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Concerns – “The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study” & Understanding Child Abuse

Concerns – “The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study” & Understanding Child Abuse


Popular press reports of the findings of the NLLFS (National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study) in 2010 stated:

• “Families headed by two lesbian women had a zero-percent rate of child abuse.”

  “The researchers, who interviewed a group of 17-year-olds, suspected that such family situations were more peaceful because no male tempers are involved.”

The validity of the study has been challenged on the scientific quality of its method.

Following is a sample of case histories of lesbian involved child abuse. This collection of cases may be useful to researchers who wish to look deeper into the questions raised by this controversial study.

The study is important for the reason that it was designed to give a foundation for public policy. The study’s authors not that their project and its claims have “implications for healthcare professionals, policymakers, social service agencies, and child protection experts who seek family models in which violence does not occur.” Thus it is necessary to look into the question of whether the family model studied is in actuality a family model “in which violence does not occur.”

Governmental social engineering initiatives based on faulty premises – often as the result of inaccurate “advocacy” scholarship often makes the problems it claims to address worse than before government intervened for the sake of “progress.”

This post does not make an effort to promote any conclusion, but rather seeks to promote further research and to assist in avoiding superficial interpretations and unjustified or misleading claims that frequently appear in the press. In particular the stated notion (a postulated conclusion from the study) that “male tempers” are more likely to result in physical abuse than “female tempers” deserves serious detailed exploration.


NO “MALE TEMPERS” INVOLVED – A selection of (18) cases of child abuse perpetrated in lesbian households:

1961 – Jeannace Freeman & Gertrude May (Nunez) Jackson – Jeannace dominated Gertrude Jackson, and used to fly into a rage if rage wanted to make love to her and the [Jackson] came in. On the morning of 10th May [1961], they had driven to the cliff above Crooked River Cayon. Jeannace told Mrs. Jackson to take a walk. Then she strangled the boy Larry, [beat him with a tire iron], undressed him, and mutilated his genitals – possibly to make it look like sexual assault. Mrs. Jackson came back, and helped Jeannace to undress her four-year-old daughter. They then mutilated her genitals, and tossed her, still alive, off the cliff. The prosecutor asked Mrs. Jackson, “Didn’t you feel anything?” “No, I didn’t feel anything.” After both children had been thrown over, Mrs. Jackson pointed to some blood on Jeannace’s hand; Jeannace said “Yum yum,” and licked it off. Then they hugged and kissed in the car. [Colin Wilson, A Casebook of Murder, Cowles Book Co., N. Y., 1969] (lesbian couple)

1984 – Georganna Lagen (M) & Paula Martineau – Las Vegas, Nevada – Michelle King (27 mo.), died. (Jul. 19) – Both women Air force officers. Child beaten, skull fracture, massive hemorrhage.

1990 – Ana Cardona, 30 (M) & Olivia Gonzalez – Miami, Florida – Lazaro Figueroa, 3, died. –  (Oct. 31) – “Lazaro was often tied to the bed, locked in a closet, or left in the bathtub with extremely cold or hot water.  When his body was found, it was covered in bruises and bedsores, and the child weighed only 18 pounds. On 10/31/90, Cardona split Lazaro’s head open with a baseball bat, and when the child would not stop screaming, she beat him to death. Cardona and Gonzalez-Mendoza dumped the body in a Miami Beach neighborhood, fled to Orlando and were eventually apprehended in St. Cloud.”

1992 – Tivia Strother, 22 (M) & Lisa (Kevin) Smith, 24 – Los Angeles, Ca. – Tivia Smith, 18-mo., died (Apr. 7) – “the toddler was emaciated like ‘a concentration camp victim’ from being starved, and had been forced to stand in a corner for eight hours at a time. Prosecutors contended that the women would dunk the child's legs in icy water afterward to make them stronger, so she would be able to stand for longer periods of time. The youngster also was forced to eat only oatmeal or grits, and autopsy reports showed the girl's mouth was damaged from being force-fed with a metal spoon.”

2000 – Mozelle Brown (M), 36 & Terry Stockley, 38; Maywood, Il. – daughter (11 mo.), survived (Dec. 20, arrested) –  A Maywood mother and her female partner have been charged with abusing the woman's 11-month-old daughter, police said. . . . The baby girl remained in critical condition at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood with burns covering her torso and genitalia, two broken arms, several broken ribs, and a broken leg, authorities said. The mother, Mozelle Brown, 36, and her partner, Terry Stockley, 38, allegedly abused the girl between August and December, police said.”

