Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mme. Tamara, Serial Killer of Husbands as Human Sacrifice, Greece - 1928

FULL TEXT: Athens is much alarmed by the revelation of the exploits of a Russian woman named Mme. Tamara, but christened by the newspapers “Mme. Bluebeard.” The woman first appeared in Athens four years ago, announcing that she was a widow. She was devoutly religious, belonging to a peculiar Russian sect, and turned one of the rooms in her beautiful flat into a private chapel. She also installed a furnace for central heating, of greater size than seemed called for by the climate and the size of the flat.

After a year she married again – a prominent Chinese merchant, whom she converted to her faith. He was suddenly recalled to China – so Mme. Tamara declared – and in a subsequent letter, announced that he would not return. She then obtained a divorce under the easy system obtaining in Greece, and shortly after married another Chinaman, after similarly converting him to her own faith. Chinaman Number Two disappeared as quickly as his predecessor, and his wife could obtain no news from whatever.

Again she won the heart of a Celestial, but this third man was already engaged to a woman of his own race, who became so incensed at the breach that she employed detectives to trace Chinaman Number Two, so that the Russian woman might not be left free to marry again.

Investigations, it is alleged, led to the discovery that the bodies of the Chinamen had been committed to the flames of the large central heating installation, after their throats had been cut while they slept.

Mme. Tamara was arrested, and the police investigations have revealed, it is stated, that the two murdered husbands whose fate has been traced, were only the last of a series.

The police are convinced that she was influenced by abnormal religious mania, as, according to the tenets of her sect, she had converted lost souls by offering them up as sacrifice.

[“Arrest Of A Woman Bluebeard. - Mystery Of A Stove And Two Lost Husbands.” The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA, Australia), Jan. 28, 1928, p. 9]



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