Friday, June 8, 2018

INSANE Female Serial Killers

Female serial killers who were found to be insane by the court. It will take a while to collate the complete list. Here’s a beginning.


1851 – Nancy Farrer – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
The Commercial Hospital and Lunatic Asylum of Ohio, Cincinnati

1857 – Polly Frisch (Hoag) – Alabama, New York, USA
State Lunatic Asylum, Utica, New York. Declared insane after incarceration at Sing Sing.

1875 – Augustine-Marie Ouvrard – Luché-Pringé, Sarthe, France
Bon Pasteur du Mans (Le Mans)

1890 – Julia Higbee – Meade County, Kentucky, USA.
Central Kentucky Lunatic Asylum, Lakeland, Kentucky (near Anchorage)

1893 – Lizzie Halliday – Burlingham, New York, USA.
Mattewan State Hospital, N. Y.

1896 – Celia Rose – Newville, Pleasant Valley, Ohio, USA
Toledo Asylum.

Unnamed British asylum.

1901 – Jane Toppan – Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Taunton Insane Hospital, Massachusetts

1903 – Caroline Finity – Wanakoneta, Ohio, USA
Toledo Asylum.

1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France
Asylum at Marville, France

1912 – Maria Reyes – Mexico City, Mexico
“Doctors determined she was insane and she spent the rest of her days locked up in an asylum” (possibly Manicomio la Castañeda).

1916 – Amy Archer-Gilligan – Windsor, Connecticut, USA
“In 1924, Archer-Gilligan was declared to be temporarily insane and was transferred to the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane in Middletown, where she remained until her death on April 23, 1962.”

1920 – Anna Tomaskiewicz – Northhampton, Massachusetts, USA
Committed to the Northampton State Hospital for the Insane for life.

1925 – Della Sorenson – Dannenborg, Nebraska, USA
State Hospital for the Insane, Norfolk, Nebraska.

1928 – Bertha Gifford – Catawissa, Missouri, USA
State Hospital, Farmington, Missouri.

1929 – Okel Gorham & Ethel Lewis – St. Joseph, Michigan, USA
Okel Gorham found insane.

1930 – Mary E. Hartman – Long Beach, California, USA
Patton State Hospital, San Bernardino, California.

1967 – Janie Lou GibbsCordele, Georgia, USA
“In February 1968 she was found to be insane and served time in Central State hospital, Milledgeville, Ga., until 1976. She was then convicted of poisoning the five male members of her immediate family and received five life sentences.”