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7 Murderesses Who Expressed Their Preference for All-Male Juries

Chivalry Justice in Chicago – 1912 ◄


• Mrs. Louise Vermilya, accused of poisoning nine persons: “I do not believe a jury of women would do me justice. I should insist on being tried by men.”

• Mrs. Antonio Musso, charged with killing her husband: “I was ill treated and abused, yet a jury of women would feel sorry only for my husband. Women are too emotional and sentimental to act as jurors in grave cases.”

• Mrs. Harriet Burnham, charged with shooting her husband to death: “Women are spiteful. They would show no mercy to a woman. They would take pleasure in convicting me.”

• Mrs. Louise Lindloff, indicted for seven deaths by poison: “I want justice and women have been pretty successful in getting justice from juries composed of men. I want no women to sit on the jury that tries me.”

• Lulu Blackwell, charged with killing Charles Vaughn: “It would be foolish to consent to have a jury of women try me. I want man’s jury to sit on my case.”

• Margaret McCabe, charged with killing Edward Lee: “No women for me. If the State’s Attorney wants women juries, that is reason enough why I should not want them.”

• Elizabeth Buchanan, charged with the killing of Josephine Rice: “I would never consent to be tried by women, I should say not. I feel that I could only get justice from men.”


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The Tene-Bimbo “Gypsy Sweetheart Scam,” Husband-Killing Syndicate - 1995

It was known to many the “Gypsy Sweetheart Scam,” by its many victims, all defrauded, but not all murdered. But between 1983 and 1995, after a group of five deaths came to be linked to a Gypsy family’s murder-for-profit scheme San Francisco police gave the name “Foxglove” to the case – after the suspected death tool, digitalis, a heart medicine derived from the foxglove flower. Six elderly men were apparently murdered soon after being married much younger women, all members of the Tene-Bimbo Gypsy clan, based in San Francisco. It is suspected each was killed through poisoning with digitalis (heart medication).

Five victims were San Franciscans – Philip H. Steiner Jr., 93; Konstantin K. Liotweizen, 92; Nicholas C. Bufford, 87; and Stephen Storvick, 91; Harry Glover Hughes, 94 – a sixth was a New Yorker, Andrew Vlasto, 83. In the California cases, more than $1 million in cash, real estate, jewelry and automobiles was taken by the extended family, private investigators said. Suspects arrested in the scam were Angela Tene Bufford; her mother, Mary Tene Steiner; of San Francisco, and, in New York, Sylvia Mitchell. Daniel J. Castleman of the Manhattan district attorney's office said Mitchell was tied to the Tene-Bimbo group through her boyfriend, Ephrem Bimbo.

Police say the couple filled prescriptions of digitalis at a pharmacy across the street, poisoned food made at the deli owned by the Tene family, and delivered it to the homes of elderly targets. Investigative  journalist George Cothran reported in the SF Weekly that the case had been badly botched, perhaps deliberately, due to the association of a police officer with the suspects (“Poisoned Probe: How police bungled the exotic poison-for-profit case known as Foxglove,” SF Weekly, Dec. 3, 1997)

“The two original inspectors, Greg Ovanessian and Daniel Yawczak, were taken off the case in 1994 and now face internal police misconduct charges. They are accused of "engaging in conduct which subverts the good order, efficiency and discipline of the department" in connection with their handling of the early part of the investigation in 1993.” [Jim Herron Zamora, “8 accused of plotting poison murders,” San Francisco Examiner, Nov. 7, 1997]

Ultimately the three San Francisco women and their male associates were permitted to plead to fraud charges rather than homicide. “Mitchell was arrested in Las Vegas in June 1999, and pleaded guilty in June 2000 last month to manslaughter, admitting she stole $70,000 of Andrew Vlasto’s money – and drugged him to do it.” [Laura Italiano, “Death Was In The Cards – Schemer Married Old Man And Killed For $$,” New York Post (N.Y.), July 7, 2000]


Featured on TV program: Deadly Devotion, "Gypsy Seduction," Series 1: Episode 7. Jul. 16, 2013.










For more than two dozen similar cases, dating from 1658 to 2011, see the summary list with links see: The Husband-Killing Syndicates


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Treatment of Domestic Violence Against Women Before 1960

It is one of the greatest slanders of all history: that before the 1960s period, when marxist feminists were hired to fill jobs that would guide public policy, that society as a whole, and the police and courts, ignored, tolerated and approved of domestic violence against women.

Although the evidence contradicting this feminist lie voluminous, billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars are put in the hands of those who promote fraudulent information for their personal benefit (power, money) and to further their authoritarian utopian social engineering agendas.

Some readers will find dome of the punishments described in old news reports offensive to their ideas of treatment of criminals. Yet the point of this collection is not to offer an endorsement for each and every action described here, but to demonstrate just how, in the past, just how strong just how universal and was the male’s condemnation to the crime of domestic violence against women, despite all the propaganda that the public has been indoctrinated with that claims otherwise.



• Beaten to Death by Neighbors

• Beaten by Community Members

• Community Legal Fund for Victims

• Flogging

• Lynching

• “Lynching” by Gunshot

• Run out of Town

• Shamed in Public, Paraded while Seated Backwards on Donkey
– Colonial America

• Tar and Feathers


• Beating of Offender Personally by Judge, Magistrate or Alderman

• Beaten with the Belt & Buckle Offender Had Used on Victim

• Chained to Post in Public Area

• Flogging (Whipping Post)
1876 – California law
• Ordered to Kiss Victim’s Foot

• Ordered to Serve in Military During Wartime

• Placard Shaming “Wife Beater”

• Prison Term of Hard Labor Breaking Rocks

• “Scrappers” Corporal Punishment

• Sentenced to Chain Gang

• Sentenced to Prison or Jail

• Sentenced to Work in a Coal Mine

• Shaming with Photo Displayed in a Public “Rogues Gallery”


• You have been told that before the rise of feminism in the 1960s that domestic violence against women was tolerated by society as acceptable behavior and was not taken seriously by police and the courts.

You have been lied to. The people who told you these lies were paid to tell them you. In most cases you paid your own money (taxes and tuition fees) to be led to.

Here is one of countless pieces of evidence that demonstrate the truth.

