Monday, April 15, 2013

Linda Leh, Military Bride Con-Artist With 3 Husbands – Panama, 1957

FULL TEXT: “. . . SPEAK OF one that loved not wisely but too well.” (Act Five, Shakespeare’s Othello.)

FBI has issued a complaint charging a 19-year-old Panama City mother of two with intent to defraud the government. The complaint says Mrs. Linda Leh has been drawing government allotment checks from two of her three husbands. Charges are that Mrs. Leh married a civilian, and when he was sent overseas, married another Tyndall man. She drew allotment checks from the government for both husbands through January, FBI agents stated.

[Bob Brown, “News Notes,” Panama City News (Panama), Apr. 11, 1957, p. 1]


For more cases of this type see: “War-Marriage Vampires”& “Allotment Annies"


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