Monday, May 10, 2021

Setting the Record Straight on the Men’s Movement (illustrated)


LINK: Setting the Record Straight on the Men’s Movement

By Robert St. Estephe

Originally published: February 20, 2012 / Republished with new images May 10, 2021

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This article, originally published in 2012, gives an overview debunks myths and offers forgotten history on matters of “gender history.” It has been republished with new illustrations, now totaling 41 images. The article has been translated into Persian and Portuguese and published on foreign language websites.


EXCERPT – opening paragraphs:

Honest history is the weapon of freedom. – Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Let us now embrace our true – yet utterly forgotten – men’s rights history. Now is the time to throw off myths we have been sold by the peddlers of the orthodox historical narrative. For much of what we believe to be true about the relations between the sexes in the past is, in reality, nothing but fake history; a sheaf of fables fabricated and promoted by social constructionist ideologues.

What is offered in this article is an introduction to the unknown history of 13 subjects I believe are crucial to today’s men’s rights movement. These 13 subjects are areas in the history of the relations between the sexes which have been obfuscated and defaced by an army of academics and policy-shapers who, in their effort to promote utopian agendas for the future, have been, over the past five decades, distorting and censoring the record and have peddled to the public a narrative deliberately tailored to seduce it into accepting a totalitarian set of protocols handed down from above and rolled out by a gigantic and powerful bureaucracy.


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