• To see more eloquent, vivid evidence proving the lie and giving you the truth, see:

19th Century Intolerance Towards Domestic Violence

No, the claim that laws created by males were for the benefit of males is false. Yes, the "Rule of Thumb" myth has been proven to be a marxist-feminist hoax, taking an ancient English common historical notation published in the 18th century and extrapolating it into unsupported claims that 18th and 20th century United States communities, courts and legislatures (laws on the books) were in agreement with the18th century historical notation (Blackstone).


“[O]nly since the 1970s has the criminal justice system begun to treat domestic violence as a serious crime, not as a private family matter.”

From the entry: “Domestic Violence” on

This claim has been proven to be false.


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Philippa Mdluli, Swaziland Cannibal Cook – 1983

Philippa Mdluli, a 48-year-old restaurant owner in Swaziland was hanged on July 2nd, 1983 for the crime of murder. She had convinced one of her employees to provide a subject for a ritual of human sacrifice. The man offered up his 5-year-old daughter, Thuli Mabaso. Philippa Mdluli accepted the gift, slaughtered the child, chopped up her body and prepared the pieces for the delectation of her customers that were eager to eat the flesh of the girl.


Also, see a case in Nigeria from 2014: Police arrested 11 people and closed a restaurant after two human heads wrapped in cellophane were discovered at a hotel restaurant that had been serving human flesh. A tip-off led police to the macabre discovery in Anambra, Nigeria, with 11 people being arrested and AK-47 guns and other weapons being seized. Human flesh was apparently being sold as an expensive treat at the restaurant, with authorities saying that roasted human head was even on the menu. [Christopher Hooton, “Cannibal restaurant with roasted human heads on the menu' shut down by police,” The Independent (London), Feb. 12, 2014]


For more cases see: Cannibal Murderesses


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Nellie Sturmer Koulik & the Chicago “Arsenic Murder Trust” 1922

FULL TEXT: Chicago, Ill., Nov. 11. – The most amazing poison death plot in recent criminal history, involving recent criminal history, involving nearly a score of wives whose circumstances, is being probed tonight by the local authorities.

An “arsenic murder trust,” through which wives obtained large sums of money by serving poison dinners to their husbands and other relatives, has been revealed by William P. McLaughlin, Assistant State Attorney who is in charge of the investigation.

Two women, Mrs. Tillie Klimek, and Mrs. Nellie Sturmer Koulik, cousins, are already under arrest. All of the other women connected with the investigations are said to be residents of the same settlement in which these women lived.

“The evidence at hand warrants a thorough investigation of what appears to be a gigantic poisoning conspiracy.” McLaughlin declared. “I am convinced that that this will turn out to be the most amazing death plot in recent criminal history,” he concluded.

[“Unearthing Most Amazing Poison Plot In Chicago,” (syndicated UP), The Victoria Advocate (Tx.), Nov. 12, 1922, p. 6?]


EXCERPT from long 1937 article on the Klimek/Koulik case:


Here’s what the investigation charted up against Nellie.

1 – Wojcik Stermer, Nellie’s first husband, died in 1918. Body, exhumed, disclosed arsenic.

2 and 3 – Sophie and Benjamin Stermer, Nellie’s 7-month-old twins, who died within a month of each other in 1917.

4 –  Dorothy Spera, 2 year old granddaughter, who died in 1921, after her grandmother insisted that she be brought to her home for a simple cold.

5 – John Stermer, 22, Nellie’s son, who became ill in 1918 when his father died, but recovered. He declared he thought his mother had poisoned him.

Not a pretty list, even if you discounted something for rumor and something for the excited exaggeration of the neighborhood, and still more for conscience.

The “K” syndicate, pivot points in a murder syndicate, so it would seem, went around at the county jail, like two housewives who ought to be home scrubbing the floor. Nellie was good natured; Tillie was not. Nellie would pose for a picture, but made them wait while she slicked back her hair. Tillie would hide her face in her apron and shout ugly things. Nellie was forever doing washing, hers, or anybody’s. Tillie was always crocheting.

[Genevieve Forbes Herrick, “Killing Ladies,” Chicago Tribune (Il.), Feb. 27, 1927, Metropolitan Section, p. S-2]


EXCERPT: Mrs. Klimek sat alone yesterday. The state early in the day nolie-prossed the charge against Mrs. Nellie Koulik, but will try her later for the alleged murder of her first husband, Wojicek Sturmer.

[“How Mrs. Klimek Jested of Death of Husband Told – State Drops Case for Time Against Her Cousin.” Chicago Tribune (Il.), Mar. 9, 1923, p. 7]










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Domestic Violence: Non-Lethal Female-on-Male

This topical collection is new and has yet not been much researched by us. Thus this summarizing post is meant only to make it easier to find the articles in this category. Many more cases are to be added.

There are, of course, many collections of lethal female-violence in various categories (as well as categories of domestic violence by women against children and other adult women) already available on Unknown History of MISANDRY. See sidebar.


1860 – Mrs. Moriarty – Memphis, Tennessee (whip)

A wife is fined for horse-whipping her husband. He is fined for allowing it.

1881 – Mrs. Clarkson – Chicago, Illinois (acid)

Her husband was too handsome and so she was jealous. She corrected the situation by disfiguring his face with acid.

1888 – Mrs. Cochrane – Brooklyn, N.Y. (whip)

A jealous wife horse-whips her husband.

1888 – Mrs. Kluit – Oakland, California

A wife who, with respect to her husband, “had a prevailing hankering to carve out his liver with a knife.” She tried pistols too.

1888 – Mrs. Sterling – Philadelphia, Pa. (whip)

A wife horsewhips her husband in public.

1889 – Catharine Scully – New York, N.Y. (shovel)

A wife who critically injured her husband when she beat him on the head with a shovel.

1895 – Clara Gross – San Francisco, California

A wife deployed, over a period of many years, a dizzying array of assault methods against overly patient her husband. 

1896 – Jennie Dore – Boston, Massachusetts (glass shard)

A wife, separated from her husband, attacked her husband with a shard of plate glass, severing an artery.

1896 – Mrs. Henry – Atlantic City, N. J. (whip)

A jealous wife whips her husband in public. When he slaps her back he is arrested.

1896 – George H. McCluskey – Chicago Illinois (stalker, acid)

A wife whose husband left her stalked him to his new home town and threw acid on him.

1898 – Martha Place – New York, N. Y. (non-lethal, plus lethal)

A wife attacked her husband with an axe, but he survived. Her teenage step-daughter, whom she poisoned and threw acid upon died.

