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Marilyn Schueler's Brutal Murder of Her 8-Year-Old Stepdaughter - 1935

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Oct. 23 – Opposing alienists hovered in the background today as Mrs. Mildred A. M. Schueler implored a jury of Connecticut Yankees to believe she never meant to murder her eight-year-old stepdaughter, Marilyn Schueler. Half led, half carried, she faltered back to the witness stand hoping to talk her way out of a possible life term.

“I never intended to kill the child – I had no control of myself – I don’t remember. I can’t remember what I did.”

The 12 in the jury box stared sternly. All but two have children of their own. All have heard her confession. They have listened to the story of little Marilyn being tied hand and foot, beaten and crushed to death by the stepmother.

The former Skidmore college girl calls it an act of temporary insanity. The state calls it malicious fury.

[“Child Killer Makes Passionate Plea,” syndicated (INS), The Lowell Sun (Ma.), Oct. 23, 1935, p. 1]


FULL TEXT (photo caption; Article 2 of 2): Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 25 – Gates of Niantic prison farm for women clanged shut for Mrs. Mildred M. Schueler, convicted of second degree murder for a fatal beating administered to her eight-year-old stepdaughter, Marilyn. Sentence of life imprisonment, the maximum, was imposed by Judge Rufus Booth after a jury of New England farmers returned the guilty verdict.

[“Life in Prison,” The Circleville Herald (Oh.), Oct. 25, 1935, p. 1]


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