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Maria Aleksandrovna Petrova, “The Zyuzino Maniac” Serial Killer – Russia, 2002

"The Zyuzinsky Maniac": She Hated All Men

FULL TEXT (autotranslated from Russian):  This 39-year-old Muscovite, suffering from schizotypal personality disorder, managed to kill two men and injure several more, according to one version, thus Maria Petrova avenged sexual violence, which she had to repeatedly experience.

~ Assaultin the Zyuzino District ~

Maria Petrova got her nickname because of the place where she most often attacked her victims - this is the South-Western administrative district of Moscow. The investigation and the court proved two episodes of the murder of Mokvichs, regarding the number of wounded by the “Zyuzinsky maniac”, the opinions differed - the prosecutor's office insisted on four, but by the definition of the Judicial Collegium for Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of May 15, 2003 No. 5-o03-82 one of the victims, but survivors, removed from the list of victims - the court considered that there was no conclusive evidence that it was Petrov who cut the man. Moreover, the wounded, unlike the other three, did not see who hit him and could not identify the attacker (attacker). 

Also, the Supreme Court’s ruling refused to prosecute M. A. Petrova due to her chronic mental (schizotypic) disorder - that is, Zyuzinsky Maniac could not adequately perceive her actions during the attacks. Thus, officially in this case two corpses and three, but not four wounded, as the media and bloggers wrote. In addition, in numerous publications, the surname of the first victim, allegedly Sergey Makaryev, was incorrectly indicated. The aforementioned Supreme Court ruling does not contain this name at all — neither among those killed by Petrova, nor among the wounded — IA Kamornikov and N.P. Zhabin, as wounded by the maniac, and Efimov, Chernyaev and Isaev, the wounded. The episode with Petrova’s attack on V.P. Kiselev is excluded from the list of proven.

~ Who She Is And Why She Started Stabbing Men ~

Outwardly, she is a broad-shouldered, tall, masculine woman. From childhood she went in for sports. By nature, uncommunicative and closed. It is reported that she was observed by a psychiatrist from an early age. The girl (at the time of the crimes of Petrova was 24 years old) taught physical education in one of the Moscow technical schools, where, by the way, she was well characterized, among other things, as an organizer of extracurricular sports activities (weight-lifting section), an active athlete (Petrova was fond of swimming). With men, Maria Petrova, obviously, was not lucky due to character traits (and it is possible that problems with the psyche). The main reason Zyuzinsky Maniac started attacking males with a knife was revenge for the rape by a certain young man and sexual harassment at the workplace of an elderly colleague. Allegedly, it was these two cases that prompted Maria Petrova to cruel reprisals against men completely unfamiliar to her.

~ Her Behavior ~

From March to April, the Zyuzinsk Maniac attacked men with a knife five times. Beat in the throat, stomach or back to back. The attacks took place on the street, often with witnesses. The investigation then concluded that Petrova did not care in advance about where, when, and whom exactly she would kill. I didn’t think out ways to leave and, in principle, did not develop a crime plan. She was attracted by the manic desire to kill a man at all costs, no matter under what circumstances. 

The first Muscovite I. A. Kamornikov was killed by her on March 1 near the Varshavskoye metro station. At the end of the month, stabbing N.P. Zhabina on Sivashskaya Street with knife stabs in the throat of the “Zyuzinsky Maniac”. Until the end of April of the same year, when M. A. Petrova was detained, she managed to attack three more people with a knife (these are only episodes proved by the investigation and the court). 

Fortunately, the victims of the attacks survived. ... "Zyuzinsky maniac" was caught on April 23, 2002. Petrova confessed to the killings, and the forensic psychiatric examination recognized her insane, therefore, beyond the scope of criminal prosecution. Now M. A. Petrova is undergoing compulsory treatment in a special institution. The victims who were involved in this criminal case tried unsuccessfully to challenge the findings of experts and insisted that the Zyuzinsky maniac still go to jail. But the court refused them these requirements.

