Saturday, September 10, 2011

“Can Beauty Be Convicted?” – Chivalry Justice in 1923

PHOTO CAPTION: Can Beauty Be Convicted?


FULL TEXT: Chicago – Is it true that handsome, young, attractive, well-dressed women who can kill can go free and that women who are old, poorly dressed and ugly are convicted of murder in Chicago? Aside from Mrs. Nitti-Crudelle, who occupies a cell in the Cook-co jail, the first woman even to be sentenced here to die on the gallows, there are five names which will be remembered by the public as leading figures in celebrated murder trials.

Mrs. Vera Trepagnier was old and was convicted and sent to prison for one year for killing a man who defrauded her in a business deal. Mrs. Tillie Klimek, middle aged, squat and ugly, was sent to prison for life for murder. Mrs. Cora Isabelle Ortwein, dashing, handsome and young was acquitted, in 1921, of the murder or Herbert Zeigler. Miss Ruby Dean, beautiful cabaret singer, was acquitted, in 1917, of the murder of Dr. Leon Quitman. Miss Pauline Plotka, pretty and winsome fashion designer, shot and killed Antono K. Jindra, a hospital interne, in 1917, and went free.

Above, left to light, Mrs. Orthwein, Miss Plotka, Miss Dean and Mrs. Trepagnier. Below, left to right. Mrs. Sabelle Nitti-Crudelle and Mrs. Tillie Klimek.

[“Ugly Women Convicted While Beauties Escape,” syndicated (International), The Sandusky Register (Oh.), Jul. 17, 1928, p. 1]


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