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"He Won't Get Them" - Mary Frailey's Strategy: Murder the Kids - 1943

FULL TEXT: DALLAS, May 7.—(UP) - Charges of murder were on file Friday against Mrs. Mary K. Frailey, 41, who told police she shot and killed her two children rather than see them go away with their father. Detective Inspector Will Fritz filed a complaint against Mrs. Frailey after she told, him she shot her two children, Watt Martin III, 7, and Louise Martin, 6, on the day that the children planned to go to Miami Beach, Fla., with their father, Walt Martin Jr.

Martin had been awarded six months’ annual custody of the children in a Dallas court Wednesday. Fritz said Mrs. Frailey told him “I did not want to give my children to their father or anyone else.” In a signed statement, Mrs. Frailey told how she went to town, bought a .38 caliber pistol, and returned to the apartment where she lived with the children and A. S. W. Frailey. She said she shot both children in the head, while the boy was sitting on a bed and while the girl was sitting in a chair.

Mrs. Leon Jackson, a neighbor, said that Mrs. Frailey ran downstairs after the shooting and said: “I’ve killed them. Call the detectives or the police.”

“They’re in Heaven now,” she added, according to Mrs. Jackson; “He won’t get them.” Martin, the father of the children, almost collapsed in the lobby of a downtown hotel when he learned of the shooting. He had just made arrangements with Mrs. Frailey to call for the children, and had planned to leave on a late train for Miami Beach.

The shootings climaxed a weeklong court fight over custody of the children, during which it was brought out that Mrs. Frailey’s marriage to Frailey was not legal, since his divorce from a former wife had been set aside. Frailey works as a Dallas radio announcer under the name of Dick Parker. He was formerly a professional boxer under the name of Marty Gallagher.

He and Mrs. Frailey were married at Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., on Aug. 9, 1940.

[“Murder Charged To Mother In Shooting Of Two Children,” syndicated (UP), The Abilene Reporter-News (Tx.), May 7, 1943, p. 14]



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