine, as well as countless articles in European and American newspapers and other magazines. Channel Four Television in Britain produced a one-hour documentary on Mr. Clarke and C.I.I.'s work. Canadian City TV did a short documentary on Mr. Clarke for their "movie/tv" syndicated worldwide show. An entire chapter was devoted to him in Watching the Detectives, a definitive history of private investigation by British author Graham Nown. A film on Logan Clarke by the University of Southern California Film School was screened in 1991 at the Cannes Film Festival and received critical acclaim.
Recently a 90-minute documentary entitled, "Missing: Presumed Alive," being distributed worldwide by ITEL was completed by Mr. Clarke and his Australian partner, Keith Schafferius. It follows the detectives through five countries and was two years in the making. A book released in Australia and New Zealand title "Taken in Contempt" by Robin Bowles devotes several chapters to Logan Clarke and his team.
Mr. Clarke's notoriety has become such that he is regularly consulted by the producers and reporters of such television programs as 48 Hours, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Inside Edition, A Current Affair, Newsweek and many other television shows and magazines. A rescue in Costa Rica of a kidnapped six-year-old boy received international recognition, as did a dramatic rescue in Sudan.
Mr. Clarke is regarded as an international expert in his field and appears regularly on KABC Talk Radio, KFI Radio and K-CAL Television, both in Los Angeles, covering topical subjects such as child abduction, white slavery, occult crimes, gun control, car jacking, reverse stings, etc.” [LC website]

Cochran, Judy – “tracks missing children” (cited 1997)

            [Ref.: Carpenter, MacKenzie & Allan Detrich, Children of the Underground, Reprinted from
                the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Dec. 14-17, 1997, p. 63]

COGNOSCENTi International – (founded 1996)

“A London-based private investigation company with twenty years experience. Since 1996, they have specialised in finding parentally abducted children.” P O Box 73, Teddington, TW11 8YF, Middlesex, England, Tele: +44 (0) 208 614 4399  Fax: +44 (0) 208 614 5721 ; Email:  [Steve’s Hangout :]

Commercial Reports, Inc. – Hopkins, Minnesota, Ed Wunsch

“Commercial Reports, Inc. is a private detective agency specializing in Child Custody and Child Abduction Investigations.  Ed Wunsch, the president, has been actively involved in providing pro bono parental abduction investigations, with many successes.  He has been featured for his work in multiple newspapers articles, television news stories and international media features.”
                See also: Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team PACRT (Ed Wunsch)
Corporate Training Unlimited, CTU (aka “Feeny’s Commandos”) – (active 1980s-       present)

            Don Feeney, Corporate Training Unlimited, 6527 Raeford, Fayetteville, North Carolina.
                See three books in “Adult Non-Fiction: Popular” section above: Livingstone (portrait of Feeny and team as heroes); 2) Muhsen (portrait of Feeney and team as theives and con-artists; Roush (critical of CTU in dealings with herself, Norman & Hill, p. 123 ff., 150).
                                Feeney and CTU has left U.S. and the group probably has several Federal criminal
                warrants outstanding (including tax evasion).
                See also: 48 Hours (TV), Sep. 17, 1998 – Voulgarelis/Lamare case


Gray, Verne, “CBS’s Downbeat Stalwart Offers More Dreary Tales,” Newsday (Mellville, NY),           Sep. 17, 1998 [48 Hours; Cheryl Lamare (LB), Voulgrarelis (K)]
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Greve, Frank, “US Mother Pays Commandos to Seize Daughter, 7, in Jordan,” Akron Beacon-                           Journal (Georgia), [Lauren Mohammed Ali Baqyyan (cv), Kathy Mahooon (aka     “Mahone”) (LB)]
Livingstone, Neil C. & David Halevy, “Operation Lauren: The Missing, The Victim, The Primary       Clue,” Dallas Morning News, Sep. 29, 1988
Leland, Elizabeth, “Rambo They’re Not: Ex-Commandos Apply Finesse To Bold Rescues,”                Charlotte Observer (NC), Mar. 5, 1989
Reuters, “Rescue Mom Brings Boy, 2, Back From Iraq,” Christian Science Monitor, Sep. 6, 1994      [Haitham Khalid Al-Nasseri (K), Michelle Al-Nasseri (LB), Laith Adam (2)]
Stark, Karl, “’Rescue’ Leads to Kidnapping Trial; A Mother Takes Her Daughters Away,   Commandos Are Hired to Get Them Back,” Philadelphia Inquirer, Mar 3, 1983 [Erna           Eyjolfsdottir, Elizabeth (10), Anna Nicole (5); 2 diff. Fs: James Brian Grayson, Sgt.         Frederick A. Pittman]
Time, “Rent-a-Rescue Commandos: Ex-Delta Force Operatives Hunt for Abducted Kids,” June?,       1991 (ref. Roush)
“The Search for Lauren” Date?, Publication?, [ref. Doyle, 147; account of Feeney’s first counter-      abduction mission]

