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Early Men’s Rights Activism

1890s   New York Alimony Club (informal)
1896    Anti-Bardell Bachelor Band, Atlanta Georgia. Formed to fight against a national campaign headed by activist Charlotte Smith (Women’s Rescue League) to promote a tax on bachelors. Another, similar effort was made by the Hoboken Bachelor’s Club in Hoboken, New Jersey.

1898    League for Men’s Rights, London, England – William Austin
1908    E. Belfort Bax, England, major political writer who called feminism a fraud and discussed “female privilege.”

1911    Anti-Alimony Association, New York.

1912   George Esterling – Denver, Colorado.

1925   Samuel Reid, “Alimony Sam,” the “alimony martyr” of California.

1926    Bund für Männerrechte, Vienna, founded by Sigurd von Hoeberth (Höberth)  and Leopold Kornblüh in March 1926. In January 1927 the Bund split into two organizations circa: Aequitas (Hoeberth), Justicia (Kornblueh); journal “Self-Defense.”

1926    Themisverbandes (Men’s Rights organization for female members, Sigurd Höberth von Schwarzthal). The founding of this organization led to a schism in Bund January.

1927    Aequitas Weltbund für Männerrechte (Aequitas Word Federation for Men’s Rights) (international), Vienna, following a schism in Bund für Männerrechte (Federation for Men’s Rights). This was Sigurd Hoeberth’s new organization for men’s rights which welcomed female members.

1927    Justitia Verein für Männer und Familienrecht (Justitia Society for Men’s Rights and Family Rights), Vienna, founded by  Leopold Kornblüh following a schism in Bund für Männerrechte (Federation for Men’s Rights). This group did not allow female members.

1927    Alimony Club of Illinois, Society of Disgruntled Alimony Payers, Chicago, founded by Dr. Vernon B. Cooley and second wife, Mrs. Bessie Cooley.

1927    Alimony Payers Protective Association, led by Robert Gilbert Ecob.

1927    Milwaukee Alimony Club, Wisconsin.

1927    Fifty-Fifty League, London; manifesto “The Sex War;” led by John MacArthur.

1928    Tibet Men’s Rights organization (name of org. unknown), founded by Amouki.

1929    World’s League for the Rights of Men, United Kingdom section, founded by  Geoffrey Kimber, London.

1930    D. A. M. Association, Kansas City, Missouri, founded by French L. Nelson.

1930    National Sociological League, Dr. Alexander Dallek, executive secretary (another link).
1932    Alimony Club of New York County (Adolph Wodiska) (cited Jan. 9, 1932).

1932    Ohio Alimony Association, Cleveland, Ohio.

1933    National Divorce Reform League, Theodore Apstein (cited Feb. 14, 1933).

1935    Alimony Reform League, New York.



►• CHRONOLOGY of Established Organizations

1926 – May 27 (?) – Bund für Menschenrechte – Vienna, Austria – (split into 2 organizations: Equitas & Justicia) – Sigurd Hoeberth

1928 – Aequitas (Equitas) – Vienna, Austria – (from schism of Bund, members of both sexes) – Sigurd Hoeberth

1928 – Justicia – Vienna, Austria – (from schism of Bund, restricted to male members) – Joseph Kornblueh

1927 – May 13 (incorporated) – American Alimony Payers Association – New York City – Robert Gilbert Ecob

1927 – Jun. 2 (founded) – Alimony Club of Illinois – Chicago – Vernon Cooley

1927 – Sep. 12 (founded) – Milwaukee Alimony Club –  Wisconsin – Dr. H. W. Taylor,

1927 – Fifty-Fifty – London, England – John MacArthur

1928 – Name of organization unknown – Tibet – Amouki

1930 – National Sociological League – New York City – Dr. Alexander Dallek

1932 – National Divorce Reform League – New York City – Theodore E. Apstein

1935 – Alimony Reform League of New York – Jack Anthony

1960 – Divorce Racket Busters (incorporated 1961 as U.S.A. Divorce Reform, Inc.) – California – Reuben Kidd

1961 – Nov. 20 (incorporated) – U.S.A. Divorce Reform, Inc. – California – Reuben Kidd


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