Monday, December 16, 2013

Public Husband-Killing Lessons Under Attack by Detective Hattie Barnett - 1919

FULL TEXT: “Women must be barred from criminal trials in Fulton county [Georgia],” stated Mrs. Hattie Barnett, female detective, who has been subpoenaed by the state.

“The courtroom of the average murder trial is merely the training school where wives learn the tricks used by other women in killing their husbands, and then go home, talk them over with their neighbors and then use said tricks in ridding themselves of their husbands.”

Mrs. Barnett had a conference with Judge John B. Humphries in regard to having the female of the species barred from sensational trials. Mrs. Barnett stated further that she saw during the Abbott trial women offering cooked chicken legs to court attaches in order to have the attaches reserve seats for them.

“Women of this class brought their lunches and spent the day, often bringing their children of various ages with them. If I have to go to the legislature, I shall get morbid women barred from such trials,” she completed.

[“Murder Case Trials Called Schools For Women Slayers – Mrs. Hattie Barnett, Female Detective, Asks the Judge to Bar Members of Her Sex From the Courtroom.” The Atlanta Constitution (Ga.), Mar. 8, 1919, p. 1]



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  1. I am doing historical research on Hattie Barnett (1868-1923), Atlanta's first female detetcive. Any help is appreciated. Robert Davis, POB 687, Hanceville, AL 35077-0687.