2003 – Hanelie Botha, 31 (M) & Engeline de Nysschen, 33 – Vereeniging, South Africa – Jandre Botha, 4, died (June 12) – “De Nysschen had viciously assaulted Jandre while demanding that he must call her ‘daddy.’ Both testified that while Jandre was assaulted, his mother failed to intervene or protect him. Evidence showed he had sustained horrific injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, as well as broken legs, collarbone, hands and pelvis.”

2003 – Mary Rowles (M), & Alice Jenkins – Akron, Ohio – Darrell Shaffer, (14), 2 other sons, severe abuse, survived (Apr. 28, escaped) – “[On Apr. 28, 2003], shortly before dawn, Akron police picked up Mary Rowles' firstborn, now 14, wandering barefoot through the city's streets with two brothers -- one 10, the other 8. They told police they had pried open a nailed-shut window at their 30-year-old mother's home on Florida Avenue in Kenmore where she and her partner of seven years had kept them locked in a closet since Valentine's Day. The youngsters claimed the closet was hot, dark, reeked of excrement, and that they were allowed out only once a day to eat. … Their grotesque story of punishment and torture included them getting sick after their mother's partner, 27-year-old Alice Jenkins, forced them to eat dog and cat feces, they said. In another incident, according to the youngsters, they were forced to hold down the 10-year-old while Jenkins kicked him in the groin with steel-toed boots.”

2004 – Marcella Williams (M), 25 & Lisa Ann Coleman – Fort Worth, Texas – Davontae Williams (9), died (July 26) –“Davontae, 9, of Arlington, was found starved two years ago at the apartment he shared with Ms. Coleman and his mother, Marcella Williams. Ms. Williams, 25, is awaiting trial on a capital murder charge. Prosecutors said Davontae had a busted lip and 250 scars or wounds, and had been forced to live in an empty pantry while no one else in the house went hungry. Davontae weighed 35 pounds when paramedics were called to the family's apartment on July 26, 2004.”

2004 – Zahira Matos (M), 20 & Carmen Molina, 32 – New York, N. Y. – Yovany Tellez Jr. (2), died (Sep. 19) – “When Yovany died, he had a lacerated liver, broken ribs and a broken leg, and he was covered in feces, prosecutors said during trial. More than 40 bruises covered his body, they said.”

2008 – Starkeisha Brown, 24 (M) & Krystal Matthews, 21 – Los Angeles, Ca. – boy, 5, tortured, survived (Jun. 9 rescued) – “Officials say the child has countless cigarette burns all over his body, including his genitals, and can’t open his hands because he was forced to put them flat on a hot stove. The boy was also repeatedly beaten and forced to sit in his own urine, police said.”

2009 – Erica Mae Butts, 25, (godmother), Shanita Latrice Cunningham (best friend of victim’s mother, Butts’ partner), 25 – Summerville, South Carolina – Serenity Richardson (3), died. (Nov. 3) “Doctors and nurses at the hospital saw cuts and bruises on Serenity's chest, abdomen, legs, arms, feet and back. The police report said there was a golf-ball sized bruise on her head and a large burn mark on her right leg. An autopsy by a Medical University of South Carolina forensic pathologist determined that the cause of death was ‘full body blunt force trauma.’”

2013 – Polly Chowdhury (M), 35 & Kiki Muddar, 43 – Chadwell Heath, east London, England – Ayesha Ali (8), tortured, died (Aug. 29)“Ayesha Ali's body had more than 40 injuries, including a bite mark and she had earlier written heart-rending letter asking what she had done wrong.” “She died of a head injury but had suffered more than 40 injuries including carpet burns and a bite mark.”

2014 – Eraca Craig (M), 31 & Christian Deanda, 44 – Salinas, Ca. – abused; son, 3; 3; adopted boy, 5; adopted girl, 8 (Mar. 24) – “The doctors also noted the girl had bruising and marks up and down her body, including bite marks on her arm. Jane Doe told authorities Deanda and Craig would chain her ankle to the wall and force her to sleep chained by the front door, prosecutors said. She also described an incident where Deanda told the girls two younger brothers, known in court as John Does 1 and 2, to urinate on her. The girl also said Deanda beat her with a belt, hosed her down with cold water and forced her head under an open faucet. The two boys supported Jane Doe’s statements, stating that they were forced to urinate on Jane Doe and belt her at the command of Deanda, prosecutors said. Both boys also stated that they saw Deanda and Craig chain Jane Doe up at the front of the house. During a search of the defendants’ home, photos and videos were found of Jane Doe with visible injuries, prosecutors said.”

