Sunday, June 19, 2011

Men’s Rights ARE Human Rights

Whose picture is that?

Answer: Sigurd Hoeberth, founder of the first men’s rights organization, established in 1926.


If you are new to the Men’s Rights Movement you need to become a regular reader of A Voice for Men.

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned participant, you need to become familiar with the historical facts that have by hidden from you by the fraudulent narrative known as “herstory,” which is little more than a politically correct fairy tale.

The Unknown History of Misandry: GREATEST HITS is the place to start. You won’t believe you’re eyes!


Men's Rights ARE Human Rights!

This as an unwelcome message to feminists, who for decades have been repeating false allegations against the entire male sex, while at the same time censoring the facts about the relations between the sexes both in the past (history) and the present. Feminism is now a large and lucrative industry and many persons, of both sexes, depend upon the creation and perpetuation of fraudulent claims for their livelihood. They have a strong financial interest in promoting the idea that “Men's Rights are NOT Human Rights.”


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