1900 – Mrs. Rigsby – East St. Louis, Missouri

"I am tired of being used as a punching bag for the development of Mrs. Rigsby's biceps," the husband told the Judge.

1900 – Lizzie Rutter – Hackensack, New Jersey

An exasperated judge jailed a wife after her fifth arrest for beating her husband.

1900 – Mrs. Ulter – Hackensack, New Jersey

The first woman to be convicted in Hackensack on the charge of “husband beating.”

1901 – Delaware – state law proposal on equal punishment

A legislative bill is proposed to give women equal punishment for crimes.

1901 – George Lewis – Boston, Massachusetts (hatchet)

Wife bought a hatchet to use on her husband’s head – she had her eye on another man – but he survived the attack.

1902 – “Enid Wife” – Enid, Oklahoma (razor)

Husband-beater slices up preacher with straight razor when he criticizes her for her violence.

1903 – Mrs. Cass – Lexington, Kentucky (whip)

The wife of an elderly war veteran who wanted to spend some of his savings on “having a good time” is told by a judge to give him a horsewhipping to convince him to obey her orders.

1904 – Mrs. Guinan – New York, New York (acid)

She threw acid in husband’s eyes and rubbed it in, causing permanent blindness in the right eye and probably also in the left.

1904 – Sarah Prather – Pueblo, Colorado

Chronic husband beater uses up husband No. 4 (She lied about him being the first). Willing to undergo repeated beatings, hubby nevertheless got tired of the wife bringing her paramours home with her. He got up the nerve to raise a ruckus and landed in jail for his shameless disobedience.

1906 – Emilie Benot – San Francisco, California (whip)

”Of course I horsewhipped my husband and I will do it again …”

1906 – Mrs. Gill – Los Angeles, California (whip)

A wife suspicious her jeweler husband has given away some diamonds prompts a hose-whipping conspiracy.

1906 – Irene Marsh – San Francisco, California (whip)

A wife whips her husband in a theater. She went after the other woman with her gun four years earlier and one year later than the 1906 whipping as well.

1906 – Jennie Cosgrove – Warrensburg, New York (acid)

An estranged wife, who had not seen her husband for two years, used the claim she wanted to see their 9-year-old daughter, to set him up for a vicious acid attack in which she broke a bottle of vitriol over his head and shoulders causing serious injury.

1907 – Eva Browne – New York, N.Y.

A diamond-studded wife thrashed her husband in front of police.

1907 – Margaret Hoppenrath – Detroit, Michigan

A wife who starting punching and kicking her husband four months after their wedding is finally called into divorce court.

1908 – Mrs. Christian – Berkeley, California (whip)

Headline: “Irate Wife Whips Husband In Street”

1908 – Anna Poppert – Chicago, Illinois (scissors)

Wife says, with respect to her treatment of husband: “I have a right to kick him or beat him if I like.”

1908 – Oscar Smith – Shelby, Ohio

Before a large crowd a  wife gave an unresisting husband “a stiff jab in the neck straight from the shoulder as one reads about in championship battles” and “several upper cuts.”

1909 – Josephine Eversich – Newport News, Virginia (bullets, hatchet)

Wife shoots husband giving slight flesh wound. Later the same day she shoots him in leg, shattering the bone. Weeks later, when he can walk, he bails his wife out of jail. But she gets annoyed again and goes at him with a hatchet.

1910 – Lucy Black – Middleburg, Kentucky

Arrested for beating her husband, a wife “goes dead” on police.

1910 – Mrs. Hopkins – Columbus, Ohio

A big man being seriously beaten by little wife in front of a Navy recruiter makes a bad impression on the military man.

1910 – Mary Randolph – Marion, Indiana

Wife arrested on a charge of “husband beating,” whose husband says she is “responsible for his disfigured face.”

1912 – Alice Cross – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A black eye and a pile of wrecked furniture inspires a judge to declare: ‘This husband beating has got to stop.”

1912 – Mary Dubal – Binghampton, New York (a suffrage activist)

A suffrage activist is jailed for husband-beating.
1912 – Mrs. Jefferson – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If husbands are severely punished for wife-beating, why not wives for husband-beating? So asked Frank Jefferson

1912 – Mrs. Masters – Medford, Oregon

A wife tied her husband to a chair, thrashed him with a garden hose, and dragged him into the street, leaving him there.

1914 – Mrs. Seamon – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Little Ralph Seamon, 1 year old, may pay with a scarred face and the sight of his right eye because his father danced the tango with a girl his mother doesn't like. Mrs. Seamon threw acid at her husband after the dance and it hit the child.”

1916 – Jennie Lodwick – Youngstown, Ohio (torture)

An Ohio wife’s ingeniously varied regimen of husband-torture is revealed.

1921 – Jesse Hassel – Dallas, Texas (acid)

Mrs. Hassel stalked husband and woman and attacked them with acid, seriously burning her about the face, arms, and shoulders.

1921 – Marie Mason – Baltimore, Maryland

A big wife and a little husband: he does not even strike back.

1921 – Henrietta McAvoy – The Bronx, New York (umbrella)

A wife, five months separated, sets up a meeting and viciously attacks, with her umbrella as her weapon, the husband and three policemen, who eventually conquered and arrested her.

1924 – Luella Stuart – Los Angeles, California

Wife beats husband with his wooden leg.

1925 – Madame d’Arpignac – Bordeaux, France (whip)

Husband wins court case and is immediately horse-whipped by his wife.

1925 – Grace Bernice Day – Los Angeles, California (acid)

Grace Bernice Day was one of the most notorious American acid queens. In her first marriage she gave her husband a black eye. In her second she poured acid on her husband.

1927 – Nellie Eickenhorst – New York, N. Y.

Headline: “Whips Her Husband As Crowd Looks On – Wife Beats Man Near Police Headquarters in Mt. Vernon Till He Is Partly Blind.”

1927 – Mrs. Stevenson – Sydney, Australia

A jealous wife beat her husband with a large stick.

1928 – Lillian Donnely – Sydney, Australia

A wife threw her husband “on the ground, and putting her hand inside his mouth, threatened to ‘pull his inside out,’” among other acts of aggression.

1932 – Nettie Harney – Norfolk, Virginia

Wife beats husband on wedding day.

1932 – John A. Meyers – Munhall, Pennsylvania

"She loved me like snakes."

1937 – Tuppie Seymour – New York, N.Y. (dog leash)

Wife beats husband with dog leash in public.

