Thursday, November 22, 2012

Don't Miss This Important Film - Resistance is Victory

The Men’s Rights Movement must always vigilantly and assertively resist authoritarian protocols of power. Statism and collectivism in all their forms, however they might be labeled, are the enemies of those who love liberty and are a slow-working yet ravaging poison to our sons and daughters. To see what our “social justice” future will be under the surveillance state that in the West is growing like a cancer, adding new ugly cells on a day by day basis – and of which feminist governance is merely a part (albeit a central and vicious part) – do please take a look at the 2007 movie: The Lives of Others.

This understated movie chillingly illustrates where we are being led by: the collection of personal data by the State, the undermining of the Bill of Rights, the sensitivity training, the melding of the soulless international corporations and the hypocritical governing bodies, the “zero tolerance” guilty-by-allegation regime of the family courts, the deliberate dumbing down and the prescription drug-peddling in government-controlled education centers, the unaccountability of bureaucrats (whether, power-lusting, or amoral, or Marxism-indoctrinated or merely greedy) and the class warfare and the race warfare mantras broadcast into the entertainment-addled minds of sheeple. Hell on earth.

Yet … Resistance is victory.

Never accept defeat!


LINK to The Lives of Others on Youtube (still active as of Nov. 22, 2912).


Here's another very important movie about where the "social justice" system takes us. It is not on Youtube. Movies about leftist oppression are rare. This one is indispensable.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fallacies About Female Serial Killers Continue to be Repeated

Fallacies about female serial killers continue to be repeated … endlessly – despite the availability of information which contradicts the orthodox misandric view of the prevalence and severity of female violence that is promoted by universities, government and popular culture. Here is a recent example of wildly inaccurate writing about the topic. The present example shows how entrenched the stereotype of female innocence really is – whether it be the result of male chivalry (stupidity) or Marxist feminism (deliberate fraud).

From George Dvorsky,” “How to get inside the mind of a serial killer,” published on line Oct 24, 2012, on the blog “i09”:

“Interestingly, female serial killers are exceptionally rare, and those who are often fall outside of most profiling schemas. Women tend to know their victims (who are almost always male), they murder them for material gain, and are often part of a serial killing team (typically with a man). Notorious examples include Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, and more recently, Terri-Lynne McClintic and Michael Rafferty (who were mercifully caught before they had a chance to kill more than once).”


The Contradictory Facts:

Female serial killers are not exceptionally rare in comparison to male serial killers. The fallacy is due to the simple fact that very little time has been devoted to the study of female criminology. This is of course compounded by the dominance of cultural misandry. Recent research has come up with a list of over 800 cases. Female serial killer methods and motives are generally different from males, making the crimes much harder to identify, thus we can be sure that female serial killers have existed in numbers many, many times greater than can be represented by historical records.

Female serial killers are usually not part of a couple, duo or gang.

Female serial killers’ victims are not “almost always male.” Some of the most prolific of them murdered females exclusively. SEE: “Female Serial Killers Who Liked to Murder Women

It is true, however that female serial killers usually know their victims. Yet there are a number of cases where female serial killers have stalked and murdered female victims unknown to them, resulting in large numbers of victims.

While a great number of female serial killers do extract money and property from their acts of murder on men, women, boys, girls and babies, the desire for godlike power and the sadistic pleasure of watching their victims suffer (most poisonings are exceedingly painful deaths of fairly extended duration) is present. The fact is that throughout history there have been very great numbers of female criminals who have found non-lethal means to defraud, scam, cheat and rob victims. For example, "alimony racketeering" and the "Heart Balm Racket" are just as profitable as insurance fraud as practiced by Black Widow Serial Killers. It is fallacious to assume that financial gain overrides other motives such as sadism, the lust for power, the perverse joy of deception.

► Female serial killers only “fall outside of most profiling schemas” when you are looking at the schemas designed specifically to profile the male serial killer. Male serial killer profiles are more useful to law enforcement professionals than those that identify female serial killers for the simple reason that female serial killers seldom leave a string of corpses of obvious homicide victims in their wake. Female serial killers generally prefer to leave a string of  phony “natural deaths” in their wake. It is rare for there to be a “hunt” for an active female serial killer since nobody even knows the victims were murdered until the murderess is later identified due to a usually final murder that attracts attention. The female repeat murderer is more determined to escape detection than her male counterpart.

By Robert St. Estephe, Nov. 19, 2012, The Unknown History of MISANDRY


This is what a serial; killer looks like.