Thursday, September 22, 2011

Balapa, the Hungarian “Poison Witch” Serial Killer - 1905

FULL TEXT: Six women have been arrested at Hodmezo-Vasarhely, in Hungary, for poisoning their husbands.

The police found that they had visited a reputed witch named Balapa, and went to arrest her. When Balapa heard that she was to be tried for complicity she swallowed a quantity of poison, but recovered after an antidote had been administered.

She then made a full confession of having sold poison to the women in custody.

Further inquiries have brought to light twenty cases of infanticide in which Balapa is believed to be implicated, and a number of women have been arrested on a charge of having caused the children’s deaths.

[“A Witch Poisoner,” The Daily News (Perth, W. Australia), Jul. 10, 1905, p. 1]



Painting: by Bela Endre (born in Hodmezo-Vasarhely), “Bolco mellett,” 1905


For more than two dozen similar cases, dating from 1658 to 2011, see the summary list with links see: The Husband-Killing Syndicates


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