[«Зюзинская маньячка»: за что она возненавидела всех мужчин,, undated]


May 15, 1978 – Maria Aleksandrovna Petrova born
Mar. 1, 2002 – Petrova kills Sergei Makariev (20), stabbing him twice with a knife.
Mar. 27, 2002 – Petrova killed a 60-year-old pensioner, Nikolai Zhabin, by cutting his throat. 
Mar.-Apr. 2002 – 4 attempted murders.
Apr. 23, 2002 – Petrova arrested on soon confessed to everything; charged with killing two and attempting to kill four more people. The forensic psychiatric examination recognized her as insane. The victims who were involved in this criminal case tried unsuccessfully to challenge the findings of experts and insisted that the Zyuzinsky maniac still go to jail. But the court refused them these requirements.
2013 –Released?

Maria Aleksandrovna Petrova / Мария Александровна Петрова
“The Zyuzino Maniac” / «Маньячка из Зюзино»



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Hazel Allison, Double Black Widow Shotgun Ace – South Carolina, 1988

FULL TEXT: YORK, S.C. - Family members Thursday defended a woman who killed two husbands by pumping each full of No. 6 buckshot after a day of rabbit hunting and drinking liquor as a loving person who sometimes "passed a lick."

Hazel Allison, 48, was convicted Wednesday of terminating her second husband. Apparently, she is a creature of habit, because her first husband died in exactly the same manner - of a hole in the chest fired from a 12-gauge shotgun, officials said.

Both killings were preceded by a day of rabbit hunting and drinking beer and liquor, they said. Both husbands were hit on the right side of the body.

Both times, the woman said, she fired after her husband threatened her. Both times, she ran to a neighbor's house to call police.

"I've never seen anything like it," York County sheriff's officer C. J. Mitchum, who investigated the second killing, said Thursday. "Looking back at the old folder, from some notes and things that were taken, she essentially gave the same story this time as she did in the first case."

In the first case, when she was 28, Allison received a suspended sentence and probation for killing Billy Byers Johnson. This time, a circuit judge sentenced her to 30 years in prison for the Jan. 11 killing of Eddie Allison.

In both marriages, husband and wife hunted and drank liquor and beer together, family and investigators said.

And in each case, they argued.

Nearly 20 years ago, on Nov. 28, 1968, Billy and Hazel Johnson "got into it," her family said. In the heat of the fight, Hazel Johnson grabbed the single-barrel shotgun her husband pointed at her. She shot him, tearing a 1-inch hole in the right side of his chest. Johnson, 35, fell back into a chair and died.

"She gave the same story as this time," Mitchum said. "She said she was threatened, and they were fighting over the gun."

The first time, in the same court where she was convicted Wednesday, she got a two-year suspended sentence and three years’ probation on a manslaughter conviction. During her probation, she married Allison.

For 17 years, they were constant companions. They fished, picked blackberries and peaches and hunted rabbits. They loved to walk. They argued.

"She loved him," said Eddie Allison's niece, who asked not to be identified. "They just had problems like every other husband and wife."

They were just like any other married couple, said Annie Mae Lynn, the woman's sister.
"Sometimes, they got along, and sometimes, they didn't," Lynn said. Sometimes, they got in an argument, and sometimes, they wouldn't. Sometimes, they would pass a lick, and sometimes, they wouldn't."

On Jan. 11, after a 12-inch snowstorm socked the Carolinas, history repeated itself.

After hunting rabbits, Eddie Allison bought a six-pack of beer and a fifth of liquor. For two hours, the Allisons drank.

Then, according to accounts of the incident, Eddie Allison violently grabbed and twisted his wife's breast. Hazel Allison ran crying into the kitchen.

Two hours later, Hazel Allison said, her husband began cursing, hitting and threatening to kill her. She got the gun. They struggled for it. She fired, putting a 4-inch hole in his right side. He fell on the couch and died.

"It's like this is her answer to wife beating," Mitchum said. "She must have figured, it worked one time so I'll try it again."

Eddie Allison’s niece said maybe it’s a good thing the judge sent Hazel Allison to prison this time.

“Once you do it one time, you don’t ever get nothing out of your system,” the niece said.

[“History repeats in woman’s killing of 2nd husband like first,” The Tampa Tribune (Fl.), Aug. 19, 1988, p. 5-A]
Nov. 28, 1968 – Hazel Johnson murders Billy Byers Johnson.
1969 – Hazel convicted; 2 year suspended sentence and 3 year probation.
Jan. 11, 1988 – Hazel murders Eddie Boyd Allison (37, 35?).
Aug. 18, 1988 – Hazel Allison (48), convicted. Sentenced to 30 years in prison.




For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.

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