*Counahan, Patrick – see Parental Abduction Search Specialists

Cowan, William “Bill” – (cited 2003)

Case: Anon.“Sara”; Syria, K=1993, s (3), d (6)
Mowbray, Joel, Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Threatens America's Security, Sep. 2003, pp. 47-49

Custody Specialists Ltd. – Alan R. Tomkins (b. 1930) (active 1970s-1980s)

15 (mostly part-time) investigators; a division of James N. Pennington Investigations, Ltd.
                “Tomkins’ typical client is between 19 and 33 years old.  About half of his clients are fathers, and in 90% of the cases, the child’s grandparents are at least You indirectly behind a request for assistance.”
                [John Pashdag, “The Eyes Have It: Real-Life Investigators Will Get on Your Case, but without TV-Type Glamour,” cover story, Magazine, LA Times, Feb. 27, 1979]

Dabbagh and Associates – Maureen Dabbagh (active 2000s)

            Founder of PARENT International, author of handbook on International PK
Consulting services for cases involving issues of international child abduction. Have assisted in over 300 cases involving international child abduction.
P.O. Box 134, Capron, VA 23829, 434-658-3050

* Eisenberg, Dan – see: Tracers

Fatman Investigative Services – (website 2005) (see Grevers) – Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Of special interest to The Fatman® are executive and parental kidnapping assignments that have taken us to practically every continent in the world. This type of investigation is usually emotionally charged and is classified into two categories: 1) A discreet location, 2) A safe return of the subject or persons.”  

Father's Rights Investigations – (founded 1994)

 “Father's Rights Investigations was initiated in 1994, the year I sought custody of my own son. After experiencing the disparity of parental rights for father's in our court system, I saw the need for men to have a source to help guide them through the plethora of injustice.
                My first client was a friend and fellow Christian who was being attacked and unjustly accused of false behavior regarding his two sons. Although officially I was not yet a Private Investigator, my 14 plus years of investigating at Boeing coupled with my personal experience gave me the foundation to help and consult with this man. Both he and his attorney became paying clients with FRI in 2001, and his case is another success story.                      
                For many years, the business was just an idea. With encouragement, in January 2000, I successfully completed the Professional Investigation certified training course, and applied for an agency license. Shortly thereafter we received our first referral from our church and Father's Rights Investigations was officially born.                     
                Through referrals and contacts we began to make connections with various Fathers organizations in the Seattle area, and our client list began to grow.
                We are a full service Private Investigative firm, but specialize in child custody cases. Member, WALI, NAIS, NALI.”
                                3930 'A' Street SE Suite: 305, Auburn, WA  98002; Office: (253)804-0263; CellPhone:                             334-6783;

Fernay, Anne-Marie – Paris, France; (active late-1960s-1970s)

Professional counter-abductor
            A young woman who works on a sliding scale from pro bono to $25,000. She does an average of four jobs a year in Africa, Latin America, US, Canada. Clients have been: “famous French film actress, a diplomat, bankers, industrialists, just plain people.”
                Ironically, in this pre-Hague era, Fernay predicted that an “international treaty [which she would support] … would probably put me out of business.” Little did she realize that a traty would not only fail to stop PK, but would actually make justifiable “last resort” counter-abductions harder to pull off, and instead would support the kidnappers in many cases.”
                                Barris, Georce & John G., Rogers, "The Strange Case of Anne-Marie: She Kidnaps
                Children," Oakland Tribune, May 11, 1969. Large photo of Farnay with her neww baby.