1946 – Inez Amyx – Tacoma, Washington

Judge gives wife permission to batter her husband if he “called her names.”

1953 – Myrtle Devlin – New York, N. Y. (torture)
A wife’s 8-hour-long torture of her husband leaves him almost dead, requiring most of his blood to be replaced. “He deserved it,” she said.

1955 – Gerda Thimm – Hamburg, Germany (torture)

A German wife’s ingeniously varied regimen of husband-torture is revealed.



Predatory Women & the 20th Century Extortion Scam Called the “Heart Balm Racket”: Quotes

The “Heart Balm Racket” is what the wide-spread and highly remunerative misandric practice came to be called. It is was the extortion scam practiced by predatory women who would, under false pretenses charm a well-heeled man and coax a man to give her written marriage proposals – written, so they could be used later in court, and in a minimum quantity of three, to satisfy evidentiary requirements – and then, after she had gotten her valuable court-ready documentation would then use all her art to make herself so unattractive a prospective wife that her suitor would retract the offer. They called these women “gold diggers”; the grounds of their law suits was termed “Breach of Promise.” These women were, in essence, highly sophisticated and dishonest-to-the-bone, blackmailers.

Nowadays, the practice of allowing predatory women to be remunerated – or given other advantages, such as lighter prison sentences – for falsely representing themselves as victims when in fact such women are cunning sociopathic con artists, is again institutionalized and legalized under the guise of feminism (cultural Marxism). It is instructive for us to look at, and learn from, past examples of scams run by predators of the “victimized sex” such as the Heart Balm Racket, the Badger Game, the Alimony Racket, the military Allotment Racket, and, finally, the worst of the worst, the “Black Widow” serial killing, women who married men and then murdered them, frequently for insurance pay-offs.

QUOTES – from historical articles included in The Unknown History of MISANDRY:

JUDGING by the falling marriage rate in the United States, American women seem less interested in wedlock than the women of European countries; yet no others complain so loudly nor so publicly when their hopes of wedded happiness are thwarted, and no others demand – nor receive – such expensive poultices for injuries to their pride, affections and expectations of comfortable support. …
The judgments rendered and the amounts awarded in this Land of the Free for breach of promise, alimony and alienation of affections are the wonder and amusement of Europeans, and are not equaled in any other country. When a woman is bereft of the love of an American man, she has, in the opinion of his peers, lost something of almost incalculable value, and great should be her compensation. – Mary Day Winn 1930 (source)

Breach of promise suits largely degenerate into extortion suits against unwitting, unsuspecting and wealthy males.
Many students of social welfare and relations believe present laws are archaic and nothing more than weapons to enforce revenge, retaliation or collect a nice stipend for the enjoyment of life. That the racketeering should be stopped is the belief of many lawmakers and, with Indiana leading the way, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania Legislatures may soon be considering revisions of their statutes that will take heart balm off the gold basis. – John L. Coontz – 1935 (source)

Wretches who moan that love is fickle
-- Here is the point about these squaws –
None of them ought to get a nickel!
Curb this Cupid-ity! pass some laws!

-- To A Legislator.” 1935 (source)

Thousands and thousands of dollars are being taken by unscrupulous packleg lawyers in such cases and it’s up to us to give a woman a chance to see how it will work. It is a start in the right direction and it will overcome the filchers.”
Senator Leo N. Smith of Indianapolis asserted that 999 out of 1,000 breach of promise and alienation of affection suits were nothing but “shakedowns.”
Let’s eliminate this evil from the good old state of Indiana,” he thundered.”-- 1935 (source)

In that period from the “Gay Nineties” until the beginning of the depression in 1929, the United Slates courts witnessed a miniature “Thirty Years War” of their own. It was no bloody strife over religious or economic issues, but the prolonged battle of the breach of promise suit. – Theodor Apstein 1935 (source)





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Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid

Acid throwing is in the news these days due to the prevalence of this crime in South Central Asia. Reported statistics show victims to be about 80% female. Statistics on the sex of the perpetrator are much harder to find (and have not been located by UHoM yet). The epidemic of acid attacks started, we are told, in the 1980s. These crimes are, every reasonable person would agree, are of the most cruel kind and are deserving of the most extreme condemnation. Yet the specialists who make an effort to publicize this horrible crime epidemic are classifying it as a :gender issue." The term "gender" when used in such a way universally connotes "women," specifically in the sense of "victimization of women by men." Perhaps this classification accurately represents the proportion of each sex in the victim category, but it does not accurately disclose the fact that a huge number of the perpetrators are women, women who choose to commit atrocious crimes on other individuals.

It is worth looking at acid attacks in the West. This was a common crime in the US and occurred in Europe as well. All of the cases listed her feature female perpetrators. This is not meant to suggest that men were less frequently the criminal. Yet since female criminality has been severely under-served by researchers ever since the beginning of criminology it is worthwhile to examine a sampling of such cases. The most overlooked category of criminal violence in terms of sex of perpetrator and sex of victim is, of course, female against female. The selection here will assist those who wish to understand what the historical record reveals about the veracity of VAWA architects and “our belief in the inherent non-violence of women.”

A large share of acid attacks by women involve what nowadays we call “stalking.”

From Wikipedia: One of the earliest recorded acid assaults occurred in 17th century France during Louis XIV’s rule. The use of vitriol, or sulfuric acid, became so widespread throughout Europe in the late 1800s that the term La Vitrioleuse was coined. La Vitrioleuse described women, the majority poor, who perpetrated crimes of passion against unfaithful mates or their mistresses in order to grotesquely disfigure them and ruin future amorous activity.



1865 – Margaret Boyle – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (stalker)

Mrs. Boyle pressured her daughter to marry the man of her choice. After the daughter divorced her mother-selected husband and remarried, Mrs. Boyle got even by throwing acid into the man’s face. She was arrested for assault and battery with intent to kill.

1879 – General article on female acid throwers (stalkers)

Satirical piece on the common crime committed by women who stalk and attack their victims with acid.

1879 – 3 cases: “Ellen,” Mary Chinnerny, Kate MacDonald – New York, New York 

“Ellen” was promised marriage and seduced by John McEnnerny, who then broke his promise. She sued him, won $500, but could not collect. McEnnerny, a wholly unsympathetic character apparently, then made fun of his victim. She got him back by dissolving his face and destroying one of his eyes with acid.

