Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alva Nordberg; Swedish Baby Farmer Serial Baby Killer - 1905

In 1905 Alva Nordberg, 29, a child care provider (baby farmer) residing in Rådmansö parish, Stockholm, Sweden, was convicted of killing three babies – through either neglect or assault. She was not prosecuted for the death of a fourth child who perished after being removed from her care. Nordberg was sentenced to only four years in prison.


Alva Nordberg; Rådmansö parish, Stockholm, Sweden
Born: July 15, 1876
Arrested: Jun. 20, 1905
Court judgment: October 3, 1905

4 Victims:

1) Blenda Hallberg, daughter of Karin Ragnhild; born Feb. 27, 1905; in care of Nordberg from 8 May to 16; died in May.
2) Elsa Gunhild Wigströms daughter Naemi born March 6, 1905 ; in care of Nordberg from June 4; died Jun. 6, 1905.
3) Anna Jansson's son Axel Herman was born June 4, 1905; in care of Nordberg from July 2; died on the Jun. 15 of the same month.
4) Martha Ulrika, daughter of Alma Larsson's, May 31, 1905, in care of Nordberg from 10 June 10 to 18 July 18; died after being removed.



For more cases of “Baby Farmers,” professional child care providers who murdered children see The Forgotten Serial Killers.



  1. Is there any way you can post links to your sources? I'd love to use you as a source in debates, but, without original sources, no one would really take this seriously. I mean no offense, it's just that I like to be very thorough in debate.

    1. This post is one of the only ones out of 1800 that does not list a source (except as a photo credit). I must ask, did you bother to use google and look for what is there? Doing so would give you the source. Look at other posts on UHoM and you will find extremely thorough sources -- though depending on links(even links with the print media source noted in addition)exclusive of print media citations is a very, very bad scholarly practice and an impractical way to actually get the sources (which are often behind pay walls). Take a look at "Death on the Baby Farm," by Robert St. Estephe on Google. This will give you copious (fully sourced) debate material.