Galloway, Robert, & Associates – (website 2005)
“Our private investigators have extensive experience in family law cases involving child custody, parental child abductions, missing children, divorce, annulments, grandparent rights, termination of convervatorship, physical and sexual abuse, pre-martial relationships, and personal relationships.      
Founder Robert Galloway has over 20 years investigatory experience as a private investigator and bounty hunter. Licensed in Texas, Robert A. Galloway and Associates is networked nationwide with other professional investigative agencies. Founder Robert Galloway personally directs all investigative services to ensure complete confidentiality and professionalism.” Office Phone# 24/7 (210) 764-2932; Fax# Dedicated Line (210) 764-2936; Cell Phone# 24/7: (210) 602-0407; 18614 Rogers Lake, San Antonio, TX 78258

Gardner, Linda Shay – Attorney, Bethlehem, Pa.? (cited 2001)

“About 30 percent of Gardner’s family-law practice involves parental child-abduction cases.  She travels around the country handling legal issues for parents who want their children returned.” See Keith Herbert, “Norton v Norton,” Oct. 16, 2001 

Greene, Marilyn PI – New York State (active 1970s – 1980s)

Description of her book, Finder: True Story Of A Private Detective (1988): “In relating the story of how Greene came to make a career of searching for missing persons, the authors also provide commentary on the media hysteria that has evolved from a seemingly national paranoia over abducted children. They maintain that most often missing young persons are like Greene's own son at one time, runaways who "want us to find them and bring them home." Chronicled are cases that have taken Greene all over the country, noting successes in finding runaway minors, children spirited away by a parent or relative and missing adults who regret disappearing, cases often given low priority by police. A divorced mother of two with family problems, Greene surmounted prejudices against her to gain recognition in the male-dominated world of the private investigator. Altruism and perseverance are ingredients of her career tale. First serial to Redbook; film rights to Warner Brothers; author tour.” [Publishers Weekly]

Grevers, Theodore R. “Fatman” –  (active 1951- after 2005) – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Born ca 1931
“He handles divorce cases and ‘child-snatching’ – restoring youngsters of divorced parents to the one with custody. But he also gets people out of Mexican jails, smuggles jazz records and Bibles into Communist countries and runs an all-out effort to obtain more information about Americans in Soviet prison camps.” [Harry McCarthy, “Fatman Aids Yanks Lost in Soviet Jails,” Oakland Tribune, Feb. 20, 1977, p. 16W, photo]

IFRS, Inc. Investigation Services – (active 2000s)

“There are now several groups, primarily based in the US, that aid the non-custodial parent or relative in crossing state lines, leaving the country and concealing the children. In most cases, the aiding "underground" person or group has never been in contact with the custodial parent and have relied only on what the "kidnappers" have told them. It is rarely the truth. When a kidnapping or an abduction takes place, children are forced to adapt to the lifestyle of a fugitive; a process that may scar them permanently.” [website, 2006]

InterGOV International (also Lost Child & International Child Center) – Tracey Cetrone

            According to “Web Police” this was a bogus organization operated by Peter Hampton.

International Center for the Search and Recovery of Missing Children – Amy Samsal
            (listed 2005)

Listed by Committee for Missing Children
6146 Clark Centre Ave., Sarasota, FL 34238, Amy Samsol

International Child Abduction Information and Search Agency – (cited 1984)

                “It’s harder when parent-napped children go overseas,” AP, Oct. 1, 1984

International Child Rescue League – Paul Marinkovich & John LeBeau – Simi Valley,
            California (founded 1998)

Phillip W. Browne, “Activist says government is trying to silence him - Speaking Out: Critic of international child abduction to file formal complaint,”  Ventura County Star (Ventura, Ca), Oct. 22, 1998

International Program Group – (cited 1992-currently active in 2006)

17210 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA. 92647
                “IPG is a leading specialist in international business risk resolution and security training. We provide creative, sophisticated and highly effective methods to identify and mitigate extraordinary risks in difficult or hostile environments. Since IPG's beginnings in 1983, our clients have included Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and private individuals. IPG has a worldwide reputation for providing discreet, responsive, and cost effective services.” 
Maidi case: “Maidi then borrowed money from her parents to hire the International Program Group, a team of former CIA and FBI agents, who abducted the children and brought them back in April 1992. Abdelhamid Maidi returned to the United States in November 1992 to reestablish contact with his children and face charges in Dakota County District Court.”  [John McIntyre, “Man must reimburse ex-wife for the return of their two children: Court affirms $147,000 payment,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minn.), Sep. 15, 1995, p. 5-B]
Miller, Jeff – Former Sergent US Army Special Forces; Maidi case, Algeria [Kim Christiansen art., Orange County Register (Ca.), Jun. 1, 1992]
See: Tort section