Mary Chinnerny attacked her fiancé, Bernard O’Neall, with acid, destroying one of his eyes and damaging the other.

Kate MacDonald got off with a light sentence for her attack on Joseph W. Taylor, by pretending to be insane, ending her act within seconds following her sentencing. MacDonald’s acid attack on Taylor, who had married another woman rather than Kate, was carefully premeditated and she was even assisted by an accomplice. (stalker)

1881 – Mrs. Clarkson – Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Clarkson’s husband was more good-looking than her. So he had to die. But the murder attempt failed so destroying his face with acid became “plan B.” 

1884 – Amélie Sangle – France (stalker)

Amélie Sangle separated from her husband. When his friend, Delinon, refused to disclose the new residence of the estranged husband, Amélie dumped acid on his face rendering him deaf and blind. The chivalrous jury felt sorry for her and found her not guilty.

1885 – Mrs. Stadelman – Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Stadelman was owed money by Joseph Schneider. He was slow to pay – repeatedly. Mrs. Stadelman decided to make him pay with his eyesight.

1887 – Maggie Lloyd – Reading, Pennsylvania

When Howard Potter learned that his fiancée, Maggie Lloyd, had a reputation for having an explosive temper, he set up a meeting so that he could, in the gentlest and most diplomatic manner, retract his proposal. The news prompted Maggie to take action. While seated in her parlor, the young man was offered a drink, which he declined. Maggie then shouted “Then take it this way,” and dashed the contents, acid, into his face. Potter was permanently disfigured. The left side of his face was made black and was “indented like a cancerous infection.”

1892 – Catherine Merkle – Akron, Ohio (stalker)

A middle aged woman was left by her much younger lover. She stalked him and springing from her hiding place shouted “I’ve got you now, take that,” threw a bottle of vitriol in his face. One of his eyes was dissolved and extreme damage was done to his face and neck.

1895 – Bridget Little – New York, New York

Widower George D. Smith, had a mother-in-law who loved him. But he did not to marry her, so she threw carbolic acid in his face when he decided one evening not to walk her home. He was not seriously injured, however.

1896 – Sarah Harris – New York, New York (stalker)

Stalker Sarah Harris threw a bottle of carbolic acid over John Schuss, at his home, and also over his mother, because Schuss refused to marry her. Fortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Schuss, the acid was diluted, but it was strong enough to burn their faces painfully.

1896 – Mrs. Heinebach – Butte, Montana (stalker)

“Because she thought her husband had been too attentive to another woman, Mrs. Edward Heinebach, wife of the manager of the Huston and Montana Mining Company, threw a pint of vitriol in the face of Mrs. Thomas Snelling last night. The fluid burned almost every shred of clothing off the woman’s body; her face and body were burned in a most frightful manner, and the sight of both eyes probably destroyed. Mrs. Heinebach and her sister, who accompanied her, are in jail. The condition of the victim is serious, and it is said there is no foundation for Mrs. Heinebach’s jealousy.”

1896 – George H. McCluskey – Chicago Illinois (stalker)

A man who left his wife leaves St. Paul, Minnesota for Chicago and is tracked down by his wife who then attacks him with acid.

1896 – Mrs. Otens – New York, New York (stalker)

Mrs. Otens had planned to shoot William R. Denman after he lost interest in her and began paying attention to another woman. Having failed to pull the trigger of her revolver when she confronted him, she tried another tack. She sprang from behind a bush and threw acid into the face of William R. Denman. William had blocked the attack with his arm, causing some of the vitriol to splash on his attacker. William was badly injured and blinded in one eye.

1897 – Edna Hitchens – Marietta, Ohio

William Beatty died from the acid attack of Edna Hitchens.

1898 – Martha Place – New York, New York

Martha Place murdered her young step-daughter, throwing acid in her face and then smothering her. After this she stabbed husband. The murder became a notorious case. The murderess was executed in 1899.

1899 – Mrs. McVean (victim) – St. Louis, Missouri (stalker)

A widow is stalked by a strange woman who throws acid in her face causing critical injuries.

1900 – Flora Worth – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Flora Worth, a prostitute, got drunk and threw muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) on Ida McNaughton, a landlady who had previously made some remarks about another drunken female, a fiend of Flora’s. When Flora threw the acid toward Ida’s face, the victim dodged the spray, receiving only a slight burn and damage to her clothing.

1901 – Nellie Clark – St. Louis, Missouri

Nellie Clark: “I had the acid put in a small jar, such as is used for salves. As I was talking to Cole I unscrewed the lid, and, thinking I had a good chance, dashed the acid at his lace. He threw up his arm, and this caused most of the fluid to rebound in my face. The pain was fearful. I followed him across the street and ran into a woman, knocking her down, as I entered the Chemical building. If Cole got anything he deserved it. I am not sorry.”

1901 – “Detroit Girl” – Chicago, Illinois (stalker)

A Detroit girl travels to Chicago to stalk the young man who had dated her but had rejected her and attacks him with acid. The Chicago judge find her innocent because, in his judicial view, he deserved the assault because he decided against marriage.

1901 – 3 cases: Kate Hayden, Mamie Sheehan, Amelia Fleming – New York City

“Made desperate by the complaint of her neglected daughter, Mrs. Kate Hayden, whose address is unknown, went to the home of Mrs. Ruth Murphy, at No. 615 East Eighty-first street, and attempted to destroy her beauty by throwing acid upon her face and neck.”

“Mamie Sheehan, of No. 206 Baltic street, Brooklyn, and Patrick Lane, of No. 55 Van Brunt street, were at a dance last night in the Brooklyn Dancing Academy, in Fulton street, opposite the Borough Hall. They has formerly been sweethearts, but during the evening Lane did not dance with her. After midnight, when the dance broke up, Lane went out on the street and met the girl, who then threw acid in his face. Then she ran away.”

“After being foiled in an attempt to rob her aunt for the benefit, the police say, of her lover, and after disfiguring herself for life with carbolic acid in trying to bolster up a false story of robbery, pretty Amelia Fleming, of No. 642 Evergreen avenue, Williamsburg, has left her home for parts unknown after making a full confession of her duplicity to the police.”