2014 – Rachel (Trelfa) Fee (M), 31 & Nyomi Fee, 29 – Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland  – Liam Johnson, extreme tortures, died (Mar. 22) – “After Liam had died, they allegedly grabbed the hand of the seven-year-old and forced it into the dead boy’s mouth before police and paramedics arrived at their home near Glenrothes in Fife. The couple are also said to have deprived all three boys of food, refused to let them go to the toilet at night and forced them to stand naked and shivering under a cold shower if they wet the bed. The Fees told the older boys that their penises would be cut off with a saw and said to one of them that they had killed his dad with a saw, prosecutors claim in a court indictment. They allegedly made a cage out of a metal fireguard and piece of wood and imprisoned one of the youngsters in it with his arms and legs bound to the structure for prolonged periods of time. The couple are also said to have forced the same youngster to eat his own excrement and dog excrement, put soap in his mouth and shut him in a darkened drawer to sleep. The other seven-year-old child was allegedly compelled to eat his own vomit and had his face rubbed in underwear soiled with urine and faeces. One of the seven-year-olds allegedly had a cage of rats put on his head and the other was tied naked in a room were rats and snakes were kept and told a boa constrictor there ‘ate naughty boys’. Both women are charged with assaulting Liam, who was also known as Liam Fee, by repeatedly inflicting blunt force trauma to his head and body between January 2012 and March 2014.”

2014 – Crystal Jean Hostetter (M), 24, & Sarah Elizabeth McClain, 30 – Douglasville, Georgia; boy (6), survived. (Apr. 26, arrested) – They “forced the boy into a small pet crate, and covering his hands and feet with syrup and cat litter. They also forced him to hold a brick over his head for 15 minutes and refused to give him prescribed medications. While the abuse was happening, neighbors could hear the boy screaming “Don’t kill me!” and “Don’t you love me?” according to police. Hostetter said that the abuse was her way of punishing her son, and she told police that the reason she poured the syrup on him is because she knows he doesn’t like it.”

2014 – Kimberly Lucas (killer) & Elliana Lucas-Jamason (M, innocent) – Jupiter, Florida –Elliana Lucas-Jamason (2), died; Ethan (10), survived; (May 25) – “Lucas reportedly gave unidentified pills to both the boy and Elliana Lucas-Jamason, according to a probable cause affidavit. Lucas reportedly told the boy that the pill would make him grow faster and gave it to him in a cup of coffee, the report said. She also allegedly tried to give half a pill to Lucas-Jamason in a glass of water, but the toddler didn’t like the taste and refused to drink it. Lucas-Jamason was found dead in a bathtub by police. The 10-year-old reportedly tried to save the girl and called 911 during the alleged incident, police said.”

2014 – Becky Truelove (aunt), 43 & Lisa Vanetten, 45 – Oklahoma City Ok. – 13, niece, abused (Oct. 1) – “Court documents did the talking, and in a probable cause affidavit just filed against Lisa Vanetten it stated Vanetten and her lesbian partner Becky Truelove sexually abused two girls who were in their care. The document stated for years the girls were assaulted and Vanetten and Truleove touched the girls private areas, made the girls go into their bedroom and undress and ‘forced to watch Truelove and Vanetten have sex.’ In another document filed against Truelove it described sex acts the couple would perform on the girls. It also stated the couple tried using a sex toy on one of the girls.”

2014 – Eraca Dwan Craig (31), Christian Jessica DeAnda (44) – Salinas, Ca. – Adopted children (boy, 3; boy, 5; girl, 8) found starving, girl (8) chained to the wall on Mar. 14, 2014. 13 charges of child abuse. “Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller told the Monterey Herald: 'It was a particularly heinous case' and said the children had 'hardly eaten for months', they all showed signs of both physical and emotional abuse.”

2016 – Rachel Stevens (M), 28 & Kayla Jones, 25 – Muskogee, Oklahoma; boy (5); survived. (Jan. 14) – “the little boy and learned that the child had been tied up, had duct tape placed over his eyes and had been kept in a locked room, the document states. The toddler also claimed that his mother struck him on the hand with a hammer, and that both she and Jones hit him with a belt all over his body. According to police, the horrific abuse went on for several months. The little boy said on one occasion, his step-mother kicked him in the groin until he bled.”

