Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sister Credonia Mwerinde, Serial Killing Ugandan Cult Leader - 2000

Sister Credonia Mwerinde, leader of Ugandan Marianist cult of the Movement for the Resoriation of the Ten Comandments located in Kunungu murdered hundreds of her followers on March 17, 2000 by locking them in a worship facility called the ark that was pyrotechnically rigged. All door and windows were secured so that none could escape and then the building was set afire. The official death toll was set at 738. The fire was so intense that the many of the victms’ skulls exploded. Their corpses, many of them children, were buried in several mass graves. Sister Credonia disappeared and has not as of this date been apprehended.

Newsweek reporter Lara Santoro travelled to Kunungu to investigate the crimes. Santoro learned that as a young woman, Credonia was obsessed by fire. She had torched the possessions of a man who had failed to acquiesce to her romantic desires. Later on Credonia operated a bar and was once discovered by locals in the act of scrubbing blood stains from the floor of her establishment. It was suspected she had slaughtered a passing motorist. Locals told the Newsweek reporter that Credonia was believed to have murdered, with poison, her three elder brothers in order to secure their inheritance.


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