Kidnap Finders Inc. – Los Angeles (founded 1967)

Founders: Joseph Sampson, Investigator; Caryl Warner, Attorney, Los Angeles.  The article desribing the organization treats PK as a phenomenon perpetuatred solely by fathers.
                Robert J. Allan, “Child Stealing Laws Full of Discrepancies: Experts Tackling Issue of Custody Muddles,” Los Angeles Times, Jun. 18, 1967, p. K-1

*Kidhunters & Associates: see Llobera & Assoc.

Kroll, The Risk Consulting Company – (cited 2001)

International Kidnapping Case: In August 2001, Cornelia Streeter called Kroll seeking help in finding her ex-husband, Anwar Wissa Jr., who had kidnapped their children and fled to Egypt. This began a two-year chase as Kroll’s investigators tracked Wissa from Egypt to Spain to Panama, and finally, to Cuba. Through Kroll’s on-the-ground intelligence and connections with the Mexican government, Cuban authorities detained Wissa in June 2003 and the children were at last reunited with their mother. (2001-2003)

Llobera & Associates – The Hague, Netherlands (active 1992-2005)

“Recovery of internationally abducted children. It is our job to bring them back to you.” “Our associates conducted several successful international parental child recoveries from Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Philippines, the People's Republic of China, Ecuador, Nigeria, Camaroon, Bangladesh, the United States and Greece from 1992-2005”

Locators International, Inc. – Florida (cited 1983)

            Harney Morse
            Ref.: Strickland, Margaret, How to Deal with a Parental Kidnapping, 1983, p. 20
                                Address in 1983: 1470 Greene St., Winter Park, Florida, 32789

LostSearch – Houston, David Chandler – (cited 1988)

                Ref. Ward (1988), p. 123

LPI Services – Tacoma, Washington (listed 2006)

“Bonded/insured;  Specialize in criminal, civil and personal investigations. Experience in child abduction, missing persons, background investigation, still & video surveilance, process server, child custody, unfaithful spouse, interviews & statements, debugging.”
                Lpi Services, 2421 So. Union Ave. #188, Tacoma, Wa  98405; Office: (253)761-2574

Maxwell, Colin – Canada (active 1980s)

Active 1980s; see book, Child Finder: Canada’s #1 Finder of Missing Children, 1989 (“Adult Non-Fiction” section above).
                Pauline Johnson, “Dashing Detective Tracks Missing Children,” Toronto Star, Sep. 2, 1986, p. N-12
Don Dutton, “Overjoyed Mother Reunited With Son Missing Since Abduction 3 Weeks Ago,” Toronto Star, May 20, 1987, p. A-29 [Darla Hughes (LB), Trevor (11), Al (K)]

Miller, Jeff – International Program Group (cited 1992)

Former Sergent US Army Special Forces; Maidi case, Algeria
Kim Christiansen art., Orange County Register (Ca.), Jun. 1, 1992,

Missing Child Information Center, Burbank, California – Doc Schloegel (fraudulent)     

                Organization statement: MCIC is a non-profit (501c3) organization and our mission is to locate
                and return missing, abducted and runaway children as well as children involved in cults. MCIC is               
                a network of volunteer agents and investigators.   Founded by Albert "Doc" Schloegel, MCIC is an            investigation, intelligence, research and rescue organization. Although MCIC is a small             organization and run primarily by "Doc" Schloegel, MCIC is constantly developing its global
                network of volunteers and has maintained a steady success record of returned children both    nationwide and internationally.   Doc has extensive experience as an investigator, intelligence
                agent and as a senior officer in specialized military service. Since 1980 he has conducted            numerous missing and abducted child returns, both in and outside of the United States as well as
                return from cults. “