2018 – Amanda R. Wright (29), Bestine Joseph (25) – Marble Springs, Md. – 3 children, aged 8, 9, 10. –Maryland State Police say three children endured beatings and were reportedly forced to eat dog feces.” (Jan. 31, 2018)  Amanda R. Wright and Besline Joseph reportedly threatened to kill the kids if they told anyone.”; The children, whose identities remain anonymous for protection, were reportedly beaten multiple times by both women since at least May 2017. The beatings were inflicted with hands, extension cords, belts, sticks, a stun gun and other objects, said Maryland State Police officials. "They were also starved, being fed a diet of only bread and water and some oatmeal from time to time again. Investigators learned they were forced to eat dog feces on occasion," Maj. Greg Shipley of Maryland State Police told reporters. Investigators said the children were reportedly locked in closets as well as the basement of the home. The women were said to have threatened the children with death if they reported their abusive conditions.” {BET, Feb. 6, 2018]

2018 – Jennifer Jean Hart (38) & Sarah Hart (38) (married couple) – Woodland, Wa. – Markis (19), Jeremiah (14), Abigail (14), Hannah (16), Devonte (15), Sierra (12). – Murder/Suicide: Mar. 26, 2018. –  Jennifer Hart drove SUV with 7 passengers off cliff into the sea, including 6 adopted children. All but two bodies recovered. The household had been reported for child abuse and investigators visited the home, but there was no answer at the door. Later that day the 5 bodies were found.


The study:
[Nanette Gartrell, Henny Bos, US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of 17-Year-Old Adolescents, Pediatrics, May 2010]
[Todd Venezia, “Lesbian parents get high child-rearing marks,” New York Post (N. Y.),  Nov. 13, 2010]
[Robin Marty, “Do Lesbian Households Really Have No Child Abuse?” Care2, Nov. 12, 2010]
[Mark Regnerus, “Lesbian Mothers’ Children: Is it time to retire the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study?,” National Review, Nov. 12, 2012]
[Janice Shaw Crouse, “Lesbian Mothers Think Their Children Are All Above Average,” American Thinker, Jun. 18, 2010]
[Peter Sprigg, “New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research,” Family Research Council, 2012]


Popular press report of the NLLFS:

FULL TEXT: Families headed by two lesbian women had a zero-percent rate of child abuse in a study released yesterday. Not a single one of the 78 children raised in lesbian households interviewed for the US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study reported being hit, punched, sexually assaulted or otherwise mistreated. The researchers, who interviewed a group of 17-year-olds, suspected that such family situations were more peaceful because no male tempers are involved. "One possible explanation for the discrepancy," the authors concluded, "might be that most of the . . . adolescents grew up in households in which no adult males resided." They also noted that "corporal punishment [is] less commonly used by lesbian mothers as a disciplinary measure than by heterosexual fathers." The study also found that kids in lesbian-headed homes have their first sexual experience almost a year later than other children. [Todd Venezia, “Lesbian parents get high child-rearing marks,” New York Post (N. Y.),  Nov. 13, 2010]


Inferences made by the authors of the study:

“[T]he absence of child abuse in lesbian mother families is particularly noteworthy, because victimization of children is pervasive and its consequences can be devastating. To the extent that our findings are replicated by other researchers, these reports from adolescents with lesbian mothers have implications for healthcare professionals, policymakers, social service agencies, and child protection experts who seek family models in which violence does not occur.” [Nanette Gartrell, Henny Bos, US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of 17-Year-Old Adolescents, Pediatrics, May 2010]


Regarding the faulty method of the study:

1) The "research" consists of the mothers' opinions about their own children;
2) Only 77 lesbian couples participated in the "study," and they were not typical parents in other regards. An earlier NLLFS report described the sample population as Caucasian (93 percent), predominantly college-educated (67 percent), mostly middle- and upper-class (82 percent), professional or managers (85 percent), and earning a median household income of $85,000; and
3) the study did not consist of a random sample -- all the participants were volunteers recruited via posted announcements in women's bookstores, at lesbian events, and in lesbian newspapers in three major metropolitan areas (Boston, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco).

[Janice Shaw Crouse, “Lesbian Mothers Think Their Children Are All Above Average,” American Thinker, Jun. 18, 2010]



Wikipedia: “Domestic violence in lesbian relationships” –

EXCERPT: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey reports on the lifetime prevalence of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner, focusing for the first time on victimization by sexual orientation. It finds a victimization prevalence of 43.8 percent for lesbians, making it the second most affected group after bisexual women (61.1 percent), ahead of bisexual men (37.3 percent), heterosexual women (35 percent), heterosexual men (29 percent) and homosexual men (26 percent).