1901– Elizabeth L’Etoile – Lowell, Massachusetts

“John Bouchard, the alleged victim of [Mrs. Elizabeth L’Etoile’s] jealousy, was a sorry sight. He was brought over from St. John’s hospital in a carriage, and was accompanied by his wife, to whom he was married Sept. 26, and Dr. Robert W. Foster, of the hospital staff. He was led into the court room by Detective Laflamme and given a seat near the witness stand. The man is totally blind, his face is disfigured and his left arm burned. His face and head were swathed in bandages.”

1901 – Mamie Lee – Trenton, New Jersey

She threw acid, a material used in her workplace, at a fellow worker, causing life-threatening injury.

1901 – Anthony Myers (victim) – Newburg, New York (stalker)

An unknown woman attempts to blind a 16-year-old walking to school, but his quick reflexes save his sight.

1901 – Emily Weeks – Albany, New York

Emily Weeks, “to prevent her mother discovering forgeries amounting to $2,900 which she had perpetrated by the use of her mother's name, she threw carbolic acid into her face, almost blinding her.”

1902 – Pearl Aukers – Greensburg, Pennsylvania (stalker)

George Loughner return home from his honeymoon was attacked by his former sweetheart, who, although carrying a pistol, decided tot to kill him but instead to disfigure him by throwing acid in his face.

1902 – “Jennie Smith” (alias) – New York, New York (stalker)

A married woman with a 13-year-old daughter stalks a man for two years, demanding that he marry her (in spite of the fact that she had a husband). Finally, she attacks him with acid, saying, telling a policeman “If he had kissed me it would have been all right.”

1903 – Amelia Cooper – Boston, Massachusetts

“When John Mulvaney, aged 22 years, a stock clerk, of 276 West 118th st, told his sweetheart, 18-year-old Amelia Cooper of 1755 3d av, yesterday, that he did not want to have anything further to do with her, she threw two ounces of carbolic acid in his face from a tumbler she held in her hand. He was removed to the Harlem hospital, and will lose the sight of his right eye. He also was badly burned about the face and hands. The girl escaped.”

1904 – Mrs. Guinan – New York, New York

She threw acid in husband’s eyes and rubbed it in, causing permanent blindness in the right eye and probably also in the left.

1904 – Jennie L. Kleimenhagen – San Francisco, California (stalker)

After her live-in boyfriend left her, Miss Kleimenhagen demanded money from him and afterwards stalked him, attacking him with acid. Having failed to disfigure his face, she stalked him again and attempted to shoot him.

1904 – Hollet Snow – Springfield, Missouri

“Mrs. Hollet Snow dashed a glassful of carbolic acid into the face of Mrs. Mary Bunel. Mrs. Bunel’s face, neck and chest were badly burned and she probably will lose her eyesight. Mrs. Snow was arrested.”

1905 – Esther Hacken – Chicago, Illinois

Daughter blinds 70-year-old father with carbolic acid over disagreements.

1905 – Elizabeth Saferian – Fresno, California

A woman attempts to poison another woman with lye in the presence of a small boy. The target of the attempt gets her revenge by destroying the sight of the 3-year-old with the lye.

1906 – Jennie Cosgrove – Warrensburg, New York

An estranged wife, who had not seen her husband for two years, used the claim she wanted to see their 9-year-old daughter, to set him up for a vicious acid attack in which she broke a bottle of vitriol over his head and shoulders causing serious injury.

1908 – Kate Phipps – Lexington, Kentucky (stalker)

Mrs. Kate Phipps said to Miss Mary Ryan: “If I can't have rosy cheeks, you can’t. Everybody likes you: nobody likes me.” She then threw carbolic acid in her face and cut her with a knife on the cheeks and hands.

1909 – Mlle. Ducosset – Paris France (stalker)

Mlle. Ducosset stalked M. Verdier for a year. She threw acid on him and in spite of the severe burns managed to shoot her to death.

1909 – “Parisian Acid Stalker” – Paris, France (stalker)

A woman threw vitriol in the face of a man whom she did not know but had mistaken for her recreant lover. The victim lost the sight of one eye, but a Paris jury acquitted the woman. Afterward she and her lover were reconciled.
1910 – Eugenie Baujean – Paris, France (stalker)

Jilted lover Eugenie Baujean flung the contents of a bottle of vitriol in the face of her beau, a retired sergeant major of gendarmerie named Sarrasin. The corrosive liquid burned him about the face, arms and throat, inflicting such injuries as to bring about his death two months later. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

1910 – Mrs. Thompson – Eugene, Oregon (stalker)

An unknown “woman who entered the room of Mrs. W. S. Thompson in the Hall building and attempted to throw carbolic Acid in Mrs. Thompson’s face. The woman was masked. As she hurled the burning fluid at her victim, the stranger shouted: ‘Now I’ve got you where I want you.’”

1910 – Barbara Walton – Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania (stalker)

“Ten men were burned by carbolic acid when Miss Barbara Walton of Plymouth near here, made an effort to destroy the features of Thomas Price, a handsome young mine worker, of whom she was jealous, because he had, after paying attention to her, transferred his attention to another girl.”

1911 – Rose Abels – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (stalker)

Rose Abels threw the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid into the face of the woman whom she claims ruined her life and stole her husband’s love.

1911 – Susan Childs – Goldfield, New York

“Susan Childs, a pretty domestic, aged 21, is suffering from severe burns on the face and breast today, sustained when an unidentified woman, believed to have been prompted by jealousy, hurled a quantity of carbolic acid at her head. Miss Childs will be disfigured for life.”

1912 – Annie Raffleson – Chicago, Illinois (stalker)

“Annie Raffleson, the pretty Jewish girl, whose face has been described as that of the Madonna, is free today, through the humanitarianism of Judge Hines of the charge which might have sent her to the penitentiary. She recently came here from her country home to throw acid in the face of her lover who had given his love to another girl.”

1912 – Ann Heil – Buffalo, New York

“After throwing acid in the face of her chauffeur, Arthur C. Ferris, 34 years old, Mrs. Anna Heil, 29 years old, a widow with two small children, fired a wild shot at the man and then turned the revolver on herself, indicting n trifling wound in her right temple. The affair occurred as Ferris opened the door of his employer's motor car for her to enter.”

1913 – Mrs. Jones – Wheeling, West Virginia

A jealous wife attacks another woman with carbolic acid, splashing some of it on another woman, but missing her baby.

1914 – Mrs. Seamon – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Little Ralph Seamon, 1 year old, may pay with a scarred face and the sight of his right eye because his father danced the tango with a girl his mother doesn't like. Mrs. Seamon threw acid at her husband after the dance and it hit the child.”

