Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I LOVE Hate Speech

My hate speech: Genders and races I hate, Hate, HATE!

Genders I hate (“gender” is, according to orthodox politically correct Neo-Marxist Royalty, a cultural construction):

1) The censorious gender, the one that creates algorithms that censor anti-Marxist information. I hate them.
2) The equity gender that, like Khmer Rouge, seeks a utopia of the sort satirized in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron.” I hate them.
3) The gender that attempts to make boys into girls by: a) banning phonics, b) by radically reducing needed physical activity, c) drugging them to make it easier for semi-educated misandric so-called “teachers” to control in their perverse brainwashing centers (“schools”). I hate them.
4) I hate the gender that is identifiable as “silicon fascism,” a gender therm that describes tech totalitarians who are trying to socially engineer the world to fit their malinformed and perverse Cultural Marxist anti-science ideology. I hate this silicon fascism gender.

Races I hate (“race” is, according to orthodox politically correct Neo-Marxist Royalty, a cultural construction):

1) The anti-“whiteness” race, the one that imitates the anti-Jewish Nazi ideology and combines it with the Gramscian “hegemony” marginalization strategy resulting in an agenda for the extermination of “whiteness.”

Fact: Weissen raus. = Juden raus.

I hate these anti-“whiteness” people.

2) The anti-humanity race, the one that prefers animals over humans. I hate these anti-humans. I hate these beast supremacist scum.
3) I hate the utopianist control-freak race that creates and enforces authoritarian bureaucracies that enforce totalitarian affirmative action and politically correct “equity,” which destroys institutions and individuals by rejecting merit. I despise these members of the control-freak race.
4) The race that promotes IQ-genetics denialism and sex-biology denialism, resulting in corrupt sadistic pedagogy (Columbia Teachers College) that creates systems that abuse children with above average IQ and abuses children that are members of the sex that requires greater quantities of physical activity and more reason-based learning methods.

Gender and race are merely social constructions, right? I hate, Hate, HATE these genders and races!

All the above is HATE SPEECH, and I LOVE it!

If you don’t like it go throw yourself off a minaret, or go get tortured to death in a socialist gulag, or go death-panel yourself, or go “post birth abortion” abort yourself, or go lock yourself up in a college “safe space” padded cell.

Long live hate speech!




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