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Violence by Women: Images


Images with links to the news articles they illustrate.

(This effort is still in progress: a number of accompanying articles are yet to be posted.)


1829 – Patty Cannon – Johnson’s Corners, Maryland (serial killer)


1845 – Polly Bodine –Staten Island, New York 


1867 – “Philadelphia Mother” – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


1880 – Ellen Athey – New Philadelphia, Ohio


1882 – Margaret Seguin – New York, New York


1883 – Betsy Jones – Abbeville, South Carolina


1889 – Daniel McCarty (victim) – New Haven, Connecticut


1892 – “Dunneville Filicidal Mother“ – Dunneville, Kentucky


1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico City, Mexico (serial killer)


1893 – Nellie Spreel – Buffalo, New York


1896 – Kitty O’Neill – New York, New York


1899 - “Indianapolis mother –  Indianapolis, Indiana


1906 – Lizzie Halliday – Burlingham, New York (serial killer)


1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France (serial killer)



1915 – Evelina Steele – Muskegon, Wisconsin


1922 – Mrs. Arnold Holt – Russell Springs, Kentucky


The Murder of Cecilia Reil: Violence by Women Against Women in Philadelphia - 1951

The patriarchy works in mysterious ways.


FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Philadelphia , Sep. 14 – Fifteen-year-old Cecilia Reil was stabbed to death on a mid-city street today by one of three smartly dressed women who fled in a taxicab.

Miss Reil, a high school sophomore, was stabbed at least six times in the chest and back as she chatted with Paul Schmal, 22, a senior and friend.

~ Dope Addict Suspected. ~

Safety director Samuel H. Rosenberg ordered police to hunt for questioning a 23-year-old woman arrested several times on charges of being a dope addict.

Police quoted Schmal, a bus boy at a hotel as giving this account  of the fatal attack:

Cecilia was sitting on the front steps outside the house where she lived in a third-floor apartment. Schmal came along and talked with her a while and then the two walked up the street, stopping under the canopy of a hotel. Another girl – friend of Cecilia – met them but Schmal didn’t hear her name.

As they talked, three women came along and the two girls. They passed, but shortly after turned and came back and pounced on Cecilia. One of the assailant’s companions said:

“That girl (Cecilia) called this girl (pointing at the killer) a bum.”

“No, she didn’t,” Schmal contradicted. “I was right here and she didn’t say a thing.”

After the attack the slayer, followed by her two companions, earn to the corner and entered a cab. Schmal tried to stop the cab but he was unsuccessful.

In Pennsylvania Hospital Cecilia’s mother, a waitress at a nearby tap room, arrived shortly before the girl died. Cecilia regained consciousness to say:

“Oh, mother, mother, kiss me! I didn’t know these girls. Why did this have to happen?”

[Woman Stabs Girl to Death on Street – 3 Smartly Gowned Attackers Sought in Philadelphia,” (AP), Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pa.), Sep. 15, 1951, p. 2]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): Philadelphia – A 15-year-old girl talking with a friend on the doorstep of her home early yesterday, was attacked and stabbed to death by a young woman in a black dress whom she did not know, Detective Sgt. Robert Wentz reported.

The victim, Cecilia Reil, was knifed six times in the chest and back. Her attacker fled in a taxi cab with two girl companions.

Wentz said Paul Schmal, 22, a hotel bus boy who was chatting with Miss Reil when she was attacked, gave this account of the slaying:

Schmal was talking to Cecilia and another girl, who was not  otherwise identified, when three young women approached. All wore dressy clothing as though they had been at a dance or a party.

Suddenly, the shortest of the three woman rushed toward Cecilia.

Then, Schmal said, he saw “something flash,” in the glare of the street lights. To Schmal “it looked like she was plunging it again into Cecilia.”

The girl died within an hour.

[“’Mystery’ Woman Slays Girl, 16,” (AP), St. Petersburg Times (Pa.), Sep. 15, 1951, p. 2]


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Woman Tries To Stab A Policeman With A Hat Pin: Kitty O’Neill - 1896

Government schools teach our children that females are by nature  not aggressive and that they never initiate violence (and when they do, females are excused under ” so-called “diagnoses of supposed “mental illness.”) These schools are practicing intellectual fraud.


FULL TEXT: Policeman Hunt’s grip upon her wrist prevented Kitty O’Neill yesterday in Jefferson Market Court from jamming a long. Steel hairpin into the neck of Policeman Benning.

Kitty, who gives her address as No. 345 West Sixteenth street, was found in West Thirty-second street Monday night very drunk. Benning attempted to arrest her, and there was trouble. She is a large woman and attacked Benning viciously, tore his uniform, scratched his face, bit his hands, and it required the aid of two other policemen to take her to the station.