1915 – Annie Cten – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (stalker)

A stalking woman who uses cayenne pepper, then carbolic acid and then a pistol.

1915 – Thomas Potts (victim) – Holtville, California (stalker)

“Authorities are looking for the mysterious woman who rode on horseback last night to the in of Thomas Potts, a local druggist, and hurled a phial of nitric acid in his face as lie slept. Potts’ eyesight is totally destroyed and his shoulders and arms are badly burned. He could think of no enemies or no reason for such an attack.”

1915 – Lottie Ribichka – Vienna, Austria

An aristocrat fails to secure permission from the royal family to marry his mistress. He tries to console her by offering to give her a large sum of money so that she might live well. She finds this unacceptable and destroys his face with acid and shoots him four times, then kills herself. After eight months of agony he finally dies.

1916 – Margaret Daig – New York, New York

Mrs. Margaret Daig was arraigned on the charge of throwing carbolic acid into the face of William Knudsen. She not only said she did it, but said she was glad she did it.

1916 – Jennie Lodwick – Youngstown, Ohio

Mrs. Lodwick, according to her husband’s divorce filings, employed carbolic acid along with a dizzying array of devices to make him miserable.

1919 – Mayme McConnel – Elkhart, Indiana (stalker)

Unknown woman rings door bell and when Mrs. McConnel answers Carbolic Acid is thrown in her face, scarring her for life and blinding her, probably permanently.

1920 – Alexandria Sokolowsky – New York, New York

“Mrs. Alexandria A. Sokolowsky, twenty-eight, widow of Frank Sokolowsky, representative of the American Federation of Labor, who died of carbolic acid poisoning in their home at New Haven June 20, was arrested last night and locked up in police headquarters and charged with murder. The detectives say she confessed she threw acid on her husband as he slept, because she had found love letters in his clothing and wanted to spoil his good looks.”

1921 – Jesse Hassel – Dallas, Texas (stalker)

Mrs. Hassel stalked husband and woman and attacked them with acid, seriously burning her about the face, arms, and shoulders.

1921 – Anna Irene Hopkins – Prescott, Arizona (stalker)

Mrs. Anna Irene Hopkins was charged with haling thrown acid into the face of Miss Lucille Gallagher, a school teacher. Mrs. Hopkins denied that she had tried to rub the acid into the eyes of Miss Gallagher as a witnesses to the affair charged.

1921 – Grace Jackson – New York, New York

When Alexander Hirsh, eighteen years old, a law student, employed as a clerk by the firm of Weis & Ottenberg, went to the apartment of Mrs. Grace Jackson, an actress, to serve a subpoena in a civil suit, the actress emptied a bottle of carbolic acid in his face.

1922 – Mollie Cantor – Atlantic City, New Jersey (stalker)

“Six people were burned, one woman seriously, a near panic occurred, and a play in Hebrew, ‘An Eye for an Eye,’ was brought to a stop at the Globe Theatre on the Boardwalk last night, when Mrs. Mollie Cantor,  thirty-six years old, … scattered the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid broadcast in an effort to injure Mrs. Mary Kolmetsky, thirty-five, … of whom she is said to be extremely jealous.”

1922 – Noelie Fayolle – Nimes, France

“Noelie Fayolle was angry. She threw vitriol at the man she had loved. But she was so angry her aim was bad. The vitriol burned 28 curious bystanders. Now Noelie must spend two years in jail.”

1924 – Grace Dolby – Columbus, Ohio (stalker)

“Three little children were made orphans tonight when a woman known to police as ‘Grace’ [Dolby] dashed a bottle of acid in their father's face while he was sitting in a downtown theater, causing his death before he could be rushed to a hospital. The victim was George B. Hackney 30, who according to Rose, aged 9 his eldest daughter, had been keeping company with the woman but had refused her repeated requests to marry her. ‘Grace kept asking papa to marry her, but papa wouldn't do it, so Grace got mad,’ the little girl sobbed night when told of the tragedy. Her mother died a few years ago.”

1925 – Grace Bernice Day – Los Angeles, California

Grace Bernice Day was one of the most notorious American acid queens. In her first marriage she gave her husband a black eye. In her second she poured acid on her husband. She was convicted of the crime and sent to prison. The photos of Mr. Day’s injury show grotesque scarring. Yet the acid was not a strong variety and did not penetrate to the deepest layer off the skin so it was possible, through a series of skin grafts, to restore his face. The victim decided to forgive his violent wife and worked hard to get her released from prison.

1926 – Ethel Millard (victim) – Dallas, Texas (stalker)

An anonymous woman hurls a pot of lye at an 18-year-old girl.

1927 – Mary Waite – London, England

“A [London] coroner’s jury today decided that Louis Fisher, refrigerating engineer of the United States Shipping Board steamer, American Trader, died from “natural causes” and that Mary Waite, 24-year old stewardess, did not intend to do him “any previous harm” in pouring acid over him while he slept.”

1931 – Anna Galloway – Spokane, Washington (stalker)

Miss Galloway found her love rival in the presence of the man she wanted for herself, so she poured acid on her. Newspapers reported that “the girl was seriously burned, and probably will be disfigured for life.”

1933 – Mariam Thompson – Maryville, Missouri

“Right into Mabel’s bright eyes, wide with surprise, Mrs. Miriam Thompson swished the acid as she cried: ‘You’ll never see my husband again, Mabel!’”

1938 – Betty King – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In a fit of jealousy, Betty King showered a man and his dancer-companion with acid last night in a Pittsburgh cafe.

1963 – Edith Nadine Beals – Corpus Christi, Texas image

Mr. Beals said he was inside his ex-wife’s car on Colonial Street and was writing her a check for a utility bill when she flung the acid at his eyes, permanently disfiguring him. “I knew it would keep him from raping me,” said the attacker. The victim said the accusation of rape was false.

1977 – Stacey Tinberg – Lynwood, Kansas

A schoolgirl attacked her schoolmate, Stacey Tinberg, 14, with acid because she was envious of her “Farah Fawcett” hair.

1985 – Jennetta Barnes – Lumberton, North Carolina

Threw acid on her boyfriend’s sister following an argument.

1995 – Salina Jones Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jones threw sulfuric acid on four people.

2005 – Rihab Hagelkhider – Albany, New York (stalker)

Rihab Hagelkhider attacked a group of people at a wedding reception with acid so powerful it melted the gloves of the Fire Department responders who provided first aid to the victims.

