Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Unlucky Would-Be Repeat Murderess, Milica Virkobrankovice – Austria 1923

This is a “wife in the way” type case, in which the perpetrator plunders an other women’s property, the property being the husband the perpetrator wishes to acquire for her own use. For more “wife in the way cases,” involving female serial killers who were successful in pulling off their murder plans see: Wife in the Way: Female Serial Killers Who Eliminate a Wife to Marry a Husband.


FULL TEXT: Vienna, December 17. – Intense interest was shown in the trial of Milica Virkobrankovice, a beautiful ex-school teacher, 22 years of age, who was sentenced to three and a-half years’ imprisonment for attempting to murder a rich bookseller’s wife and two sons. Milica was the bookseller’s mistress and desired to marry him. She mixed white lead in the household’s flour and sugar, resulting in all being taken ill. Five years ago Milica was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for attempting to murder with arsenic phosphorus the wife of a school inspector whom she desired to marry. — Sun.

[“A Fiendish Woman. - Family Murder Attempted.” The Northern Advocate (Whangarei, N. Z.), Dec. 19, 1923, p. 7]


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