SOURCES for quotes:

1961 – Jeannance Freeman, 19 & Gertrude May (Nunez) Jackson (M), 33 – Jefferson County, Oregon – [Colin Wilson, A Casebook of Murder, Cowles Book Co., N. Y., 1969]
1984 – Georgiana Lagen (M) & Paula Martineau – [Tim Dahlberg (AP), “Dad won’t give up on solving child’s death; ex-wife to go on trial,” Spokesman Review (Spokane, Wa.), Apr. 20, 1987, p. C10]
1990 – Ana Cardona, 30 (M) & Olivia Gonzalez – [Court record: CARDONA, Ana Maria (H/F); Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Dade County, Case #90-48092; DC #162180; DOB: 11/26/61; Sentencing Judge: The Honorable David L. Tobin; Date of Offense: 10/31/90; Date of Sentence: 04/01/92]
1992 – Tivia Strother, 22 (M) & Lisa (Kevin) Smith, 24 – [“Lesbian Couple Charged in Fatal Beating of Toddler, Los Angeles Times (Ca.), Apr. 15, 1992]
2000 – Mozelle Brown (M), 36 & Terry Stockley, 38; Maywood, Il. – [Rick Hepp, “Women Charged With Abusing Infant,” Chicago Tribune (Il.), Jan. 3, 2001]
2003 – Hanelie Botha, 31 (M) & Engeline de Nysschen, 33 – [Baldwin Ndaba, “Lesbian couple guilty of gruesome murder,” IOL (Cape Town, South Africa), Mar. 23, 2006]
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2004 – Marcella Williams (M), 25 & Lisa Ann Coleman – [“Fort Worth: 9-year-old's mother still awaiting trial on murder charge,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Tx.), Jul. 22, 2006]
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2008 – Starkeisha Brown, 24 (M) & Krystal Matthews, 21 – [“Police arrest lesbians for 'torturing' boy, 5; Forced him to put his hands on hot stove, burned his body, genitals with cigarettes,” WND (World Net Daily), Jun. 15, 2008]
2009 – Erica Mae Butts, 25, (godmother), Shanita Latrice Cunningham (best friend of victim’s mother, Butts’ partner), 25 – [Laurie Whitwell, “Bizarre courtroom scene as lesbian lovers collapse and wail after hearing they will serve life for murdering three-year-old girl, “ Daily Mail (London, England), Nov. 7, 2011]
2013 – Polly Chowdhury (M), 35 & Kiki Muddar, 43 – [Emily Pennink, “Polly Chowdhury: 'Wicked' mum and her lover jailed for torturing daughter to death,” Mirror (London, England), Mar. 6, 2015]
2014 – Eraca Craig (M), 31 & Christian Deanda, 44 – [“Salinas women sentenced in torture, child abuse case,” The Californian (Salinas, Ca.), July 17, 2015]
2014 – Rachel (Trelfa) Fee (M), 31 & Nyomi Fee, 29 – [Mark Duell, “Mother and lesbian lover 'murdered two-year-old toddler and blamed the killing on a seven-year-old boy',” Daily Mail (London, England), Apr. 11, 2016]
2014 – Crystal Jean Hostetter (M), 24, & Sarah Elizabeth McClain, 30 – [MRC, “Lesbian Couple Locked Son In Cage, Tortured Him While He Cried For Help,”, Apr. 27, 2014]
2014 – Kimberly Lucas (killer) & Elliana Lucas-Jamason (M, innocent) – [Matt Morgan, “Police: Jupiter woman facing murder charges tried to give kids pills,” Palm Beach Post (Fl.), May 27, 2014]
2014 – Becky Truelove (aunt), 43 & Lisa Vanetten, 45 – [Joleen Chaney, “New Details In Child Sex Abuse Allegations Against OKC Couple,” News 9 (Oklahoma City, Ok.), Feb. 20, 2015]
2016 – Rachel Stevens (M), 28 & Kayla Jones, 25 – [Byline “via Whoopie,” Cops: Lesbian Couple Tortured 5-Year-Old Boy, Blurrain, Jan. 14, 2016]
2018 – Jennifer Jean Hart (38) & Sarah Hart (38) (married couple) – [Eric Levenson, “Authorities now believe all 6 Hart children were in the SUV at the time of the fatal cliffside crash,” CNN, April 6, 2018]



Advocacy science kills.



