Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Annie Cten, Pennsylvania Stalker & Acid Queen - 1915

NOTE: In today’s nomenclature, Miss Cten would be named a stalker. As with so many claims made by the people who make a living in the domestic violence industry, the idea that stalking is “gendered” (blamable on the male sex) is a bold-faced lie.


FRONT PAGE: Pittsburg, Pa. – Annie Cten,  aged 24, and Alexander Wesley, aged 30, both of 116 Birmingham st., Southside, were held for court by Magistrate James R. Watkins at the Southside police station this morning, the woman on a charge of felonious assault and battery and the man on a charge of pointing firearms. The informations were made by Commissioner of Police W. J. Kane.

The couple was arrested yesterday morning following a quarrel. It was testified that the woman was formerly married and divorced. Policeman John Stoeher testified that the woman alleged that Wesley agreed to marry her after she secured a divorce. According to the testimony of the policeman the couple never married, although they lived as man and wife. It was testified that three weeks ago the woman threw red pepper in the face of Wesley as he slept. Last Thursday she threw carbolic acid at him, according to the testimony of the policeman. The neck of the Wesley was slightly burned by the acid. Policeman Stoeber testified that yesterday morning the couple were both armed with revolvers and the woman threatened to shoot Wesley. The latter, in order to frighten the woman, fired two bullets in the floor, it was said.

[“Girl Accused Of Throwing Pepper And Acid On Man – Her Former Sweetheart Accused of Pointing Firearms. Both Held For Court.” The Pittsburg Press (Pa.), Jan. 16, 1915, p. 1]


 SEE: “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid” for a collection of synopses of similar cases.


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