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Destiny Garcia, 15-Year-Old Double Murderess – New York, 2015

Note: If you are curious about young murderesses you might be interested in looking at Youthful Borgias: Girls Who Murder, which offers an index of cases with links plus a fascinating, never-before-published collection of quotations, “Little Murderesses In Their Own Words,” which gives you a glimpse into the mind of these under-studied killers. Among these quotes are, quite astonishingly, those of five killers under the age of ten.


On December 27, 2015 15-year-old Destiny Garcia of the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn murdered, according to her confession, her 38-old mother, Rosa Sanchez  and her mother’s 40-year-old boyfriend, Anderson Nunez.

First reports of the case included the expected, and now-standard, claim that the male homicide victim had repeatedly raped the perpetrator. The claim was soon discounted. A cousin,  Jason Valentin, 37, was quoted by New York Daily News, commenting on Destiny’s abuse narratives stating that “What she’s saying, I don’t think is true. It sounds like someone coached her to say that.”

Two different descriptions of the crime have been reported at this point. One is that Destiny allegedly shot the couple in the neck and then stabbed them. The other version is that Destiny was in the act of stabbing her mother to death and when Nunez tried to intervene and was shot by Destiny’s 15-year-old boyfriend (not yet publicly identified) shot him to death. The couple fled leaving the corpses as they were at the time of death and were not discovered for a week – following Destiny’s having admitted the crimes to a relative on January 3.

Destiny Garcia The killer changed her story several times in the course of her interview with police detectives, offering an array of differing motives. She has been charged as an adult. She will be indicted on two counts of murder plus two counts of possession of a deadly weapon.

[Source for facts: Kiri Blakeley, “Teen partied in Times Square for New Year's Eve four days after 'murdering her mother and step-father',” Daily Mail, Jan. 5, 2015]

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