Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Latvian Female Bolshevik Executioner – Soviet Russia, 1920

FULL TEXT: Paris, Oct. 12. – A beautiful maniac is chief executioner for the Bolsheviki, according to French prisoners returning here today.

The girl, described as a Lettish [Latvian] beauty with raven tresses and burning black eyes, kills her victims with a revolver, shooting them in the back of the head.

The French prisoners were repatriated after having spent a term in Buirki prison in Moscow. That institution, they said, was filled with 3,000 men from all ranks.

Prisoners, they asserted, were killed without trial.

[“Pretty Girl Is Red Executioner – Repatriated French Prisoners Declare Bolshevik Murderess Is Raving Beauty.” The Topeka State Journal (Ka.), Oct. 12, 1920, p. 1]



Soviet Communist Serial Killers




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