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Mary Ruth Rich, Military Bride Bigamy Fraudster - 1945

FULL TEXT: Much Wed – Brunette Mary Ruth Rich of La Grange, Ga., arrested in New York by FBI agents on charges of receiving Army allotment checks from two of her five husbands. FBI asserts she was first married in 1938, then married twice in 1941 to soldiers, while latest husband is Danish seaman she wed in June, 1943.

[“Much Wed,” The Taylor Daily Press (Tx.), Jan. 19, 1945, p. 6]


FULL TEXT: Mary Ruth Rich is a much-traveled girl for her 22 years. Her travels began in LaGrange, Ga., six years ago, and halted in the Federal Building yesterday. Her marriages – five – were always without benefit of divorce, the FBI said yesterday.

And from husbands three and four, both Army sergeants, she illegally collected allotment checks as it detailed her story thus:

Mary Ruth, an attractive brunette of 72 W. 190th St., first wed in 1838, when she was 16. Overlooking the larger legalities, Mary Ruth moved on to Phoenix City, Ala. There, on April 1, 1941, she married a soldier. Still no divorce.

~ Married Sergeant No. 1 ~

Four months later, Mary Ruth married a sergeant posted at Fort McClellan, Ala. He sent the bride to Buffalo to live with his stepmother. There she got his allotment checks.

A while later, Mary Ruth headed home to Georgia. And in November, 1942, she married sergeant no. 2 – a Fort Benning man. He, too, sent his bride north to meet the folks – in Niagara Falls. Mary Ruth cashed allotment checks there, too.

~ Back to Alabama. ~

But in June, 1943, Mary Ruth got tired of Niagara Falls. So back to Alabama – Mobile.  There, for the fifth time, Mary Ruth unblushingly became a bride. Husband No. 5 was a Danish seaman in the merchant marine.

When Mary Ruth arraigned yesterday, she was held in $500 bail, for removal to Newman, Ga., where she’ll face the check charges on a warrant issued in Atlanta.

[“FBI nabs Undivorced 5-Time Wife,” Daily News (New York, N. Y.), Jan. 12, 1945, p. C12]




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