Monday, July 2, 2012

Death-Bed Confessions of Female Serial Killers

The modus operandi of the majority of female serial killers is such that not only are they difficult to identify and prosecute, but also means that few of their victims are even identified as probable homicide victims.

In the six cases collected here, had it not been for a death-bed confession, each victim would have been recorded as having died “natural death.”


1865    Mrs. Perkins  – Brantford, Canada (& England) – 6 victims: 4 children, 2 adults
1869    Mrs. White – Lafayette Township, Sussex County, N.J. – 3 victims
1873    Mrs. York – Moeaqua, Il. – 5, & 1 planned; accidentally took poison (discredited *)
1882    Phyllis Wright – Augusta, Ga. – 3 men
1883    Emma Stillwell – Waterford, Oh. – 3 victims: 1st husb., a boarder, her 14-mo.-old child
1904    Catherine Miller – Frederickburg, Pa. – 4 victims

* Mrs. York’s confession was later shown to be the product of delusion. She had a history of mental illness.
A false report was made in 1885 of a deathbed confession by Nellie Horan, suspected of four murders.


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