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Nagyrev links

• Posts on INDIVIDUAL SERIAL KILLERS in the 1929 Tisza Valley (Nagyrev) case •

Christine Chordas (3 murders) executed
Julia Dari (3 murders)
Julia Fazekas (scores of murders) suicide
Juliana Foeldvary (3 murders)
Maria Kardos (Aszendi; Szendi; Kardos-Szendi) (3 murders) executed
Julianne Lipka (scores of murders)
Suzi Olah (scores of murders) suicide
Mrs. Louis Oser (3 murders)
Frau Palinka (7 murders)
Julia Sijj (7 murders)
Esther Szabo (multiple murders, including 2 family members) executed
Maria Varga (3 murders)


1929: HUNGARY – Nagyrév (in Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok county), Tisza Valley (Tiszazug)
Leaders: Júlia Fazekas (murdered 2 of her own husbands), Balint Chordas (“Czordas”), and Susi Oláh (murdered 2 of her own husbands)
Method: arsenic extracted from fly-paper; rat poison containing arsenic, toadstools
Number of victims: estimates vary from 30 to 100
12 serial killers: Christine Chordas (3 murders), Julia Dari (3 murders), Julia Fazekas (scores of murders), Juliana Foeldvary (3 murders), Maria Kardos (3 murders), Julianne Lipka (scores of murders), Suzi Olah (scores of murders), Mrs. Louis Oser (3 murders), Frau Palinka (7 murders), Julia Sijj (7 murders), Esther Szabo (multiple murders, including 2 family members), Maria Varga (3 murders)

Julia Dari
Balint Chordas
Júlia Fazekas
Juliana Foeldvary
Maria Kardos (Aszendi; Szendi; Kardos-Szendi)
Julianne Lipka
Suzi Oláh
Mrs. Louis Oser
Frau Palinka
Esther Szabo
Maria Aszendi
Maria Varga
Julia Sijj

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New Book on Female Serial Killers – LADY KILLERS, by Tori Telfer

Unknown History of Misandry is pleased to announce that a diligent researcher/author and reader of our modest website has produced a series of columns based in part on cases which for the first time have been included in a female serial killer collection and now, in October 2017 has collected them in a book published by Harper-Collins.

The book, Lady Killers, includes these important cases which UhoM has brought to public attention as examples of Female Serial Killers: Lizzie Halliday, Elizabeth Ridgway, Oum-el-Hassen (“Moulay Hassen”), Alice Kyteler.

Tori Telfer has made an intelligent, if small, collection of 14 cases, dating from the fourteenth century to the twentieth. In addition to US and British cases there are Female Serial Killers from Egypt, France, Hungary, Morocco, Russia. It is regrettable, however, that among the numerous Eastern European Female Serial Killer rings of the mid-1800s through the mid-1900s, Tefler selected the only one that is well-known while dozens of like cases, equally interesting cases (from Hungary and surrounding regions) could have been related in its place.

Here is the list of Lady Killers with links to the posts on the same cases on UHoM. We’d like to point out that the Elizabeth Ridgway [old spelling] case is one of UhoM’s more important discoveries of a forgotten early Female Serial Killer case.

PS: And its extremely well-written.


Here I humbly offer my suggestions of 14 amazing Female Serial Killer cases for a Volume 2 of Lady Killers.

1808 – Catherine Bouhours ("Auguste Manette") – Paris, France – Young Parisienne Catherine Bouhours got jilted. She developed a hatred of men and, disguised as a man (“Auguste Manette”), lured and murdered several members of the despised sex, employing a small hammer as her weapon. She also murdered some women, a total of “eighteen or twenty killings” were attributed to her. An elaborate effort was made by the police to trap her, and, following her conviction, she was guillotined at the age of 25.

1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico City, Mexico – Sexually tortured and murdered 3 orphan girls. Her son’s participation was not clear, but he was at least a passive participant.