                                Scholegel as fraud: reported in June 2003 by P.O.W. Network, “Heroes or Villains?”
                                Names: Schloegel, Albert Joseph, aka, Schloegel Albert "Doc", aka Sehloegel, Albert J.
                                Claims: 1) POW in Vietnam; 2) in "intelligence"; 3) Was recently in Israel advising              Sharon, had been in Afghanistan, now in Iraq!; 4) Senior Intel Officer; 5) Lt General; 6) Combat             Medic; 7) Special Forces; 8) Green Beret; 9) 5 tours of duty; 10) SOC/Black Ops; 11) Psy Ops;     12) Extraction Officer; 13) Bronze, Silver, Purple Heart, Medal of Honor among others; 14)  April                 1975 in Saigon, he assisted those scrambling into the final helicopter that departed from the roof      of the American Embassy to safety. He was adamant that all those news video clips are of him. He      was left behind and got out later.; 15) He was in Indonesia in-charge of all operations during the                quelling of the uprising in 1999 and   was so impressive that President Clinton personally called        and spoke with  him in the presence of the Ambassador at the US  Embassy, Jakarta 16)  On 9/11              2001 Albert was OK but trapped in the Pentagon rubble.
                                Actual:  1) Served Dec 30 68 to March 5 69; 2) 1999 Albert admitted himself to the                psychiatric ward at the VA Medical Center, Long Beach under an assumed name; 3) Albert has a      criminal record - is a twice convicted felon. Impersonating a police officer is one of the              convictions.         
                                Other Listings of fraud: 
                1)  Phonies: Phenomenal Lie:
                2) Combat Lie:              568/+Albert+Schloegel %27&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
                3) Combat Lie:
                4) Combat Lie:
       UTF-                8& num=7

                        Doc Shloegel’s profile seems to be close to that of  fraudulent child finder “Derek                Smith,” “former Navy SEAL”) mentioned by Roush (p. 150).
                Schloegel spoke at the PARENT International Conference

Missing Children Investigation Center (same as Missing Child Information Center?) –
            (cited 2000)

Tara Budiman was conned into raising money for this fraudulent org. [Tom Meagher, “Endora
Woman Searches for Children,” Lawrence Journal-World (Kansas), Mar. 19, 2000, p. B-4]
MissingKIN – (website 2002)

Jerry Strahan, founder. Site contains list of “team members,” investigators.
                The MissingKIN Investigative Network is comprised of volunteers from active and retired Law Enforcement Personnel, Federal Agents, Licensed Private Investigators, and those from the information technology field, all who have demonstrated exceptional investigative skills, analytical abilities and experience in locating missing, runaway or abducted children and teens. 
                We will do our best to bring your child back home safely, whether your child is missing from home, a runaway, parental abduction or an internet related abduction case. We feel that all missing                 child cases are important.” Cross-listed in Active Missing Children Organizations

Morley & Trager (The International Divorce Law Office at Morley and Trager, Attorneys
            at Law, New York); Jeremy D. Morley (listed 2005)

                We handle international custody and abduction cases arising under the Hague Convention on the                Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.  There is an epidemic of child abduction by either                 a parent or close blood relative. The increase in marriages between bi-national couples, as well as         ease of air travel, demands of employment, broadening horizons and the fragility of personal                 relationships lead to an ever-increasing movement of children across international boundaries.         Over 200 child abduction cases a day are reported in America alone.  


*Morse,  Harney – see Locators International, Inc.

North American Consul for Justice – (founded 2001)

Pamphlet, f by Ralph Stumbo (LB, K = Jul. 27, 2001) [“Personal Woes lead to his effort to help other men,” AM Costa Rica, Jan. 7, 2002]

Pagoda Goup International – (listed 2004)

                “Parental Abduction: This appears to be a growing problem. Once the child has been traced, we
                can provide the re-united parent with options for obtaining custody again.”

Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team (PACRT) – Minnesota, Ed Wunsch (founded

The Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team is a non-profit corporation, organized and chartered under the laws of the State of Minnesota.  Initially formed in 2003, it was awarded its corporate status in 2004.  The organization was originally conceived by Ed Wunsch, who operates a private investigative agency.  After dealing with a number of parental abduction cases, Ed realized that there is no single agency to which distressed parents dealing with the trauma of having a child abducted could turn or information and assistance in the many aspects of such cases.  The Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team was organized to provide just such a set of resources.
                The Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team adopted the following Mission Statement which serves to guide its endeavors:
The Parental Abduction Child Recovery Team is dedicated to recovering minor children in cases of parental abduction and providing integrated services and support to parents.
                See also: Commercial Reports, Inc. (Ed Wunsch)
                Cross-listed in Active PK Organizations section


