Sunday, September 11, 2011

A German Wife’s Inventive Brutality: Gerda Thimm – 1955

Next time you hear some indoctrinated gender ideologue – of either sex – start spouting off how women art rarely instigators of violence and are oh-so-sensitive and caring because they belong to the superior gender, give them a dose of this (or others of the innumerable accounts available describing the violence of women).


FULL TEXT: Hamburg, Germany – Mrs. Gerda Trimm, 22, has been sentenced to six years in prison for mistreating her husband and trying to poison him.

Mrs. Thimm was convicted Wednesday of:

1. Dropping – on 13 nights – hydrochloric acid into the ears of her sleeping spouse.

2. Placing a splinter of a razor blade under his eyelid.

3. Placing rat poison in his bed.

“I wanted to make him look ugly because he flirted with other women,” she told the court.

[“Woman Is Convicted Of Subjecting Hubby To Spartan Treatment,” syndicated (AP), Kentucky New Era (Hopkinsville, Ky.), Dec. 8, 1955, p. 12]



For a similar case of relentless husband-torture, see: “Jennie Lodwick, Toxic Wife – Ohio 1916


For more cases, see: Women Who Like to Torture


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