Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Individual Rights vs. Global Governance, the REAL Battle for MRAs

Everything you are fighting against is the result of top-down social engineering agendas. The source is not specifically those control-freak sociopaths who fight for female privilege and utopian Marxist (or Neo-con, which is not fundamentally different) totalitarianism. The source is the enormous and quickly growing globalist bureaucracy whose agenda – promoted with all sorts of happy-face rhetoric – that will completely eradicate the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, based on unalienable natural rights, and replace these with alienable, revocable, merely provisional, rights of the ultimate Trojan Horse, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which, under Article 29, subsection c, can be eliminated when they are in conflict with the decisions or desires of the unelected bureaucrats of the United Nations.

The abridgment of your rights as you experience it today is only the beginning of the road to serfdom. Action is required but education precedes action.

Here is a website & a video that will introduce you to the rapidly encroaching agenda that will further strip you of your rights:

In our fight to restore our individual rights—and to reverse the further erosion under way – these two books are indispensible:

Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (revised & abridged edition) by Charlene Iserbyt

The anti-father agenda is but one portion of the anti-family agenda. Totalitarianism cannot work unless the government controls the upbring (the minds) of our children.