Ruben Rosario, “Advocates for Missing Kids Won’t Give Up,” St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minn.),       ec. 12, 2005, p. B-1
Mara H. Gottfried, “Group to Aid in Finding Children” St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minn.), Nov. 10,        2004, p. B-8

Parental Abduction Search Specialists (PASS) – Patrick Counahan, Patrick Pampano        Beach, Florida (Founded 1990)

“President of a private investigation firm licensed by the state of Florida since Jan. 1990. Previous Experience: 1969 - 1990 Law Enforcement Officer & Detective.”
                Patrick Counahan has spent twenty plus years in public service as a Law Enforcement Officer specializing in locating and recovering Parentally Abducted children. Today, he continues in that endeavor, free of the constraints of working in a governmental capacity.  In those situations where, experience counts, Mr. Counahan can proudly claim that his record includes one of the highest recovery rates (more than 81 percent) of any person in his field. Mr. Counahan has worked through out the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Europe.” Custody Specialists Ltd. – Alan R. Tomkins, Los Angeles (active 1970s – 1980s)

Pelliciano, Anthony – PI

Casmiri case: K = F, K = Sep. 1971; Roberta C (M-LB), Dewey (4), Kristin (3)
                [AP, “Two-Year Search Has Happy Ending: Mother, ‘Abducted’ Children Reunited,” Chronicle-Telegram (Elyria, Ohio), Jun. 20, 1973, p. B-3]

Popp, Jim – PI, Texas (Active: Mar. 1979-)

                MAD – 1 ½  years
    The child recovery business is booming: "There are thousands of them; they're coming out of the woodwork ," says Janette Demenkoff, a child location specialist. But few in the business claim a success rate to match that of Popp and his two partners: more than 1,200 children recovered in the last 4 1/2 years , a 100 percent success rate.” [Lona O’Connor, Commando AgainstKidnaps By Parents,” Detroit Free Press, Sep. 30, 1983, p. 1-B (VanFleet/Campbell case)]

Price, Richard & Associates – (website 2005)

“Throughout his 30+ year career, Richard Price has worked with national and international law enforcement agencies and judicial systems to effectively and legally recover and return over 100 children, finding them in every corner of the world.Price is a specialist and considered by most "the" expert in child recovery, unsolved homicides, missing persons, runaways, and reuniting lost loved ones.
                         Utilizing the latest techniques, equipment, computer, and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technologies available, Price & Associates can identify, track, interpret, and communicate information, providing our clients with accurate information and proven results, solutions, and reunions.”

Quevedo, Sandy – (active 1974)

Bernadette de Paulian case
Patricia de Luna, “Two-Year Trial Ends As Mother Finds Sons,” Press-Telegraph (Long Beach, Cal.), Mar. 19, 1974, p. B-8

Raleigh, John (b. 1939) – “Custody Vigilante” (active 1970s-1980s)

                Karl Rice (cv), Gary Rice (LB, b. 1943),  K = 1977, 2x  [ref. Gill, 1981, pp. 39-41]

Ralston, William “Bill” – (active 1970s) – Cuba, New York

Ralston is founder of United Parents of Absconded Children (founded 1974); As of Sep. 28, 1976, Ralston had conducted 15 counter-abduction operations. Ralston worked for free.
                Bill Ralston (C-A), recommended by Mean Gene Austin; case – Haskins, Arlie Wayne (LB), Eric (cv, 10, Shelly (cv, 8) ; C-A ; 1976  [“Courts not resolving custody battles: Divorced parents          abducting their own children,” PostCrescent (Appleton, Wisconsin), Sep. 28, 1976, p. C-6 (w. photo)]
                Bruce W. Most, “Parent Against Parent: The Child-Stealing Epidemic,” The Nation, May 7, 1977, p. 559
                “[Ralston] quit his job, spent $16,000 in cold cash and millions in heartbreak but has not seen the two blue eyed blond children in three years.” [Kay Bartlett, “Divorced Parents Abductimg Their Children,” syndicated, Post-Cresent (Appleton, Wi), Sep. 26, 1976, p. C-6]
Rapid Detective Agency – (cited 1984)

Ref. Ralph Blumenthal,“Groups Offering to Seek Missing Children Are Springing Up Across             Nation,” New York Times, May 25, 1984. p. A14

RecoverKid – Robert D. Jahnig (website 2005)

“Robert D. Jaehnig (pronounced YAY-nig) is an attorney with 26 years of experience in domestic relations enforcement. Recently retired as the domestic relations enforcement officer for a Michigan circuit court, he now practices exclusively in the area of interstate parental kidnaping recoveries.  
            The system which he has developed features safeguards for the children involved, the most direct and expeditious interstate recovery approach, and all of this at minimal cost.”