She wore few clothes when arraigned yesterday. Magistrate Crane fined her $5. She had no money, and was being led away when she whipped out a hairpin and, running back to the bridge, struck at Benning’s neck.

She was carried to a cell swearing in a horrible manner.

[“Woman Tries To Stab A Policeman With A Hat Pin.” The World (New York, N.Y.), Sep. 23, 1896, p. 8]


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Occult Female Serial Killers

1679 – Marie Bosse – Paris, France – Magic 
1679 – Catherine DeshayesParis, France – Magic 
1679 – LavigoreauxParis, France – Magic 
1679 – Catherine Trianon – Paris, France
1809 – Mary Bateman – Leeds, England – Magic, Fortune Telling 
1873 Kate Bender – Cherry Vale, Kansas – Spiritualism
1883 – “Kakoorgachi Serial Murderess” – Calcutta, India – Hindu superstition
1885 – Rachel Ostrovoskafa – Odessa, Ukraine – Child sacrifice cult (Nazarene sect)  
1887 – Frau Romanyi – Csoka, Serbia – Child sacrifice cult (Nazarene sect)
1895 Gaetana Stimoli Adeno, Catania, Sicily
1903 – Elisabeth Wiese – Hamburg, Germany
1910 – Esteis Liberis – Barahona, Haiti – Voodoo
1911 – Clementine Barnabet – Lafayette, Louisiana Voodoo-related cult
1912 – Louisa Lindloff – Chicago, Illinois – Seeress
1912 Enriqueta Martí – Barcelona, Spain – Magic
1912 – Frieda Trost – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Spiritualism
1924 – Anastasia Permiakova – Perm, Russia – Gipsy clairvoyant
1928 – Anujka de Poshtonja – Panchova, Banat district, Serbia – “Magic love potions”; “witch”
1927 – Tamara – Athens, Greece – Human sacrifice cult
1932 – Anna Allas, Mary Chalfa & Gizella Young – Munhall, Pennsylvania – Witchcraft
1935 – Julianna Nagy – Debreczen, Hungary – Fortune teller
1936 – Tiza Lublinitsch (Lublimech) – Novi Pazar (Navibazar), Serbia
1939 – Philadelphia “Arsenic Incorporated” – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Voodoo
1941 – Leonarda Cianciulli – Correggio, Reggio Emilia, Italy
1944 – Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda – Panzacola, Tehuantepec Dist, Oaxaca, Mexico
1950 – Mariam Soulakiotis – Keratea, Greece – Calendrist sect 
1958 – Anjette Donovan Lyles – Macon, Georgia Voodoo 
1963 – Magdalena Solis – Villagran, Mexico – Bogus human sacrifice cult 
1980 – Robin Murphy –Fall River, Massachusetts, USA 
1983 – Suzan Barnes Carson – San Francisco, California – Idiosyncratic pseudo-Muslim cult 
1989 – Sara Maria Aldrete – Matamoros, Mexico – Human sacrifice cult 
1989 – Maria Teresa Quintana – Mexico – Palo Mayombe cult 
1989 Geraldine Parrish – Baltimore, Maryland – Voodoo 
1995 – Filita Mashilipa – Zambia – Witchcraft, cannibalistic human sacrifice 
1995 Sachiko Eto Sukagawa, Japan – Cult exorcism 
1998 – María Concepción Ladino Gutiérrez – Bogota, Colombia 
1998 – Alma Cleotilde Grand Perez – Tegucigalpa, Honduras  
1999 – "Kwazulu-Natal S. Africa Serial Killer" – Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 
2000 – Priscilla Souza Ferreira Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil – Sorcery, child sacrifice (suspected multiple)  
2000 – Dawn Susann Godman – Martinez, California, USA – Children of Thunder cult (5 victims, 2 events) 
2000 – Credonia Mwerinde – Kunungu, Uganda – Cult leader
2001 – Jummai Hassan – Maiduguri, Nigeria – Witchcraft, human sacrifice 
2001 – Brookey Lee West – Las Vegas, Nevada – Satanism, witchcraft 
2002 – Josephine Gray – Baltimore, Maryland – Voodoo  
2003 – Valentina de Andrade – Altamina, Brazil – Superior Universal Alignment (UFO cult) 
2010 – Elizabeth Wambui – Kiambu, Kenya – serial killing, blood-drinking cult
2012 – Silvia Meraz – Nacozari, Mexico – Human sacrifice cult 
2012 – Isabel Cristina Pires da Silviera & Bruna Oliveira da Silviera – Garanhuns, Brazil – Cannibalistic depopulation cult 
2018 – Mariam Abiola – Ilasamaja, Lagos, Nigeria 
2020 Lori Vallow Daybell Rexburg, Idaho, USA (& Arizona) – "doomsday cult"




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Barbara Wilkinson, Australian Serial Baby-Killer Mom - 1969

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 3): Gosford, Tuesday. — Gosford Petty Sessions was told today that a woman admitted having killed her six new-born babies and disposed of their bodies between 1961 and 1968 without the knowledge of her husband.

