Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amy Marie Imler, Accused of Bizarre & Sadistic Child Torture - 2011

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Odessa, Texas -- An Odessa woman is accused of beating her daughter repeatedly.

Amy Marie Imler was arrested on July 10th.

Odessa Police say Imler, 27, beat her then 7-year-old daughter multiple times in 2011.

The child reportedly ended at Texas Tech Medical Center with bruises face, back, arms and legs.

Officers say the child also had severe burns on her chest.

Police say Imler's boyfriend may have been involved in the abuse, but his name is not being released.

Now, Imler is charged with felony injury to a child.

As of Wednesday evening, Imler was being held in the Ector County Law Enforcement Center without a posted bond.

[Dylan Brooks, “Odessa Woman Accused Of Severely Beating Daughter,” Permian Basin (Midland/Odessa, Texas), Jul. 11, 2012]


FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Starting us off on the fine Monday morning we have Moron Mommy #1, Amy Marie Imler (27) [of Odessa, Texas].  Amy is accused of torturing her 8-year-old asthmatic daughter.  By torture I mean, pouring hot sauce in her eyes, smashing a kitten’s head in front of her, force feeding her cat feces, kicking her, “hog tying” her and withholding food.

The abuse inflicted on her daughter was reported in August of 2011 but Amy was only arrested and charged in July.  Her daughter was removed 10 months ago from her home and has been living with her bio-dad.  Since being removed she has been in therapy and has begun to make regular outcries about what her mother did to her

Court documents say the little girl was repeatedly abused by her mother having been “hog tied” enough times to be able to demonstrate to counselors the different ways she had been tied up. Her boyfriend is also named as a potential suspect, as he is accused of helping his woman use a pressure washer to spray down certain injuries to the child.

Imler’s other two daughters (3-years-old and 9-months-old) have both been relocated, although neither were found to have been abused.

Imler has been charged with injury to a child and was released on a $50,000 bond.

[Deena, Moronic Mommy Monday,” Aug. 6, 2012, Bad Breeders]


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