Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Victory Over Tyranny

For all the kidnapped children, the warrantless seizure of property, the debtor’s prisons, the judicial theft, the endless perjury against and extortion of fathers, the denial of due process, the SSRI poisoned children, the innocent kidnapped and caged men, the lawyer-bankrupted men, the CPS-kidnapped, CPS-ignored and CPS-tortured children, the slandered men and boys, the indoctrinated children, the innumerable betrayals by the bribed-up elected servants, the bankster counterfeit larcenies of astronomical proportion, the depleted uranium poisoning of our soldiers and of innocents of foreign lands.

The mincing measured rhetoric and manipulations of the professors of the dry rotted halls of the decaying universities and the of temples of cynicism, the bureaucracies and the vapid pained faces of the emasculated and whorish television puppets no longer sway our minds or our hearts. Yes, we are bruised and bloodied and our dearest treasures robbed from us, yet we shall pick ourselves up, despite our burning wounds and we shall fight with all our spirit – when the right time comes. And we will – you may be sure of it – defeat our enemies, those hollow ones, those weak would-be controllers who would rule us and would sap us of our very souls if we allowed them, those officious and credentialed self-deceived lords of emptiness – the vain intellectuals with their materialist dogmas – and those thieving soulless money-changers in their palaces built with our stolen goods.

The answer to 1984 is 1776 all over again.


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