Thursday, August 16, 2018

2 Rare Books: “Rare” because they tell big truths that few are willing to speak

Shining a light on the experiences of the politically incorrect half of humanity.


"Sons of Feminism" is the sister book to "Daughters of Feminism," edited by David Shackleton. Feminist leaders tell us that men are entitled and powerful. Janice Fiamengo actually asked men what it is like to be male in a feminist culture--and they responded. These 25 stories may surprise you with their accounts of men belittled, disliked, dismissed, blamed, falsely accused, and discriminated against under law—all while being expected to apologize for their “male privilege.” The volume includes a substantial introduction by the editor, Janice Fiamengo, and an Appendix of Recommended Reading.

Janice Fiamengo, creator of the Fiamengo File YouTube series at Studio Brulé, is a writer, professor of English, and advocate for men’s issues and free speech. She teaches literature at the University of Ottawa and is the author of The Woman’s Page (2007), a study of early Canadian female journalists, as well as of numerous periodical essays and edited books. She has also published online articles criticizing feminism and political correctness in magazines such as PJ Media and FrontPage. She lives in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario with her husband, poet and songwriter David Solway.

The sister book to "Sons of Feminism" (2017) by Janice Fiamengo, "Daughters of Feminism" presents the stories of 30 women about how they came to gender balance, to an appreciation for the legitimacy of men’s issues as well as women’s issues. These are stories of triumph in the search for truth within a culture of denial and misdirection, by women who love men and want to heal the modern misperception of men.

Contributors include Cassie Jaye, Karen Straughan, Diana Davison, Janice Fiamengo and Barbara Kay.


• “Honest and brave: women telling their stories - I couldn’t put the book down.” – Erin Pizzey, founder of the world’s first women’s shelter.

• “Daughters of Feminism is a heartfelt, powerful collection of essays by women on what’s really wrong between the sexes today. Passionate, eclectic and engaged, these essays and their authors challenge conventional thinking from many perspectives, often backed by harrowing personal tales.” – John Robson, National Post columnist and documentary filmmaker.

• “Daughters of Feminism is almost a miracle in this age of #MeToo triumphalism; a collection of essays by women who dare to think critically about themselves as women. Most important, the authors actually care about men, and not only about the men in their own lives. No matter how remote the possibility of inter-sexual dialogue seems right now, these essays offer hope for its eventual realization.” – Paul Nathanson, co-author of Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture and other books on misandry.

• “Introduced with his own wisdom and passion, David Shackleton here presents an ocean of truths rarely expressed — the gender truths that are missing. 30 courageously honest women reveal their awakening from hostility, blame and victim. A real eye-opener, Daughters of Feminism ultimately leads to an evolution in inter-sex unity, balance, fairness and forgiveness.” – Tim Goldich, author of Loving Men, Respecting Women; The Future of Gender Politics.




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