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Margie Zeglen Killed Two Husbands With the Same Gun - 1952

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 3): Houston, June 30 – Mrs. Margie Zeglen, 34, sister of one of Texas’ notorious desperadoes of the 1930s, was jailed yesterday on a charge of murdering her 28-year-old husband Saturday night following a family argument.

Mrs. Zeglen was charged in Dallas in 1946 with killing Andy Robinson, her first husband. She told homicide detectives here a grand jury no-billed her on that charge. Mrs. Zeglen is the sister of Raymond Hamilton, a running mate of notorious Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, who terrorized the Southwest during the 1930s. Hamilton was electrocuted at Huntsville State Penitentiary in 1935 for murder after once escaping from the death house there, the only man ever to do so. Police said they believed Mrs. Zeglen fired her Belgian-made automatic from the dining room of the couple’s house here.

The shot went out an open window in the rear bedroom and hit her running husband in the head. Police said the one shot went accurately through the open door into the bedroom and on out through the window.

[“Husband Shot - Desperado’s Sister Held In Slaying,” syndicated (IP), Corpus Christi Times (Tx.), Jun. 30, 1952, p. 5]


(Article 2 of 3): Houston, Nov. 11. – The sister of a dead outlaw was sentenced to five years in poison Monday after telling a jury she killed two husbands with the same gun.

She is red-haired Mrs. Marie Zeglen, 34, her brother, Raymond Hamilton, was electrocuted in 1935 after becoming one of the most notorious badmen in Texas history.

Mrs. Zeglen shot her husband Michael, through the head outside their home June 28. She said she Was just trying to scare him after he threatened to “beat her to death.”

“Did you shoot with that pistol in Fort Worth in 1946?” Prosecutor R. H. Gallier asked.

She replied. “I used it to kill my first husband.” He was Andy Robinson. A grand jury refused to indict her in that case.

[“Husband-Killer Given Five Years,” syndicated (AP), Corsicana Daily Sun (Tx.), Nov. 11, 1952, p. 1]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 3): Houston, Jan. 17. – The red-headed, trigger-happy sister of the late gunman Raymond Hamilton said today a customer in her bar insisted on finding out how tough she is. She shot him.

It was the third time Margie Zeglen, 35, had brought down her man with a gun.

She killed the first two, her husbands. But Jessie Donald Muirhead, of Baytown, hung on today in critical condition from three bullet wounds. She said she only wanted to scare him.

About the same time Muirhead was being shot late last night, Mrs. Zeglen’s son was caught carrying on in the Hamilton tradition by trying to rob a Wichita Falls drug store.

He is 20-year-old Raymond Fairris (first name in honor of his uncle Ray, a running mate of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker in the ‘30s.)

Fairris and Henderson Weldon Wyatt, 29, a man well known by Houston, Galveston and Wichita Falls police, were charged with burglary.

Mrs. Zeglen was charged here with assault to murder.

Her version of the shooting differed considerably from Muirhead’s.

He said: “I was in the tavern with a buddy. We had a few beers. The woman who ran the joint wanted me to set up the drinks on the house. This brought on an argument. She shot me.”

With her attorney standing by, Mrs. Zeglen told reporters:

“Muirhead was drunk when he came in the place. He brought a bottle of whisky [sic] with him and wanted set ups, but I refused to serve him.”

She quoted Muirhead as saying: “I know who you are. You’re Raymond Hamilton’s sister. I’m going to find out how tough you are. I’ve always wanted to whip a Hamilton.”

She continued her story:

“The man with him led Muirhead out of the door. When he tried to get back in the place I fired once at the ceiling. Later, when he insisted on coming back in, I fired twice at the floor.”

Her attorney interrupted:

“The bullets must have ricocheted from the concrete floor and struck Muirhead.”

Mrs. Zerglen said she called police.

Mrs. Zeglen was out of jail on appeal bond after having been convicted on the pistol slaying of her second husband, Mike Zeglen, and given five years in prison. She was never tried for the shooting of her first husband in Fort Worth in 1946.

~ Freed on Bond ~

She was released today on $1000 bond in the shooting of Muirhead.

Young Fairris was freed on bond recently after a grand jury indicted him in the recent $10,500 robbery of a Houston jewelry store. He was on parole then from a burglary sentence in Kansas.

Wichita Falls Chief Detective Chris Jensen said Fairris and Wyatt were “caught red-handed.”

Hamilton grew up in rough, tough and dirt-poor West Dallas. As a member of the notorious Clyde Barrow-Bonnie Parker gang he won infamy in a series of bloody bank robberies.

He was the only man ever to escape from death row in the Texas state prison but was recaptured and executed in 1935.

[“Third Man Brought Down by Trigger-Happy Woman,”  syndicated (AP), Spokane Daily Chronicle (Wa.), Jan. 17, 1953, p. 1]



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  1. This was one bad ass women. I think she was probably pretty cool. Just not gonna let some man run over her. I like her

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    History is full of such "cool" women, despite the fact that most of them are forgotten following the advent of gender ideology as an official State religion.

  3. Saw her on Deadly Women.She is no-nonsense and wouldn't mind killing you with her pistol.

  4. I have read of her and I just watched the Deadly Women episode containing her story. She was as ruthless as can be. The fact that she ran a bar as a woman in 1950's TEXAS only shows a small bit of how self-motivated and fearless she was. The unfortunate part is she would do anything to preserve her sense of self. Never question this woman's self-belief! Cold-hearted as they come.