Males should not be allowed to raise children. If you disagree, please read these 2 pieces, and “viralise” them:
Rachel & Nyomi Fee, Civil Partners – Sadistic Child Torturers who Murdered a Toddler – Scotland, 2014
Concerns – “The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study” & Understanding Child Abuse


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Sanette Balmir, Terror Squad Leader, Serial Killer – Haiti, 1964

EXCERPT: [Haitian President] Duvalier also chose Sanette Balmir, a lesbian, to command the [Tontons] Macoutes in Jérémie, near the tip of the southern peninsula. Balmir, a convicted thief, had felt publicly humiliated by having to perform convict labor in black-and-white prison garb on the streets of Jérémie. As Macoute comandant, she targeted relatively prosperous mulattos with extreme savagery in the massacres known as the Vespers of Jérémie. [Andrew Reding, Democracy and Human Rights in Haiti, World Policy Institute, ‎2004, p. 82]


[T]hey were commonly known as Tontons Macoutes, Creole for “Uncle Knapsack,” evoking a Vodou image of a bogeyman who takes away misbehaving children in a peasant’s straw knapsack. In rural areas, their preferred dress was blue denim and red scarves, as the Cacos had worn. In urban areas they emulated Duvalier himself, who deliberately dressed in the style of Vodou lwa (spirit) Bawon Samdi, guardian of the cemetery, in black suits, hat, and sunglasses (see next section). The Tontons Macoutes were part of a conscious strategy to identify spiritual forces and nationalism with loyalty to Duvalier, and to instill fear in opponents. [Andrew Reding, Democracy and Human Rights in Haiti, World Policy Institute, ‎2004, p. 16]


~ The Jérémie Vespers

Wikipedia: The Jérémie Vespers refer to a massacre that took place in August, September and October 1964 in the Haitian town of Jérémie. It took place after a group of 13 young Haitians calling themselves “Jeune Haiti” landed on August 6, 1964 at Petite-Rivière-de-Dame-Marie with the intention of overthrowing the regime of François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier.

The 13 were: Max Armand, his brother Jacques Armand, Gérald Marie Brierre, Miko Chandler, Louis Drouin, Charles Forbin, Jean Gerdes, Réginald Jourdan, Yvon Laraque, Marcel Numa, Roland Rigaud, Gusley Villedrouin and Jacques Wadestrand.

~ Outcome

The massacre was called the “vespers” because many of the families killed by the regime are remembered as the families who took many aforementioned “vesper” picnic excursions.

Several of the group were from the town of Jérémie. During two months they fought in the hills, the regime ordered the arrest and murder of Jeune Haiti’s family members. 27 people were murdered, ranging in age from 85-year-old Mrs Chenier Villedrouin to 2-year-old Régine Sansaricq. Other children murdered were aged 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 18. (A full list of victims is included in the Wikipedia article.)

The members of “Jeune Haiti” were killed one by one in combat with Haiti’s army, until the last two survivors, Louis Drouin and Marcel Numa, out of ammunition, were captured alive, brought back to Port-au-Prince and shot in public against the cemetery wall on November 12, 1964.


Wikipedia: The Tonton Macoute (Haitian Creole: Tonton Makout) or simply as the Macoute was a special operations unit within the Haitian paramilitary force created in 1959 by dictator François “Papa Doc” Duvalier. In 1970 the militia was renamed the Milice de Volontaires de la Sécurité Nationale (Militia of National Security Volunteers or MVSN, perhaps named after the homonymous Italian Fascist paramilitary organisation. Haitians named this force after the Haitian Creole mythological bogeyman Tonton Macoute (“Uncle Gunnysack”), who kidnaps and punishes unruly children by snaring them in a gunny sack (French: macoute) and carrying them off to be consumed at breakfast.

~ Reign of terror

Papa Doc Duvalier created the Tontons Macoutes because he perceived the military to be a threat to his power.

After the July 1958 Haitian coup d’état attempt against President François Duvalier, he disbanded the army and all law enforcement agencies in Haiti and executed numerous officers. He created a paramilitary force in 1959, Milice de Volontaires de la Sécurité Nationale (Militia of National Security Volunteers or MVSN), two years after he became president, that answered only to him. He perceived a threat to his regime from the regular armed forces.

Duvalier authorized the Tontons Macoutes to commit systematic violence and human rights abuses to suppress political opposition. They were responsible for unknown numbers of murders and rapes in Haiti. Political opponents often disappeared overnight, or were sometimes attacked in broad daylight. Tontons Macoutes stoned and burned people alive. Many times they put the corpses of their victims on display, often hung in trees for everyone to see and take as warnings against opposition. Family members who tried to remove the bodies for proper burial often disappeared themselves. Anyone who challenged the MVSN risked assassination. Their unrestrained state terrorism was accompanied by corruption, extortion and personal aggrandizement among the leadership. The victims of Tontons Macoutes could range from a woman in the poorest of neighborhoods who had previously supported an opposing politician to a businessman who refused to comply with extortion threats (ostensibly as donations for public works, but which were in fact the source of profit for corrupt officials and even President Duvalier). The Tontons Macoutes murdered between 30,000 and 60,000 Haitians.

