Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marie Bosse, French Serial Killer - 1679

Marie Bosse, or Vosse, also known as Hanivel of St. Layrens, was involved in the infamous Poison Affair of the French Royal court in the late 17th century, the central figure of which was Deshayes Catherine Deshayes (“La Voisin”). Bosse was arrested January 4 1679 and executed May 10 of the same year. A huge quantity of “white powders” and mercury were found in her home. Following Bosse’s arrest her relatives provided police with a list of her clients. One client was a Lady Ferry whom Bosse has supplied with arsenic-coated shirts used to murder her husband. Other witnesses would testify regarding Bosse’s poisoning activities that had “been mixed up in it for twenty years” and that “she has broken fifty marriages.” 

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