Rizzo, Ernest – PI (active 1970s)

“Rizzo has been hired to find a young foster child abandoned three years earlier and then recently abducted by his natural mother.” [Ken Vanderbeck, “Super sleuth goes it alone,” Daily Herald, Mar. 6, 1978, p. 1, 9]
                Lots of press in Chicago
                TV appearance

Rogovin, Mitchell – Lawyer, Special Counsel to the CIA

Successful recovery from Syria mentioned: ase mentioned Collen Piper (M-LB, Jasmine (6), others not nemed.
                Todd Lewan, article on Maureen Dabbaugh (various titles), AP (numerous newspapers), August 6-9, 2006

Rooney, Mannicci & Gardner, Attorneys, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – (cited 1999)

                Lawyers Frederick P. Rooney & Shay Gardner
                                Briggs, Kenneth A., “Seeking the Lost Lambs,” Moravian College Magazine,
                Spring/Summer 1999, cover & pp. 8-10

*Rutherford, Paul – see Worldwide Tracers

Schafferius, Keith – (nickname: “The Retriever”), International Detection Service,
            Detective/Retriever, Australia (active 1990s-present?)

Works closely with Logan Clarke; nickname id “Mr. Valium”; Cases include Hamilton & Norman
Bowles, 2001, Chapter 3 “The Retrievers,” pp. 39-48; Ch. 9: “The Million Dollar Baby – The                Phillipines,” 126-135.  See documentary, Missing – Presumed Alive, 1996, on this case       (Sven, Dolores, Marco)
Dibben, Kay, “The Man Who Kidnaps Kids,” Sunday Mail (Brisbaine, Australia), Mar. 12, 2000,      p. 64
Lawlor, Ali, “Parents Hire Drug Spies,” Herald Sun (Australia), Sep. 3 1998
Nolan, Justine & Catronia Mathewson, “Pawns in a Bitter Game,” Mar. 12, 2000, p. 64, Courier          Mail, Aug. 19, 2000, p. 30
Papps, Nick, “Mother seeks paramilitary help to get kids,” The Herald Sun Newspaper (Australia)   Oct. 5, 2002
ABC Brisbane (Australia), “Child retrieval detective Keith Schafferius”; Jul. 17, 2008

Short, James – PI, Houston (cited 1988)

                Free services for Find the Children; has located 50 chn since 1981 [Gerald Floyd, “Private Eye           Foots the Bill for Finding Children Abducted by their Parents,” Houston Chronicle, Aug. 23,         1988, p. 12

Sir Snu-P-Eye – Ronald R Greren (cited 1984)

Ref. Ralph Blumenthal,“Groups Offering to Seek Missing Children Are Springing Up Across             Nation,” New York Times, May 25, 1984. p. A14

Smits, Dr. Jacques – Specialist Criminologist & Child Tracker (cited 2002)

Guyana Chronicle, Jan. 25, 2002

Stenzel, Richard – Allied Systems Investigators (active 1980s-present)

“…head of California detective agency that specializes in recovering ‘parent-napped’ children.”   “It’s harder when parent-napped children go overseas,” AP The News (Frederick, Maryland), Oct. 1, 1984, B8
Money-back guarantee.  (Abrahms, 1983, p. 195)
                358 S. Main Street, Suite 101, Orange, CA 92868, Tel. 714-772-8887, Fax. 714-772-8611.
                                General investigations, Member: WAD
* Strategic Services Group – See Carter, Thomas, J.

Taylor Research & Investigations – Dallas (website 2005)

                Does not specialize in PK. Site reproduces press for one case.

*Tomkins – Alan R. – see Custody Specialists, Ltd.

