Sunday, September 16, 2012

“In My Own Delusions” (An Australian Cover-Up)

Feminists continue to treat violence by women as a non-existent phenomenon. Feminists use “theories” based on Marxist notions to argue that violent women are victims of an all-powerful  “patriarchy,” and unlike other grown-ups (men), these persons cannot he held responsible for their character and deeds: even when it involves the battery, bludgeoning, hacking, stabbing, poisoning, shooting, maiming, dismembering, torturing of one or many women, girls, boys or men.


In the area of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia posters promoting the treatment of men as human beings with civil rights have garnered hostility by professional feminists, based at Monash University. An organization calling itself the National Union of Students, which has a “Women’s Department” but, apparently, has no Men’s Department, produced a video in response to the posters’ promotion of integrity in examining domestic violence. It is called “In My Own Voice,” and features men holding up signs bearing slogans focusing on violence against adult females, but ignoring violence against girls, boys and adult males. 

The Katherine Mary Knight case – “Extreme domestic violence: Woman has sex, then stabs, skins and beheads husband and cooks his body parts,” by Anna Marshall, Australian News Commentary, 3 July 2006


Excerpt from: NUS Women's Department: The blog of the National Union of Students Women's Department

"The men’s rights movement has come to our Australian universities. Here they call themselves ‘A voice for men’ and use incorrect* statistics to claim, among other things, that domestic violence is half the fault of women.

"If the ‘A voice for men’ group don’t speak for you then speak for yourself! Around Australia male university students are standing up and rejecting false claims about domestic violence and violence against women."

(* Here is a document used a source for these “incorrect” statistics: “References Examining Assaults By Women On Their Spouses Or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibliography,” Martin S. Fiebert, Department of Psychology, California State University, Long Beach Last updated: June 2012)

Here is an article which discusses this controversy: Greg Canning, “Feminist Lies and the suppression of data,” A Voice for Men, Aug. 28, 2012


More pertinent FACTS, by the boatload:
Summary of issues, A Voice for Men


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Australian Child Care Providers (“Baby Farmers”) who murdered children

1889 Ellen Batts  – Waverly, Australia – 3 babies
1892 – Jane Makin – Sydney, Australia –13 babies died; executed
1894 – Frances Knorr – Brunswick, Australia – from 3 to 13 babies died; executed
1898Margaret Ann Smith – West Perth, Australia – 3 babies
1905 – Mary Bellears & Thomas Barton – Euora, Australia – midwife “wholesale infanticide"
1907 – Alice Mitchell – Perth, Australia – 37 babies died
1908 – Madge Clayton  – Preston, Australia – 6 infants
1913 – Isabella NewmanMelbourne, Australia – 3 babies died

Australian Female Serial Killers

1886 – Harriet Ann StevensWangaratta, Australia; 2 murders & 1 attempt
1888 – Louisa Collins – Botany, Australia – 2 husbands plus 1 child suspected
1894 – Martha NeedleRichmond, Australia – 5 victims (1 survived)
1909 – Ruth Rendell – Perth, Australia – Murdered four step-children; executed
1946 – Marjorie Coleman – Camperdown, Australia – 3 murders suspected
1952 – Yvonne Fletcher – Newton, Australia – (2 husbands)
1952 – Dorothy Hahn – Adelaide, Australia – 3 babies
1953 – Caroline Grills – Gladesville, Australia – murdered 3 women & 1 man
1969 – Barbara Wilkinson – Wahroonga, Australia –  6 babies
1980 – Helen Patricia Moore – Fullwood Place, Claymore, Australia – 3 children died
1986 – Catherine Birnie – Willagee, Australia – with her husband, she murdered 4 women; their fifth escaped, leading to the criminals’ apprehension.
2003 – Kathleen Folbigg  – Mayfield, Australia – 4 own chn (& 2 others?)

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1951 – Jean Lee – “Badger Game” murderess




  1. our system will fail, allowing such fraud & favor can only end badly. Women on pedestals only have one way to fall.