Luckner Cambronne led the Tonton Macoute throughout the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. His cruelty earned him the nickname “Vampire of the Caribbean”. He profited by extortion carried out by his followers. In 1971, President Duvalier died and his widow Simone, and son Baby Doc Duvalier ordered Cambronne into exile. Cambronne moved to Miami, Florida where he lived until his death in 2006.

Some of the most important members of the Tonton Macoute were Vodou leaders. This religious affiliation gave the Macoutes a kind of unearthly authority in the eyes of the public. From their methods to their choice of clothes, Vodou always played an important role in their actions. The Tontons Macoutes wore straw hats, blue denim shirts and dark glasses, and were armed with machetes and guns. Both their allusions to the supernatural and their physical presentations were used with the intention of instilling fear and respect.

The Tontons Macoutes were a ubiquitous presence at the polls in the 1961 election, in which Duvalier’s official vote count was an “outrageous” and fraudulent 1,320,748 to 0, electing him to another term. They appeared in force again at polls in 1964, when Duvalier held a rigged referendum that declared him President for Life.


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Lesbian Serial Killers

1679 – Catherine Trianon – Paris, France

Fortune teller involved in the infamous "Affaire des Poisons."

1720 – Anne Bonny – Caribbean

Pirate, partnered with Mary Read.

1720 – Mary Read – Caribbean

Pirate, partnered with Anne Bonny.

1950 – Georgia Tann – Memphis, Tennessee, USA

A notorious baby seller and kidnapper (with the aid of a corrupt judge) who would murder the babies she failed to sell. She was also a sadistic child molester who hired staff who also enjoyed torturing children.

1954 – Piroska Jancsó Ladányi – Törökszentmiklós, Hungary

1964 – Sanette Balmir – Jérémie, Haiti

Leader of a terror squad, infamous for a series of massacres that took place over a three month period.

1978 – Cecile Bombeek – Wetteren, East Flanders, Belgium

Mother superior, nurse.
1980 – Robin Murphy –Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

"Satantic" cult prostitution ring.

1985 – Rosemary West – Gloucester, England

Rosemary West “has enjoyed a string of lesbian romps since being caged and makes sure she takes her pick from the new women banged up alongside her. . . .  ‘She has her own single cell and spends a lot of time in there with girls she especially likes. She always gets the pick of the fresh meat and the girls know better than to argue with her because she can make life difficult for them with the staff.” [Bill Francis, “Black Widow: Serial killer Rose West is the kingpin of her prison wing,” Daily Star (England),  10th Aug. 10, 2014]

1989 – Gwendolyn Graham & Cathy Wood – Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Serial killer couple, nurses, who murdered elderly patients as a “game.”

1991 – Beverly Allitt – Grantham, England

Serial killer nurse who targeted babies and children. Murdered four and crippled several others.

1991 – Aileen Carol Wuornos – Port Orange, Florida, USA

Petty criminal, thief, prostitute and bandit who operated under the old-fashioned “highway robbery” model, using her prostitution as a ploy to attract men whom she would murder and rob.

1999 – Antje Krűger (Krueger), ("Antje Sch.") – Mühltroff, Germany

2003 – Jaroslava Fabianova – Decin, Czech Republic

Prostitute who lured men, brutally murdered them and robbed them. Some have called her “The Czech Aileen Wuornos.”

2013 – Joanna Dennehy – Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England

Joanna Dennehy told friends she was a lesbian. During her trial a CCTV (dated 2012/04/02) recording was played which showed Dennehy flirting with a female cashier. [See: Hugo Gye, “Caught on CCTV: Chilling moment serial killer Dennehy flirted with a female shop assistant before going out in search of more victims,”
2016 – Tuba S. – Giessen, Germany

» Female Serial Killers who sexually tortured women

1610 – Elizabeth Báthory – Catchtice Castle, Hungary

Countess Báthory’s chief accomplice was her servant Anna Darvolya, who taught the four other servants (one of them male) who formed the torture and execution team that tortured and murdered dozens of young servant girls, most of them aged from 10 to 14 years-old. The methods would include whipping, cutting with shears, burning with fire irons, beating with a cudgel, and sticking needles under their fingernails. When a girl would attempt to pull out the needle her fingers would be sliced off.

1762 – Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova – Moscow, Russia

An aristocrat, she was found guilty of having killed 38 female serfs by beating and torturing them to death. Reports stated that the noblewoman had beat her victims with rods and rolling pins and mutilated their genitals.