Tracers Company of America – Dan Eisenberg (founded 1924)

“From 1924 to 1959, Tracers Company successfully handled about 200 technical kidnapping [PK] cases a year. Then in 1960 the total jumped to 1,000, a 500 percent increase over the previous average. The trend is still going up.” [“Ransomless Kidnapping: It’s the Child Who Suffers,” Independent Press Telegram (Long Beach, Cal.), Apr. 28, 1963, p. W-8]
Ref. Browning, Norma Lee, "Kidnapping Without Ransom: Its the Innocent Children Who  Suffer From This Crime, Spawned By Broken Homes," Chicago Tribune, Jan. 18, 1959, G-22

Tristar Investigations – Bruce Robertson – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu               (website 2005)

                Does not specialize in PK

Trojan Securities – Child Recovery Unit – Arkansas (cited 2002)

                Trojan’s webite had no mention of “Child Recovery Unit”:
                Cases: Stephen Mestalesz, Darren, Diane, Dick, Theo (b. Feb. 1997); Kavouklis/Livingstone case                                     (Australia/Greece)
                                Wayne Miller, “Custody Battle: How a Military-Sytle Raid Reunited Mother and Son,”       The Age (Melbourne, Australia), Oct. 3, 2002, p. 8

Uhlman, Kristine – Consultant on Middle Eastern International PK (active 1990s-present)

K = F      c = s (4), d (3)                        I (US/Saudi Arabia)             c:a
Jun. 1981

Ukayli/Uhlman case: Mustafa Ukayli (F-K’er), Hani (cv), Maisoon (cv), Jristine Uhlman (M-LB)
                                Case is narrated in Mahmoody, Betty & Arnold D. Dunchock, For the Love of a Child,       hardcover, Sept. 1992, St. Martin’s, x + 293 pp., 0312081944 (pp. 50-54)
                “The risk of abduction cannot be quantified, it can only be understood as a permanent act that cannot be undone. Abduction of a minor American child to the Middle East is a frequent occurrence; return of an abducted child, through the legal process, has never been achieved. If you are fearful for your children's safety or if your children have already been kidnapped to an Islamic country, we can network with other parents in the same situation. I am Kristine Uhlman.”  
                John Stebbins, “Mother in Saudi tangle yearns for ‘stolen’ kids,” Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 2,                                            1988, p. 2
                Jack Anderson, “Custody Battle Reaches Unfiriendly Saudi Arabian Courts,” Daily Intelligencer                                    (Doylestown, Pa.), Nov. 18, 1987, p. 18

Umhani – see Uhlman

Withers, Ian – (cited 1983)

            200 recoveries
                                [Sally Abrahms & Joseph N. Bell, Children in the Crossfire, 1983]

Worldwide Tracers – Paul Rutherford, Mansfield, Texas (founded 1980-present)

                Founded 1980 by Paul Rutherford
                CASE: Uptain, Stella (cv, 6 mo.); K = 1944: Judy Erickson, “A half-century later, father, daughter reunite,” Times Advocate
“Stints on most of the local TV shows, plus national shows like "Oprah", "48 Hours," and Sally Jesse Raphael's over the past five years or so have brought a lot of business through the door.” [“He Found His Niche Finding Missing Persons”]
                Ryan, Randolph, “Custody Winm is Little Consolation: Woman’s Kidnapping of Son, 5, Has                                             Father on Mission of Love,” Boston Globe, Sep. 3, 1994, p. 21
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*Wunsch Ed – see Commercial Reports, Inc., & Parental Abduction Child Recovery          Team (PACRT)

Zamora & Associates – Gus Zamora  – Augusta, Georgia (active 1990s-present)

Associated with PARENT International, KUKO Australia
A long article including discussion of Zamora’s counter-abductions, Marc Chase, “Police Didn’t Track Missing Children,” The Times of Northwest Indiana, posted on Writing Matters, Mar. 21, 2005      
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Organization Name Unknown – (cited 1977)

“One men’s rights organization participates even more directly in marital disputes: on occasion it flies members across state lines to “kidnap” their own children. ‘Don’t call it “child snatching,” call it “child rescue” says the pilot involved in the operations.
                “When a father has a valid custody order from our state and the mother flees in a jurisdiction which doesn’t recognize that order, we fly the father in to get his child. We don’t like to do it but the courts are no help.”  [Daniel Molinoff, “Men’s Rights Groups Fight to Change Divorce Laws,” Parade Magazine (syndicated), Lincoln Star (Nebr), Apr. 1, 1977, Mag. 14]