Thursday, November 22, 2012

Don't Miss This Important Film - Resistance is Victory

The Men’s Rights Movement must always vigilantly and assertively resist authoritarian protocols of power. Statism and collectivism in all their forms, however they might be labeled, are the enemies of those who love liberty and are a slow-working yet ravaging poison to our sons and daughters. To see what our “social justice” future will be under the surveillance state that in the West is growing like a cancer, adding new ugly cells on a day by day basis – and of which feminist governance is merely a part (albeit a central and vicious part) – do please take a look at the 2007 movie: The Lives of Others.

This understated movie chillingly illustrates where we are being led by: the collection of personal data by the State, the undermining of the Bill of Rights, the sensitivity training, the melding of the soulless international corporations and the hypocritical governing bodies, the “zero tolerance” guilty-by-allegation regime of the family courts, the deliberate dumbing down and the prescription drug-peddling in government-controlled education centers, the unaccountability of bureaucrats (whether, power-lusting, or amoral, or Marxism-indoctrinated or merely greedy) and the class warfare and the race warfare mantras broadcast into the entertainment-addled minds of sheeple. Hell on earth.

Yet … Resistance is victory.

Never accept defeat!


LINK to The Lives of Others on Youtube (still active as of Nov. 22, 2912).


Here's another very important movie about where the "social justice" system takes us. It is not on Youtube. Movies about leftist oppression are rare. This one is indispensable.


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