2006 – Mallory Rush – St. Louis Missouri, USA

Victims: a dozen persons, 3 of them permanently disfigured. Date of crime: Apr. 9, 2006; Chemical used was drain cleaner brand “Liquid Fire.”

2008 – Soni Devi – Malsalami, Patna, India

A wife and her extra-marital “love interest” pour acid on the husband.

2009 – Bhavanam Venkatravamma (49) – Gattikonda village, Piduguralla Mandal, India

Attack: Jun. 6, 2009; Gangiredd Saidamma (65, aunt)

Two women, related by marriage and having an affair with the same man arranged for three teenaged girls to attack the woman who had won the affections of the man who left them. The victim had sulfuric acid poured on her and was hit by a baseball bat and is severely disfigured despite a long series of surgeries.

2010 – Charlis Harris Chicago, Illinois (stalker)

Ms. Harris was accused of following another woman in her car, tossing acid on the victim, shooting her and then taking a hammer to the car.

2011 – Tikia Shauntice Anderson & Tamara ChrystalJackson – Oxon Hill,  Maryland (stalker)

Jealous Tikia Shauntice Anderson coaxed her friend to attack a woman with drain cleaner, injuring their target along with the 3-year-old daughter. 

2011 – Aarti Dikshit – Anand Vihar, Delhiu, India

Aarti Dikshit carried a bottle of acid in her purse which she used to punish her boyfriend for breaking off their engagement.

2011 – Angela Paterson Indianapolis, Indiana

The acid attack followed the victim’s having refusing to accede to Paterson’s demand that she give her half her pain medication following a visit to the doctor as payment for living in her home.

2011 – “Brooklyn woman”; New York, NY, USA

Attack: May 8, 2011; “Woman throws sulfuric acid on 59-year-old Brooklyn man, burning him and herself; motive unknown,” NY Daily News, May 9, 2011]; Man (59)

2012 – Erma Jean Broyles – Forrest City, Arkansas (stalker)

Erma stalked her ex-boyfriend and threw acid in his face.

2012 – Rith Savan (victim) – Phnom Penh, Cambodia (stalker)

It was the first acid attack in Cambodia since a new, harsher, law against the crime had gone into effect only six weeks earlier. A jealous wife was motivated, it is believed, by an imagined relationship between the victim and the stalker’s husband.

2012 – Mary Konye (22) – Dagenham, East London, England

Dec. 30, 2012, attack; Victim: Naomi Oni; at Victoria’s Secret shop.

2013 – Lourdes Keefe (56) – East Pensboro (Enole), London

Aug. 22, 2013, attack; Victim: Diane Ensminger.

2014 – Martina Levato – Milan, Italy

Nov. 2, 2014, attack; victims: Antonio Margarito, Giuliano Carparelli, Stefano Savi; Also allegedly threatened to castrate another ex; other threats

2015 – Ung Limey (21) – Cambodia

Oct. 5, 2015; Victim: Leng Socheata (23); Woman Throws Acid On Ex For Breaking Up With Her, Ends Up Burning Herself Cambodia's Leng Socheata broke things off with his fiancée, Ung Limey. In retaliation, Limey attempted to pour acid over his head.

2016 – Monil Mai (32) – Mukhdoom Rashid neighborhood of Multan, Pakistan

Attack: Jun. 17, 2016; Victim: Salaqat Ali (bf); married woman wanted boyfriend to promise to marry her and he refused.

2016 – Shamima Akhtar – Bani town of Jammu’s Kathua district, India

Victim: Mohammed Din (h); “Jammu: Woman throws acid on husband for remarrying; Shamima Akhtar flung acid on her husband of 10 years, with the help of her daughter and two other individuals, said the SHO.,” The Indian Express, Sep. 23, 2016

2016 – “Ghaziabad woman” (45) – Ghaziabad, India (stalking)

Attack: May 17, 2016; Victim: Dr. Amit Verma, veterinarian.

2016 – “Nellore woman” – Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

Victim: Girija (27) – Attack: Aug. 19, 2016;  After an astrologer told Girija's family that she would have a girl, the in-laws of the 27-year-old woman from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh threw acid on her stomach, NDTV reported on Thursday. It was the mother-in-law and sister-in-law who threw acid on Girija on August 19, the news channel reported. Neighbors took her to the hospital where she is now recovering from 30 percent burns. She already has one daughter.”

2017 – Liza Frazer – West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, South Africa?

Sep. 2, 2017, attack; Victim: Kelton King (common-law h)

2017 – “Woman from Nalasopara” – (25) – Goreagon, Mumbai, India

Jun. 9, 2017 attack, Victim: Om Solanki (26), boyfriend.

2017 – Lidiya S. (26) –Vijayanagar, India

Attack: Jan. 18, 2017; Victim: Jayahumar (bf); after acid attack she sliced his face with a surgical knife, leaving a 14 inch wound.

2017 – Huma Bindu (21) – Venigandala, Guntur district, India

Attack: May 23, 2017; Victim: Sheikh Mohammed Ilyas (24), died from attack

2017 – Ali Siangshai (57) – Pamra Kmai village, East Jaintia, Hills, India

Attack: Apr. 12, 2017; Victim: woman (20)

2017 – Yasmeen (30) – Luddan, India

Attack: May 23, 2017; Victim: Imram (35, h)

2017 – “Deula woman” – Deula village, Balasore district, India

Balasore, June 13: In a tragic incident, a woman belonging to Deula village in Balasore district was allegedly attacked with acid by her mother-in-law over a dowry issue. Sustaining severe burn injuries, the woman was rushed to the Balasore DHH, where she is stated to be in critical condition. As per the complaints, the woman’s husband and her mother-in-law had been torturing her since the marriage for dowry. After her husband beat up her earlier yesterday, unable to tolerate the heat, the woman asked her father to lodge a police complaint regarding the matter, to which her mother-in-law reacted and threw acid on her.

2017 – Margaret Masai – Soysambu, Ndalu, Bungoma County, Kenya

Attack: circa Feb. 6, 2017; Victim: Regindla (20); “her mother-in-law allegedly admitted to hospital after the woman allegedly threw acid on her legs and tied her to a pole inside a room – for two weeks “to rot.” According to the chief doctor, he received her on Feb. 22 with both her legs and fingers in a state of decay after the acid has liquified parts of her limbs.