Sunday, September 11, 2011

“The Bloody Innkeeper” of Pultoe & His Wife, English Serial Killers - 1675

An English tract from 1675, “The Bloody Innkeeper or Sad and Barbarous News from Glocestershire,” relates the discovery of seven bodies, one with a rusty knife embedded in its skull, in the backyard of an alehouse at Pultoe, near Gloucester. The property had been previously owned by an old Cromwellian soldier and his Scottish wife. The location was remote and attracted few patrons, mostly commercial travelers. The couple nevertheless made enough money from the enterprise to move on to larger quarters, selling the house to a blacksmith. As the new owner was digging a foundation for the smithy he was going to build he uncovered the buried corpses, all with clothing intact and various states of decomposition. The pamphlet was published just after the crime was discovered and before the beginning of the couple’s trial. The outcome of the story has yet to be found in the archives yet may surface eventually.

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