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Lesbian Serial Killers

1679 – Catherine Trianon – Paris, France

Fortune teller involved in the infamous "Affaire des Poisons."

1720 – Anne Bonny – Caribbean

Pirate, partnered with Mary Read.

1720 – Mary Read – Caribbean

Pirate, partnered with Anne Bonny.

1950 – Georgia Tann – Memphis, Tennessee, USA

A notorious baby seller and kidnapper (with the aid of a corrupt judge) who would murder the babies she failed to sell. She was also a sadistic child molester who hired staff who also enjoyed torturing children.

1954 – Piroska Jancsó Ladányi – Törökszentmiklós, Hungary

1964 – Sanette Balmir – Jérémie, Haiti

Leader of a terror squad, infamous for a series of massacres that took place over a three month period.

1978 – Cecile Bombeek – Wetteren, East Flanders, Belgium

Mother superior, nurse.
1980 – Robin Murphy –Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

"Satantic" cult prostitution ring.

1985 – Rosemary West – Gloucester, England

Rosemary West “has enjoyed a string of lesbian romps since being caged and makes sure she takes her pick from the new women banged up alongside her. . . .  ‘She has her own single cell and spends a lot of time in there with girls she especially likes. She always gets the pick of the fresh meat and the girls know better than to argue with her because she can make life difficult for them with the staff.” [Bill Francis, “Black Widow: Serial killer Rose West is the kingpin of her prison wing,” Daily Star (England),  10th Aug. 10, 2014]

1989 – Gwendolyn Graham & Cathy Wood – Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Serial killer couple, nurses, who murdered elderly patients as a “game.”

1991 – Beverly Allitt – Grantham, England

Serial killer nurse who targeted babies and children. Murdered four and crippled several others.

1991 – Aileen Carol Wuornos – Port Orange, Florida, USA

Petty criminal, thief, prostitute and bandit who operated under the old-fashioned “highway robbery” model, using her prostitution as a ploy to attract men whom she would murder and rob.

1999 – Antje Krűger (Krueger), ("Antje Sch.") – Mühltroff, Germany

2003 – Jaroslava Fabianova – Decin, Czech Republic

Prostitute who lured men, brutally murdered them and robbed them. Some have called her “The Czech Aileen Wuornos.”

2013 – Joanna Dennehy – Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England

Joanna Dennehy told friends she was a lesbian. During her trial a CCTV (dated 2012/04/02) recording was played which showed Dennehy flirting with a female cashier. [See: Hugo Gye, “Caught on CCTV: Chilling moment serial killer Dennehy flirted with a female shop assistant before going out in search of more victims,”
2016 – Tuba S. – Giessen, Germany

» Female Serial Killers who sexually tortured women

1610 – Elizabeth Báthory – Catchtice Castle, Hungary

Countess Báthory’s chief accomplice was her servant Anna Darvolya, who taught the four other servants (one of them male) who formed the torture and execution team that tortured and murdered dozens of young servant girls, most of them aged from 10 to 14 years-old. The methods would include whipping, cutting with shears, burning with fire irons, beating with a cudgel, and sticking needles under their fingernails. When a girl would attempt to pull out the needle her fingers would be sliced off.

1762 – Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova – Moscow, Russia

An aristocrat, she was found guilty of having killed 38 female serfs by beating and torturing them to death. Reports stated that the noblewoman had beat her victims with rods and rolling pins and mutilated their genitals.

1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico City, Mexico

La Bejarano tortured, sexually mutilated three orphaned teenaged girls. Wikipedia states:  She attracted her victims, young and poor girls, offering employment as a servant in her household. Only after the victim had been installed in the domicile were the true intentions of the mistress revealed. The girl would be enslaved and subjected to torture with a markedly sexual nature. Guadalupe especially enjoyed forcing the girls to sit naked on a burning brazier (roman chair); she would strip them and hang them from the ceiling by the wrists and flog them with a cattle whip. Finally the victims would be starved to death.

1950 – Miriam Soulakiotis – Keratera, Greece

Cult leader who tortured young women before murdering them. Methods included flogging, engainment, starvation.



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[3255-6/9/19; 6039-2/19/21]

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