Tuesday, July 21, 2020

“’La Diabla’ of Medellin,” Serial Killer Hitwoman – Columbia, 2019

A British Channel 5 TV show called “Doing Drugs For Fun,” which aired on October 7, 2019, featured an interview with a Medellin, Colombia cartel hitwoman who calls herself “La Diabla.” She told her interviewer she has been murdering targets of the cartel she works for since she was 15. She claims her victims include “men, women, children, pregnant women and even her own cousin.”

She asserted to her interviewer that just eight days previous to the video-taping that she “dismembered a man and dumped his body in a river” because he had refused to follow an order to kill another.

La Diabla described her career:

“I love the madness. Not when I was a little girl, but from the age of 15 I’ve loved seeing things fall down around me.” Regarding her most recent hit she admitted that: “We chopped him up, put him in a bag, and threw him in the river and goodbye. Nobody is going to see him again. I will carry on until I get killed, until that’s it. There’s no turning back.”

[Based on reporting in: Brad Hunter, “Cocaine cartel hitwoman: 'I like getting paid to kill’,” The Guardian, Oct 9, 2019]



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