Wednesday, April 4, 2012

“Professor Brainwash” – Proponent of Psychologic Totalitarianism

Professor Kari Norgaard, who teaches sociology at the University of Oregon (and Walla Walla, Washington), wants you to obey the social control agenda of the former “man-made global warming” agenda, now the “Climate Change” agenda, invented by the fugitive billionaire Maurice Strong, which will control every aspect of your life.

Learn about how you need to be treated for not accepting social engineering agendas handed down to us serfs by the superior experts who populate the increasingly internationalized (anti-Constitution) government here:

British eugenics is what gave the Third Reich its “umph,” but present-day eugenics with the new science of DNA is much, much WORSE.

Some of the social engineering weather alarmists call themselves “Green Fascists” and discuss the joys of “Eco-fascism.”


This story has become a
“You Tube Now Banning Videos Critical of Global Warming Alarmism”

Damage control caught red-handed (or should we say green-handed):
“Rewriting history: “treatment” of climate skeptics disappears from University of Oregon press statement”

Related insanity promoting eco-totalitarianism:
“The National Wildlife Federation Jumps The Shark”

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