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Lois Thacker, Double Black Widow – Indiana, 1984

FULL TEXT: Paoli, Ind. – Authorities charged a woman during the weekend in the ambush killing of her second husband and reopened an investigation of her first husband’s death.

Orange County Prosecutor Darrell Ellis said Sunday that authorities have new information that could lead to a new suspect in the 1983 shotgun-slaying of Phillip Huff, 29.

At the time, Huff’s wife, now Lois A. Thacker, 26, admitted she killed him with a deer slug through the heart but a grand jury declined to charge her, deciding she acted in self-defence.

The new information came out in investigating the slaying of John E. Thacker, 31, who also was killed with deer slugs fired from a 12-guage shotgun.

[“Woman Charged In Husband’s Ambush Death,” Pharos Tribune (Logansport, In.),

FULL TEXT: Jasper, Ind. – A jury returns today to decide whether to recommend the death penalty for a Paoli woman it convicted of arranging the murder of her husband for $134,000 insurance.

The Dubois County jury deliberated less than 1 ½ hours Friday before finding Lois Thacker, 27, guilty of murder.

Six other people were charged with aiding in the plot against John Thacker, 31, killed with two shotgun blasts in an ambush on a rural road near his home last Nov. 3.

The other defendants are Mrs. Thacker’s sister, Connie Busick; her mother, Mary Music; a cousin, Charles Music; and three friends of the family, Rwauna Wilder, Donald R. Buchanan and James L. Hart.

Hart, 34, and Charles Music, 17, are awaiting trial on murder charges. The others were accused of lesser crimes.

Buchanan, 27, pleaded guilty to murder conspiracy and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Miss Wilder, 23, was sentenced to two years after pleading guilty to obstructing justice. Ms. Busick, 18, was sentenced to three years after pleading guilty to assisting a criminal.

Mrs. Music, 46, is awaiting trial on charges of assisting a criminal.

Ellis said three women charged along with Mrs. Thacker were accused of helping conceal the crime.

The trial was moved to Dubois County because of publicity in Orange County, where Thacker was killed.

Dubois Circuit Judge Chad Songer ordered stiff security measures for Mrs. Thacker’s trial, including guards for the sequestered jury and metal-detector screening of the courtroom audience.

It was the first murder trial in Dubois County since 1977.

Orange County Prosecutor Darrell Ellis said before the trial he has reopened an investigation into the 1983 death of Mr. Thacker’s first husband, Phillip Huff, whom she cliumed to have shot in self-defense.

[“Thacker Jury to decide whether Paoli woman dies,” Seymour Daily Tribune (In.), May 18, 1985, p. 16]


Jan 27, 1958 – Lois Ann Music born.
Feb. 5, 1983 – Phillip Huff shot to death. In 1985 she claims John Thacker fired shot that killed Huff.
Mar. 29, 1983 – Lois marries John Thacker.
Nov. 3, 1984 – Thacker (31) is murdered; 2 shotgun blasts.
Nov. 5, 1984 – Lois arrested.
May 1, 1985 – Trial begins.
May 17, 1985 – Guilty verdict.
Jun. 27, 1985 – Death sentence; Dubois Circuit Court, Judge Chad Songer.
Oct. 11, 1985 – Execution date; stayed.
Jul. 23, 1990 – Indiana Supreme Court sets aside death sentence (3-2 vote). Resentences Lois to 60 years.







For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


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