Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Gender" is a HOAX

FACT: If your body produces sperm you are of the male sex. If your body produces ovaries you are of the female sex. If your body produces both, a rare condition, you are “intersex” (both male and female.).

The abstract concept that “gender” exists in living beings (as opposed to existing as a category applying to words) holds that “gender” is a socially construction. This is nonsense. If a member of the male sex chooses to dress a a member of the female sex, that does not in itself change his sex. Only a physical alteration (hormonal, surgical, etc.) can change his sex. Thus, if a man "feels" he is a woman it is perhaps reasonable to refer to him as a person of the male sex who is also of the female "gender" (using the Marxist idea that "gender" is a social construction). 

The natural, morphological and biological idea of sex identity and “gender” are not interchangeable. One's sexual identity is not a social construction; it is a physical/biological state.

When we allow ourselves to accept the use of the incorrect term “gender” to describe our sex we are acquiescing to manipulation -- into accepting a falsehood that has been foisted upon us by social engineers for the purpose of furthering their political and human management agenda.

We must reject such manipulation and control by “authority figures.” Do not be bullied or tricked into using the term "gender" by authoritarians, whether they be conscious of this malicious strategy or unconscious of it.


For an amusing explanation of the hoax of “gender” see the video “Biology-Based’ Restrooms Called ‘Discrimination’ by Ramzpaul

Exposing The GENDER HOAX in 1997

When David Reimer was born in 1965, he looked exactly like his identical twin brother, Brian — until his circumcision was botched at birth, and his entire penis had to be amputated. Dr. John Money, a sexologist at Johns Hopkins known for conducting audacious human experiments, heard of the mishap and jetted in. With David now neither anatomically male nor female (and his identical twin providing the perfect control group), Money saw an opportunity to prove his theory that gender was entirely a cultural construct. He convinced David's parents to give him sex-reassignment surgery and raise him as a girl named Brenda. In the following years, under Dr. Money's supervision, Brenda appeared to take to femininity naturally, completely unaware he'd ever been male.

Money instantly became famous for proving that gender was merely a state of mind. The number of sex-change surgeries skyrocketed, and feminists trumpeted the experiment as proof that women were equal to men. But as she got older, Brenda was plagued with confusion. She couldn't put her finger on why, but she knew she felt like a boy. By age fourteen, her voice was deepening and her features were becoming masculine. She related to boys as friends and felt sexually attracted to girls. But Dr. Money had stopped following her development. Brenda grew up and fell out of the public eye, the widespread belief that gender was non-biological firmly in place.

That belief might still be gospel today if not for a scientist in Hawaii named Dr. Milton Diamond, who had been following what became known as the "John/Joan experiment" since Dr. Money announced it. Suspicious of its merits, Diamond tracked down the now-adult Brenda in the mid-'90s. After studying and interviewing her extensively, he concluded that she was essentially a man trapped in a woman's body. Diamond published a paper in 1997 exposing the experiment as a failure and a hoax. Dr. Money was accused of a cover-up, and the takedown rocked the medical world. The New York Times, which twenty-four years earlier had called Money's experiment the most important leap forward in sexology since the Kinsey Report [which was itself a hoax perpetuated by a self-mutilating pedophile], ran a page-one reversal declaring that Brenda's life a woman was based on "the force of allegory." After learning about her past, Brenda had a second sex-change operation and changed her name to John. He married and lived quietly as a man again for several years, but committed suicide in 2004. Dr. Money, who continued to experiment and publish as a sexologist for years, died last July, one day shy of his eighty-fifth birthday. [Excerpt from: Jocelyn Guest, “The scientist who exposed the greatest sexology hoax of the 1970s is back.”, Nov. 28, 2006]


Here is a documentary on the Reimer case:

Here is a book on the Reimer case:



This is a call to action!

Please join us in boycotting this Orwellian "newspeak." As long as we keep using the word "gender" to refer to the difference between the two sexes we are cooperating in our own enslavement by the control-freak social engineers.

I can guarantee you that when you begin, in your speech, to replace the specious use of "gender" with the proper word "sex," you will drive the control-freaks out of their misandrist, authoritarian, eugenic, totalitarian and hate-filled minds.


SEE: “Biology Is Fate ~ The David Reimer Case,” Curated by T. Danelle Wolfe 



  1. Hi St. Estephe!
    I like your post. It open my mind about what happen in the world today. About gender & sex.
    I know about this "word" interchange in several years recently.
    I feel this hoax also spread in my country, and this happen to my friend. You know the LGBTQ? I think that is related to the gender issue. And today it come to my country. And I also think that is wrong.

  2. "Please join us in boycotting this Orwellian "newspeak." As long as we keep using the word "gender" to refer to the difference between the two sexes we are cooperating in our own enslavement by the control-freak social engineers."

    Actually by boycotting a word in reaction to the other's incorrect use thereof is your enslavement to what is false.

    Sex and gender have always meant the same thing. NEITHER is a social construct. The idea that it is, IS the social construct. As well as the idea that you can be a man in a woman's body, woman in a man's body, or homosexual. These are the only social constructs out there to be aware of.

    So if you are fighting a social engineer that has created a false reality, you are only giving more power to what is unreal.

    I will continue using the word gender to mean whether you are a male or female, if you are in a male body, you are male, if you are in a female body you are female. That is about as complicated as it gets...

    1. I have never encountered evidence supporting the claim that gender (grammar group classification) and male/female sex have "always meant the same thing." The notion held by many academics that I am familiar with is that "gender" is a socially constructed perception. That is why they wish to replace the accurate biological/anatomical term ("sex") with one that invites malleability and intervention ("gender"). Please offer compelling documented evidence that the sex (anatomy, biology) = gender (genre, conceptual grouping), and had "always" been so ("always," meaning for millenia, of course) assertion so that I can consider the full range of evidence.

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  4. David's BIRTH NAME was Bruce. He was changed to Brenda at about a year old, and eventually chose to change back into a male due to feeling he was a man trapped in a female's body. at the point of his second sex change he changed his name into David. He was never named John, nor Joan. That was simply the name of the experiment.