Friday, January 1, 2010

Anti-Misandry 101 – “Setting the Record Straight”

"Setting the Record Straight on the Men's Movement" - revised version, May 9, 2021 (41 illustrations) 

--- Now with full footnotes ---

“Most people assume that the men’s rights movement is a backlash of reaction to gender feminism of the 1960's. Not so. Not even close. Robert St. Estephe tells our story here, with clarity and conviction. A spectacular effort by a great writer.” (Paul Elam, editor of A Voice for Men)


13 topics are discussed in an attack on the "false narrative": the post-1960s fabricated history regarding the relations between the sexes preceding the 1960s:

Alimony, Men’s Rights Organizations, Female Men’s Rights Activists, Heart-Balm Racket, Badger Game & Other Rackets, Military Rackets, Chivalry Justice, Female Serial Killers, Domestic Violence Against Women, Ransom Child Kidnapping & Parental Kidnapping, Parental Alienation, The Disengaged Father, Misandric Fixation, Origins of the word “Misandry.”

LINK to article "Setting the Record Straight on the Men's Movement"


EXCERPT (first paragraphs):

Let us now embrace our true – yet utterly forgotten – men’s rights history. Now is the time to throw off myths we have been sold by the peddlers of the orthodox historical narrative. For much of what we believe to be true about the relations between the sexes in the past is, in reality, nothing but fake history; a sheaf of fables fabricated and promoted by social constructionist ideologues.

What is offered in this article is an introduction to the unknown history of 13 subjects I believe are crucial to today’s men’s rights movement. These 13 subjects are areas in the history of the relations between the sexes which have been obfuscated and defaced by an army of academics and policy-shapers who, in their effort to promote utopian agendas for the future, have been, over the past five decades, distorting and censoring the record and have peddled to the public a narrative deliberately tailored to seduce it into accepting a totalitarian set of protocols handed down from above and rolled out by a gigantic and powerful bureaucracy.



  1. This site is of major importance and Kudos to Robert for making it. However it REALLY needs a proper domain, and professional "Museum archive" type quality interface with full databasing, cross reference, timelines etc. I don't think the importance of the material on this site should be underestimated, I would like to see the Men's rights chaps and Robert take all the material on the site , categorise it, label it and make a truly professional stand alone site site to show to the world.

  2. Very good research, but this is not a history of a men's rights movement, it is an internal audit of the female universe. Here, these women defend husbands, brothers, fathers, never men. If anything, they create an emergency blockade against crook sluts. Even today, it is very difficult to see a feminine equivalent of the feminist man. Sorry, my own anti-feminist work on the internet since 2006 (I am Brazilian, but you can go to to see my english texts) does not let me impress easily.

    1. "Setting the Record Straight" was not presented as "a history of the men's rights movement." It does, however, present unknown information such as that on Hoeberth. The articole was designed to set the record straight in a number of misperceptions about "gender" history that have been promulgated by the academy and the popular press about "gender" matters, specifically to cause MRAs to take reponsibility for doing their own research and challenging the academic Marxist ideology-distorted "narrative." The article's intentions are made clear in the intro and closing. If it was meant to be a (complete or abridged) "history of a men's rights movement" (complete or abridged) the article would have stated to. But it would have required a full book and contributions from multiple authors -- not a signle article -- to accomplish that task.