1906 – Mary Maher – Dunkitt, County Kilkenny, Ireland – age 11 – During a three-month period, Mary Maher murdered three sisters (aged 1, 3, 4 ½), attempted to murder another sister, aged 8, and then, a week later, committed suicide. It seems that little Mary had been interested in getting a job as a nurse girl so she could exercise her homicidal obsession on little victims further afield.

1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France – got her kicks from strangling children, including her own. She was defended by France's greatest "experts" and acquitted of murder twice, allowing her to continue her passion for strangling children to death. She murdered ten children and two were rescued from her attempts.

1926 – Maria Vukitch – Velika, Kikinda, Serbia ("Jugoslavia") – Maria Vukitch poisoned her husbands for their property and gathered about her other women who wished to go into the widowhood business. She disguised her husband-poisoning club as a Bible study group.

1950 – Georgia Tann – Memphis, Tennessee, USA – pedophile pervert who kidnapped and sold babies, murdering an enormous number (unsalebable merchandise). Tann's accomplice in child trafficking, a nationally famous "child welfare expert" and Memphis Juvenile Court judge, Camille Kelly, was equally evil.

1963 – Magdalena Solis – Villagran, Mexico – “The High Priestess of Blood” – “Magdalena Solis also known as the High Priestess of Blood, was a serial killer, a member of a cult in Mexico that was responsible for orchestrating several murders, and participated in drinking the blood of the victims. She was convicted of 8 murders and sentenced to 320 years in prison. Santos and Cayetano Hernandez recruited Magdalena Solis and her brother Eleazor to pose as mystical gods so their gang could exhort money and sex from their followers. Early in 1963, the Hernandez brothers convinced the remote village of Yerba Buena that the Inca gods of the mountain were willing to give them fabulous wealth in exchange for their undivided loyalty and sexual favors. The men and women of the village became sexual toys for the brothers in the hopes of bringing good fortune to the village.” [Wikipedia, excerpt]

2009 – Kanae Kijima – Tokyo, Japan – She used Japan's first matchmaking site to lure older men seeking a wife. she murdered and stole large sums of money from seven men. During her trial she attracted a following of "Kanae Girls" who admired her technique and attitude.

2003 – Jaroslava Fabianova – Decin, Czech Republic – The "Czech Ailen Wuornos." A thieving lesbian prostitute who was convicted of murdering men with a hammer and a meat cleaver multiple times, only to be paroled twice, both times during which she committed a brutal murder.

2000 – Credonia Mwerinde – Kunungu, Uganda – cult leader suspected of murdering three of her brothers and confirmed as the instigator of the arson mass murder of over 700 cult members.

2013 – Joanna Dennehy – Bifield, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England – This 31-year-old Englishwoman told her friend, “I want my fun. I need you to get my fun.” This fun consisted of finding a male stranger to stab in the heart. Ms. Dennehy was able to, over a period of several weeks, to engage in this form of amusement on five occasions, resulting in three deaths.

2015 – Elena Lobacheva – Moscow, Russia – 25-year old sexual sadist, with her 20-year-old male accomplice, whose alternative sexuality preference involved stabbing 12 men (up to 107 times), all strangers, randomly selected, to death, and photographing them “with their stomachs cut open.” She was inspired by the movie “Bride of Chucky,” and has a tattoo of the character on her arm. Quote: “Randomly stabbing the body of a dying human brought me pleasure comparable to sexual pleasure.

2015 – Tamara Samsonova – St. Petersburg, Russia – The “Granny Ripper,” arrested July 27, 2015, kept a diary of her deeds. She is suspected of up to 14 murders, all of them involving dismemberment of the victims’ bodies, the parts of which were distributed throughout St. Petersburg. The final victim was dismembered while still alive. Internal organs were removed from bodies and it is suspected Samsonova may have eaten these parts, particularly lungs. The investigation continues.

2016 – Juana, “La Peque Sicaria” – Baja California, Mexico – Juana, a 28-year-old executioner for Los Zetas in Tamaulipas cartel. She was in charge of multiple decapitations and confessed to be excited by blood, using it – and, apparently, severed body parts – as a sexual stimulant.


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