Friday, April 26, 2013

Woman Tries To Stab A Policeman With A Hat Pin: Kitty O’Neill - 1896

Government schools teach our children that females are by nature  not aggressive and that they never initiate violence (and when they do, females are excused under ” so-called “diagnoses of supposed “mental illness.”) These schools are practicing intellectual fraud.


FULL TEXT: Policeman Hunt’s grip upon her wrist prevented Kitty O’Neill yesterday in Jefferson Market Court from jamming a long. Steel hairpin into the neck of Policeman Benning.

Kitty, who gives her address as No. 345 West Sixteenth street, was found in West Thirty-second street Monday night very drunk. Benning attempted to arrest her, and there was trouble. She is a large woman and attacked Benning viciously, tore his uniform, scratched his face, bit his hands, and it required the aid of two other policemen to take her to the station.

She wore few clothes when arraigned yesterday. Magistrate Crane fined her $5. She had no money, and was being led away when she whipped out a hairpin and, running back to the bridge, struck at Benning’s neck.

She was carried to a cell swearing in a horrible manner.

[“Woman Tries To Stab A Policeman With A Hat Pin.” The World (New York, N.Y.), Sep. 23, 1896, p. 8]


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