 Before the court was Barbara Wilkinson, 29, formerly of Central Man grove, who was charged with having murdered the babies at Wahroonga, Brooklyn, Enfield and Central Mangrove.

She was charged also with having wilfully concealed the birth of the babies by disposing of their bodies.

Detective-Sergeant William Thomas Holmes, of Gosford, said Wilkinson had admitted having had six babies and killed them all.

She had told him her husband knew she was pregnant twice, but on the other occasions she had told him she had fluid on the stomach and be had believed her.

Wilkinson had shown police the shallow graves of three babies at Central Man grove, and had indicated others at Brooklyn and Gunderman.

Holmes tendered a record of interview in which Wilkinson admitted killing and burying six babies between October, 1961, and November, 1968.

The record said she had first become pregnant while working at the Home of Peace Hospital, Wahroonga. She had given birth to a baby in the hospital bath room on October 31, 1961, her fiance’s 21st birthday.

She had had a miscarriage in 1965.

The hearing was adjourned till tomorrow.

[“Six Dead Babies - Mother said to have confessed ,” The Canberra Times (Australia), Apr. 30, 1969, p. 3]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 3): Sydney, Tuesday. — A 29-year-old woman had murdered six children to which she had given birth in seven years, a Crown prosecutor alleged in the Central Criminal Court today.

The deputy Senior Crown Prosecutor, Mr L. G. Tanner, said this in his opening address at the trial of Mrs Barbara Wilkinson, of Wiseman’s Ferry Road, Central Mangrove.

Mrs Wilkinson pleaded not guilty before Mr Justice Collins and an all-male jury to six charges of murdering her six newborn children.

She is charged with having murdered the babies at Wahroonga, in October, 1961, at Brooklyn in March, 1963, Enfield in February, 1965, and at Central Mangrove in 1966, 1967 and November, 1968.

~ Details of births ~

Mr Tanner said that in 1961 Wilkinson had been keeping company with a man who later became her husband. She became pregnant.

In October that year she delivered her own child in the bathroom of the place at Wahroonga where she worked.

She had smothered the baby with a blanket and later had thrown it from a car. In March, 1963, Wilkinson had given birth to an other baby in a vacant allotment in Brooklyn, she smothered the child and buried it.

During February the next year she had smothered and buried another child. At Central Mangrove in 1966 she had smothered a new born baby and hid it under a sheet of galvanised iron in rough bush.

In 1967 Wilkinson had left the body of another baby in a bucket under a tree. On November 24, last year, she had given birth to another baby in bush at Central Mangrove. Mr Tanner said Wilkinson had tried to strangle it but hit it on the head with a rock after it started to cry.

~ Conclusions on death ~

Doctor Olaf McLure Spence of Paul Lane, Cosford, the area’s Government Medical Officer, told the court he had examined the partly decomposed body ol a male baby in a vacant allotment in Wiseman's Ferry Road.

He concluded that the baby had died from a blow on the back of the skull. The baby had died about five days earlier and signs of haemorrhage in the brain showed that its heart was probably beating after birth.

Dr Spence said he could not tell whether the baby’s lungs had ever expanded after birth. Cross-examined by the Senior Public Defender.

Mr H. F. Purnell, for Wilkinson, Dr Spence said the in jury on the back of the baby’s head could have been caused in several ways besides a blow with a rock. Mr Justice Collins adjourned the hearing until tomorrow.

[“Court told children killed,” The Canberra Times (Australia), Aug. 6, 1969, p. 11]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 3): Sydney, Monday. — A mother charged with the deaths of six newly-born babies was sentenced in Central Criminal Court today to five years’ gaol.

Barbara Wilkinson, 29, of Central Mangrove, near Gosford, appeared before Mr Justice Collins for sentence.

Last week a jury found her guilty of manslaughter, contributing to the death of the babies and concealment of birth. She was acquitted of six charges of having murdered her babies at birth.

The jury found she had concealed the birth of two, contributed to the death of three and was guilty of manslaughter of the sixth.

The Crown said Wilkinson gave birth to the babies between 1961 and 1967.

Mr Justice Collins said no defence of mental illness had been raised.

Wilkinson was sentenced to four years on each of three counts of contributing to the deaths, 12 months on each of two counts of concealment of birth and five years on one count of man slaughter.

Mr Justice Collins ordered that the sentences be served concurrently.

[“Mother gaoled over deaths,” The Canberra Times (Australia), Aug. 19, 1969, p. 10]






For more cases of this type, see Serial Baby-Killer Moms.


