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Nagyrev links

• Posts on INDIVIDUAL SERIAL KILLERS in the 1929 Tisza Valley (Nagyrev) case •

Christine Chordas (3 murders) executed
Julia Dari (3 murders)
Julia Fazekas (scores of murders) suicide
Juliana Foeldvary (3 murders)
Maria Kardos (Aszendi; Szendi; Kardos-Szendi) (3 murders) executed
Julianne Lipka (scores of murders)
Suzi Olah (scores of murders) suicide
Mrs. Louis Oser (3 murders)
Frau Palinka (7 murders)
Julia Sijj (7 murders)
Esther Szabo (multiple murders, including 2 family members) executed
Maria Varga (3 murders)


1929: HUNGARY – Nagyrév (in Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok county), Tisza Valley (Tiszazug)
Leaders: Júlia Fazekas (murdered 2 of her own husbands), Balint Chordas (“Czordas”), and Susi Oláh (murdered 2 of her own husbands)
Method: arsenic extracted from fly-paper; rat poison containing arsenic, toadstools
Number of victims: estimates vary from 30 to 100
12 serial killers: Christine Chordas (3 murders), Julia Dari (3 murders), Julia Fazekas (scores of murders), Juliana Foeldvary (3 murders), Maria Kardos (3 murders), Julianne Lipka (scores of murders), Suzi Olah (scores of murders), Mrs. Louis Oser (3 murders), Frau Palinka (7 murders), Julia Sijj (7 murders), Esther Szabo (multiple murders, including 2 family members), Maria Varga (3 murders)

Julia Dari
Balint Chordas
Júlia Fazekas
Juliana Foeldvary
Maria Kardos (Aszendi; Szendi; Kardos-Szendi)
Julianne Lipka
Suzi Oláh
Mrs. Louis Oser
Frau Palinka
Esther Szabo
Maria Aszendi
Maria Varga
Julia Sijj

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