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Lucyna D., Serial Baby-Killing Mom – Poland, 2013

In the Polish town of Lubawa a neighbor of a married woman identified by the police as Lucyna D., alerted them that the pregnant woman had given birth yet suspiciously there was so sign of a baby. On April 9, 2013 police searched the woman’s home and in her freezer they found the corpses of three newborns. The Lucyna and Janusz D. couple, who had four living children aged between 6 and 22, were arrested. Relatives took charge of the children living in the D. household. Lucyna promptly confessed that they were her own offspring and stated that she kept the dead bodies because she "could not part from them." She told them she was relieved that the matter had come to light.

Autopsies revealed that all three had been born alive. Infants born in 2009 and 2010 were murdered by pushing the child’s underwear down the throat. The one born in 2013 was killed by wrapping a plastic bag around the face.

Both parents were employed and examiners ruled that the family was “not pathological.” The husband was questioned and released. He was not charged in the killings, but was later charged with spouse abuse and convicted.

Sep. 18, 2014 the District Court in Elblag Lucyna D. was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The sentence was appealed and on December 10, 2015 was reduced to 15 years. The living children are in the care of their grandmother.

[Robert St. Estephe]

2009 – deceased child #1
2010 – deceased child #2
2013 – deceased child #3
April 9, 2013 – police search and arrest.
Sep. 18, 2014 – “25 years in prison in Elblag District Court sentenced a 41-year-old Lucyna D. charged with the murder of three newborns.”
The District Court in Elblag second time sentenced Lucyna D. in the death of three of her children, whose bodies were found in a home freezer. This time she heard sentenced to 15 years in prison.”

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