1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico City, Mexico

La Bejarano tortured, sexually mutilated three orphaned teenaged girls. Wikipedia states:  She attracted her victims, young and poor girls, offering employment as a servant in her household. Only after the victim had been installed in the domicile were the true intentions of the mistress revealed. The girl would be enslaved and subjected to torture with a markedly sexual nature. Guadalupe especially enjoyed forcing the girls to sit naked on a burning brazier (roman chair); she would strip them and hang them from the ceiling by the wrists and flog them with a cattle whip. Finally the victims would be starved to death.

1950 – Miriam Soulakiotis – Keratera, Greece

Cult leader who tortured young women before murdering them. Methods included flogging, engainment, starvation.



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[3255-6/9/19; 6039-2/19/21]

Rachel Wall, Serial Killer Pirate – 1789, Massachusetts

Rachel Wall was executed for a violent robbery, but she is thought to be responsible for 24 murders in partnership with her husband, George Wall.


EXCERPT: Rachel, around the age of 16, loved the water. The boats and dockyards always spoke to her. Born on a farm outside of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, it bored her; so, while in Harrisburg, she went to the docks. She was harassed, harangued and attacked by a group of girls. Enter George Wall –- a fisherman and former privateer who served in the Revolutionary War. He saved Rachel from the girls and Rachel, against her devout Presbyterian parents, eloped with him.

They went to Boston where she stayed on as a servant girl while George plundered. He convinced her to join him and his cohorts in piracy. It proved successful, for a time.

Their plan was this: anchor near an island during a storm. When it passed, make their boat appear damaged. When another boat came, Rachel would shout for help. Help would come. They’d then murder the would-be rescuers, steal their valuables, and sink their ship. Those awaiting the unfortunate sailors would think simply that the storm had taken them away, not Mr. and Mrs. Wall. Between 1781 and 1782 they captured 12 boats, murdered 24 sailors and kept around $6,000 in booty for themselves.

[Jonathan Shipley, “Rachel Wall,”, Oct. 8, 2009]


Rachel Wall (c.1760 – October 8, 1789) was an American female pirate, and the last woman to be hanged in Massachusetts. She may also have been the first American-born woman to become a pirate.

~ Early life

Wall was born Rachel Schmidt in Carlisle, in the Province of Pennsylvania, to a family of devout Presbyterians. She lived on a farm outside Carlisle as a child, but was not happy there. Having become a young woman she preferred the waterfront but she was attacked by a group of girls on the docks, and a man named George Wall came and rescued her. The two fell in love and, despite her mother’s concerns, they married.

~ Career as a pirate

When George went to the sea on a fishing schooner after the newlyweds moved to Boston, Rachel took up a job as a servant. When George came back, he brought with him five sailors and their lovers, and persuaded Rachel to join them. In one week, the party had spent all their money and the schooner set sail again, upon which George suggested they all become pirates. He borrowed another schooner from a friend, and the party set sail.

Rachel and her crew worked in the Isle of Shoals, just off the New Hampshire coast. After storms Rachel would stand on the deck and scream for help. When passers-by came to give aid, they were killed and all their goods stolen. The crew was successful in capturing twelve boats, stealing $6,000 cash, an indeterminate amount of valuables, and killing twenty-four sailors, all between 1781 and 1782.

~ Arrest and execution

Eventually, after her husband and the crew washed out to sea by accident, Rachel returned to Boston and resumed her role as a servant. However, she still enjoyed going to the docks and sneaking into harboured boats, stealing things from inside. Her final robbery occurred when she saw a young woman named Margaret Bender, wearing a bonnet which Rachel coveted. She attempted to steal the bonnet and rip Margaret’s tongue out, but was caught and arrested. She was tried for robbery on September 10, 1789 but requested that she be tried as a pirate, while maintaining that she had never killed anyone. However, she was found guilty of robbery and sentenced to be hanged on October 8, 1789. She is said to have quoted “...into the hands of the Almighty God I commit my soul, relying on his mercy...and die an unworthy member of the Presbyterian Church, in the 29th year of my age”, as her final words. Her death marked the last occasion a woman was hanged in Massachusetts.
EXCERPT: On 2 April 1789, Boston’s Independent Chronicle and the Universal Advertiser printed the following item on the attack, which had taken place on 27 March. 
“A singular kind of robbery, for this part of the world, took place on Friday evening last : As a woman was walking alone, she was met by another woman, who seized hold of her and stopped her mouth with her handkerchief, and tore from her head her bonnet and cushion, after which she flung her down, took her shoes and buckles, and then fled. She was soon after overtaken and committed to jail.” (Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Second Series, Vol. XIX, Boston: 1907, 184) 


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