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Florence Langley, Predatory War Bride Scam Artist – England, 1916

FULL TEXT: London, June 16 – A strange story of an alleged bigamous marriage to an Australian soldier led to the appearance in the dock at Westminster yesterday of Florence Langley, 22, and her mother, Florence Sheldon, residing at Acton, the latter being charged with aiding and abetting her daughter in deception.

Mr. Rowe, for the Director of Public Prosecutions, said a soldier’s separation allowance was the apparent inducement to the younger prisoner to commit bigamy. The mother was present at her marriage with George Langley, a fruiterer of Richmond, in 1911, and Mrs. Sheldon knew that he was alive when she signed the register as a witness of the second marriage, last December, to Wm. Francis Smith, a private in the Australian Imperial Forces.

Langley gave evidence that the younger prisoner left him a few months after marriage, and the “second husband,” Smith, deposed that he made the girl’s acquaintance last October, she representing herself as Jennie Anderson, and single. He made her an allotment of his pay to the extent of 4 s [shillings] a day, and her mother signed the register at their wedding. After the marriage ceremony “his wife” told him that she had no love for him, and she could not keep true to him. She left him last month, and from what he heard he informed the police.

Detective-sergeant Gooding said the mother on arrest stated that her daughter declared to her that she was “a free woman.” “I thought the pair would go to Australia and make a new start,” was also a statement of the elder defendant.

Mr. Horace Smith committed both prisoners for trial.

[“Singular Bigamy Case.” Feilding Star (New Zealand), Jul, 28, 1916, p. 4]


For more cases of this type see: “War-Marriage Vampires”& “Allotment Annies"


Mary Brown, "Fake War Bride" with Three "Husbands" - 1921

FULL TEXT: Tucson, Feb. 4. -- Mary Brown, alias Kate Kearney, alias Sammillee Lee Connie, charged with federal officers with drawing government allotments from three "husbands," is to be removed to New Mexico, it was decided by United States Commissioner Edwin F. Jones, before whom the woman was arraigned.

Two government allotment checks made out to "Mary Brown," were cashed by the woman, it was testified by Ben Gordan, a store keeper of Columbus, N. M., who says he is personally acquainted with the negress, and cashed the checks for her.

The accused denies ever having cashed the checks in question.

[“Negress With Three "War Husbands" To Be Taken To New Mexico,” Mohave Daily Miner and Our Mineral Wealth (Kingman, Az.), Feb. 18, 1921, p. 3]


For more cases of this type see: “War-Marriage Vampires”& “Allotment Annies"


Doris June Shensky, Military Bride Bigamy Fraudster – Pennsylvania,1943

FULL TEXT: An attractive brunette admitted to Secret Service agents yesterday that she is married to two service men, one a soldier, the other a sailor – and has been drawing allotment checks from both of them.

The woman was booked by Federal authorities as Mrs. Doris June Shensky, 21, who was originally arrested for allegedly forging a check on the West Coast but who, with her admissions, faces still more trouble.


U. S. Commissioner Norman J. Griffin yesterday held her in $1500 bail for a further hearing next Tuesday on the forgery charge, but Federal agents indicated that her marital mix-up will, in all probability, produce additional charges.

Federal agents traced her across the country, believing that they were merely after a forger until Mrs. Shensky, who was arrested at the home of her mother, on Eastwick ave. near 87th st., signed a statement in which she disclosed her double marriage.

Her first husband, Arnold Sidney Shensky, is an Army private stationed at Woodbine, N. J.

The Shenskys, according to the woman’s admissions, were married in Wilmington, Del., and since last November she has received a monthly allotment of $50 from the Government.

Early this year, her statement continued, Mrs. Shensky met Seaman 1st class Russell E. Tracy, of Barre, Vt., while he was on a tour of duty in this city.


Tracy went to the West Coast, bombarded Mrs. Shensky with letters until finally she followed, her statement added. Finally, on April 24, last, they were married – apparently with Tracy in the dark about his wife’s previous marriage.

Federal agents said that while living in a rooming house in Los Angeles, Mrs. Shensky-Tracy “lifted” a check from the mail, forged the name of the owner and cashed it.

The check, for $170, had been sent by the Government to Mrs. Ida L. Coleman, wife of a Marine.

With the money, Federal agents said, Mrs. Shensky came back East and in the interim had received three allotment checks from Tracy.

Federal agents said that she freely admitted that she acquired husbands at faster than the legal pace and that she had been looking forward to a steady income of allotments until the law stepped in.

[“Army-Navy Bride Admits 2 Marriages,” The Philadelphia Inquirer (Pa.), Sep. 3, 1943, p. 1]



For more cases of this type see: “War-Marriage Vampires”& “Allotment Annies"